Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 5: Red

If I knew how to do it on command, then I would, but as I only transformed for the first time and have no
idea how to call my inner wolf into my eyes again, I just stare at him, completely dumbfounded with the
importance of a color.

“Why does that matter?” I’m aware that despite the more urgent topic in hand, the Shaman has moved
towards me also, and so has one of the silent elders. A formidable tall and muscular elder, whose grey
white hair is not successful in lowering his intimidation levels and he snarls my way.

“Because you are part white, and now Cole sees red in your eyes. It matters, now show us, or I will
make you fully turn on my command and you won’t enjoy it.” He seethes my way, full on hostility in his
tone and I shrivel back, scalded and instantly fearful. Colton reacts instinctively, at the veiled threat,
and chaos ensues. In the flash of a blink, he’s between me and the elder, growling, eyes glowing wildly,
body larger and bristling with tension as he turns to him and huskily warns him off.

“My mate…. mine! You touch her…. I will exert my right to maim or kill to protect her. I don’t care who
you are in this pack!” His tone drops to satanic levels and I recoil behind him, seeing the ripple of
spines up his back as he begins to transform aggressively. My stomach hits my knees, making me
weak, unsure what else to do as the Shaman intervenes as fear paralyses me to the spot.

“See. This is what happens when you delay the bond. The urge gets insane the longer you deny it. The
need to protect, the need to be joined. It creates madness. Colton, be still. No one is going to touch
your mate without your say so, and we will look at her eyes in time. Breathe and come back to us.” He
places a hand on his shoulder and gently brings Colton back to my side, lifting my hand and places it
on Colton’s gently, before patting both and setting us down. The instant spark and warmth generated
between us gives me all kinds of safe and familiar vibes I’ve not known in almost ten years. Not since I
last saw my parents alive and home. It seems to do the same to him, as his eyes fade back to brown,
and he inhales slowly bringing peace to the aura between us. “His mate holds the key to bringing him
calm. Be that now. We need to talk without you both here. Go, the room through there.”

The Shaman points us towards an adjoining door and Colton grasps my fingers in his tightly, his energy
pulsing through mine and it does seem to bring him back from turning. I can’t explain it, but here
holding his hand, it’s the first time in a long time I feel a connection of love for anyone. That sense of
belonging that I lost the day my family left me.

I barely knew him this morning and yet, here, and now, my instincts are that I would die for him if I had
to, and the longer this plays out, the stronger this need to be near him gets. It’s insanity, and I have no
understanding of how this can be, but it is what it is. Colton is part of me now and I can’t do anything
about it. While being physically joined causes all sorts of inner sparks and sizzles as tension builds
between us and I move obediently as he pulls me with him.

We are ushered to the door, hands still entwined and I follow him closely, the heady need to wrap
myself around him worse when we have prolonged contact and as much as my head tells me to let go,
I can’t seem to. The growing ache in my stomach and pelvis is getting irritatingly intense and I am more
than aware of his good his skin feels against mine. Our hands slotted together, warm on warm and it’s
weirdly sensual.

Colton leads me through to the other room and shuts the door firmly behind us. Still holding my hand
and keeping me by his side as he turns to me. He gazes down at our entangled fingers for a long
second, seems like he too is telling himself to let go, but he doesn’t.

We stand stiffly, a pulsating energy growing between us as the air thickens and I find it harder to
breathe the longer he’s this close. Fully aware of him towering over me in all his beautiful muscular
glory, hot body and way too good looks. Even his voice does crazy tingly things to me and standing
absorbing his heat, inhaling his unique scent, I start to get clammy in really embarrassing places. My
eyes keep straying to his face, his mouth, his really pretty face and I edge closer absentmindedly, biting
on my lip as crazy thoughts about leaning up and biting his, course through my brain alarmingly.

I need to cool down and pull this back in. Hormones are obviously well and truly kicking in with his
proximity and I need to breathe a little.

“How can I want to kiss someone so badly that a few hours ago I never even knew? I have a girlfriend.
Did, have one. My heads a mess.” He looks instantly distraught and squeezes my hand in his a little
forcefully before reluctantly releasing me and stepping back. Calming my jets as guilt punches me in
the stomach and I realize maybe he’s not getting as hot and bothered as I am standing here. “This is …
insane. I don’t know you …. How can we…?” He paces away from me, seemingly in turmoil, then past
me twice, back, and forth and then turns to me again.

I shrug at him, unsure what else to say. If I knew the answers then I guess we wouldn’t be here like
this. I’m a little out of my depth and struggling to get this raging fire under control in my pelvis as, what I
assume is my libido, finally introduces herself to me and I have to stop checking out his ass as he
keeps waving it past me. It’s making me all squirmy and uneasy and so sure he can probably tell with a
look that I am about three seconds away from launching at him. Shuffling from foot to foot and
swallowing hard, blowing out heavily to release this growing pressure in my stomach.

“Please tell me you are feeling this too. That this is not just me?” He stops and frowns at me, his eyes
looking a little hazy and intense as he stares at my mouth and almost electrocutes me with the
connection. I glance away, face flushing with his effects on me and try to focus on the floor, the table, a
wall, and cool off this really hugely, suddenly suffocating room around us. I can feel him without
touching him, his presence ebbing into me and stirring up all kinds of longings and sensations.

“I think that’s how it’s meant to work. We’re supposed to want to, you know… mate.” I blush as I say it
and look away again, overwhelmed with sudden shyness. Uneasy with this admission he wants to kiss
me, while I’m all kinds of flustered, hot, tingly, and itching to slide my hands over that strong wide chest
and…… Oh god, stop. I mean, I do too, want to kiss him that is. I have done since after the whole
imprinting thing, but I just didn’t think we should be admitting those kinds of things to one another.
Especially when neither of us actually wanted this. And I’m finding it really hard to breathe at all as my

lungs constrict and my heart flakes out with him being close enough to inhale, lick, grope….. I really
need to get a grip. I pull the neckline of my T shirt to release the heat coming off in droves from me and
fan my face to push these insane urges and mental images of him naked, out of my head. I want him to
kiss me so badly, I can almost taste it.

I don’t get a chance to give any kind of verbal response or even encouragement. I don’t even get a
chance to look up or think, and his sudden sweep into me, his fingers yanking my chin up as his lips
crash into mine, knock me for six.

I’m shocked, frozen for a second by the instant lip to lip assault, but as soon as his warm mouth molds
to mine, I literally lose all control. I kiss him back, hormones let loose and that craving hunger finding
what it wanted after all, with a fever incomparable to anything and get lost in the sweetest tasting past
time ever invented. Now I know what an urge taking over feels like and my inner wolf pushes beyond
any control I have.

His lips open mine, tongues meeting for the first time and I experience my first ever French kiss with a
clearly practiced mouth. I groan, succumb to his expertise as he yanks me into him and bodily crashes
us together intimately. Our teeth clash with sheer ferocity in the devouring way we got at one another
and his hand rakes my body, grinding me to him like he can’t get enough as I completely succumb.

Lust fuels the animals in us, and he picks me up under the thighs, his grip bruising my tender skin as
he wedges his body between my legs, pulling them around his waist and walks me back so he can jam
me up against the wall, to fully push himself against me. He kisses me harder, with a passion that sets
us on fire and I grasp and claw at his shoulders and neck in utter abandonment, scratching, biting ,
kissing and finding my rhythm and confidence in what he’s doing to my mouth.. His tongue caresses
mine and mentally I blurt insanely…

I want you inside of me. I’m going to self-combust if you don’t.

Not even sure if I mind linked, or where this thought even came from, given I’m a virgin and never had
a sexual urge in my life, but it only seems to make him kiss me all the more passionately. All sense lost
as this bond engulfs us and he grinds into me until my urges reach fever pitch of heightened horniness
and I start panting with the effort as my body vibrates and craves his desperately.

I wrap my arms around his neck tightly, almost choking him with the way I latch on, devouring him with
equal fervor and find my motion, rubbing my pelvis up against what is clearly an erection, a very solid
bulge in his pants, as we meet in every way. It doesn’t even shame or shock me, instead it fuels my
need to strip him naked and get on top of him to complete this union. He feels like the best thing in the
world, smells, tastes, touches in a way that drives me insane with need and I now realize this bond is
more powerful than even I gave it credit for. I want him so badly I might actually lose my mind if we
don’t do this.

Grinding into one another, my crotch fitted to his and breathing labored, I experience the real first
moments of a building climax, even though we haven’t done anything properly. Just the motion of his
rough jeans between my thighs, over my panties, his kiss, his hands on me and the feel of him, has me
unravelling insanely. I never knew much about sex before today and now; I literally cannot contain the
need to have it with him and might even get my first orgasm without losing my virginity.

Colton catches my hand roughly and pulls it above my head, pinning me back against the wall hard,
crazily sexy, exposing my neck to him while my arm pulls my long hair back out of his way. I turn my
face, knowing what he wants almost instinctively, heart hammering through my labored breathing and
tighten my grip around him to keep him close. Sliding away from my mouth to my neck, he licks from
the base of my throat and up to my jawline, igniting a wave of tingles and goosebumps that makes me
clench my thighs together around him. He groans at the pressure, which shoves his hard on against
me firmly. My core pulsing with need as he focuses on something else entirely.

Mark me… take me. I’m yours. Finalize the union.

The wanton voice of a girl begging for release, that I don’t recognize, and he responds with a low growl
that stirs everything low down inside of me.

I want nothing more. God, I need you so badly.

Primal urge is no match for common sense, and as his teeth elongate and graze the soft skin of my
neck, holding me taut against the wall, fully submissive, angling me in readiness to leave his mate mark
on my neck, I moan in pleasure and squeeze my eyes closed at his touch. Holding my breath as I wait
for the one thing that will calm the insanity in this need between us.

A transference of blood and sex and we are united for life. Bearing marks that tie us together and
shows everyone we’re bonded.

I tense and exhale as his hot breath and soft mouth nestle on the naked skin near my jugular and a
sharp graze presses against the pulsing spot of my throat. A tiny inkling of piercing points pricking into
the first thin layers, fully ready for the biting pain I know will probably come, but so close to self-
combustion that I think it might make me climax. I dig my nails of my one free hand into his shoulder,
clamping onto him brutally in sheer ecstasy and swell with the transference of the pleasure he feels as
it consumes me too. Seems he likes a bit of pain.

An almighty high-pitched screech assaults my senses, shatters glass in the room around us in dramatic
mini explosions, combusts inside my head so crazily painfully that I snap my eyes open and scramble
to claw my palms over my ears, yanking them from him. Colton’s body tenses and he releases me
clumsily. Dropping me to my feet in alarm that has us scrambling to shield our ears in unison, brains
shuddering with the excruciating squealing whine on our elevated senses. Colton bristles into half
turning, teeth, claws, face changing, as his protective instincts make him fight ready and poised to
protect me. Turning on the source as he tries to stay upright, and I crumble behind him to the floor in a
useless heap. Clutching at my head to drown it out before my brain actually pops.

“How could you?” Carmen wails, so insanely tonal it’s like a dog whistle and things on the shelves in
the room begin to vibrate as she keeps that infernal noise going. It dawns on me; this is one of her
gifts. She can shatter with high pitch frequency and I clutch my ears in alarm as she begins to howl
louder. Colton somehow seems to be more able to battle it and attempts to tackle her into the hall, to
try and stop the eardrum puncturing noise. It’s insanely painful. “You said you loved me!” She screams
at him, pushing back to get at me, losing her sanity and going for the kill. Her eyes glowing brightest
orange as she loses all self-control as her nails elongate to full on wolf claws and her teeth begin to
peek. He changes from pushing her out, to dragging her back away from me and wrestling what is a
mid-transforming she-wolf.

“I did … I mean, I do. I don’t know what I’m saying. Calm down, Carmen.” He picks her up from behind,
covering her mouth with one hand harshly, pressing until she relents for a gasp of air and turns her
around, before pinning her to the wall to restrain her and get control. The tone that dominates, the one
none of us can fight, comes out of him ruthlessly and reminds me why all should be afraid of the Santo

“Stop it now! And stop screaming!” He growls it her way devilishly, and even though I’m not even
saying a word, I instantly slam my mouth shut too. Instant feeble submission because he Alpha-toned
us and there’s not a lot you can do about it.

She instantly quiets, falling into utter silence, relief immediate but my ears are ringing in the aftermath
and I am so dazed I can’t immediately get up. As I finally scramble myself to my knees to try, the door
bursts open and Juan storms forward, , half man, half beast, semi transformed in a ripped shirt and
jacket, ready to take on the intruder, and stops dead in his tracks. The elders and Shaman hot on his
tail in similar state of urgency, and they all gawp at the scene before them.

“What’s going on? What happened?” he commands snappily, seething rage, and I sink down into the
corner once more, huddling into a ball and wishing myself a million miles away from all of this. This just
can’t get any worse.

“Your son was in the middle of marking that Reject! …. MY mate has betrayed me!” She wails again in
desolation, and I feel every single angry glare turn from her to me, and then Colton, as silence deafens
us all.