Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 64: We're Linked

I feel so stupid, so guilty, and ashamed, and I regret that it took until now to know this. I look down at
the floor, unable to look him in the eye while shame washes through me and my own stupid pride takes
a dent.

He didn’t break the bond, he didn’t betray me, and in fact, he came home willing to fight for me, only to
find me gone and it was too late. I’m mad at myself for the weeks of shutting him out, when one link
and he would have told me to come home to him or came for me. Weeks of heartbreak, and loneliness,
when he was always there waiting for me, looking for me, and not about to give up on us. He meant
it… he really didn’t, and I’ve held him at arm’s length because I believed his pain and betrayal was
something else.

“Why didn’t you just ask me when I came for you? This could have been over then.” Colton steps
towards me, his voice now low and level with regret seeping in. A soft little movement closer towards
me, to tighten the gap and surround me with his smell, and presence, and I stay still, eyes dropping to
my feet in both apology, and mental fatigue. Finally, able to let go of some of this anger, and pain, and it
leaves a gaping heaviness within me because I’ve been carrying it for weeks. It was all so

“I didn’t think I needed to. I felt something…… we’re linked. I figured you knew that I knew.” I sound
feeble, small, tears stinging my voice as he moves closer. Colton slides his strong, warm hands up my
arms, from my wrists, until one rests on each shoulder, and he exhales heavily as he pulls me the last
tiny inches towards him, so we are only millimeters apart. His touch and heat soothing me with his

“I had no idea you even thought it, or I would have told you, Lorey. I had no idea this was in your head
and assumed you would have known I didn’t mark her. I figured you were mad about how it ended, and
that I made you feel like leaving was the only option. I’m sorry, baby, for everything, but I swear on my
pack, on my life, on us, that I haven’t done anything to betray the bond. I’ve stayed true to you. I’ll

project every memory you don’t have of our time apart and prove it.” His soft voice falls over me like a
warming balm, and I break down into stupid little sobs and thrust myself at him to be held. I’m the one
who needs a little forgiveness in this moment, so easy to break when I know he never did anything to
make me hate him.

Colton doesn’t hesitate and wraps me up in his arms tight and presses me to his chest, a full body hug,
safe, and secure, as all the pain and heartbreak ebbs away and I cry for everything I’ve gone through
these past weeks. Hating him, needing him, being broken hearted over him. It all seems so foolish and
nothing now I’m wrapped up tight against him, with his breath on top of my hair, sweeping away all of it.
The boy who was my rock, and my words of wisdom, right back here, where I need him, and he does
what Colton does best. He holds me up and soothes away my anxiety and tears.

“I’m sorry…” It’s a muffled, pathetic noise, I make against his solid, smooth chest, his skin on mine is
like coming home to the best place in the world and being enveloped in warm cozy safety.

“No, baby. I am, for everything. This is my fault. I failed to do what I was meant to. I failed to nurture
and protect my mate and didn’t even figure out how much pain you were in over a stupid
misunderstanding. Forgive me, Princessa…. Give me another chance to prove I can be what you need.
What you deserve.” Colton leans back, sliding his hand between us to separate us a little, guides his
fingers under my chin and tilts my face up to him so he can look me in the eye. The watery mess of a
girl having an emotional break, and he wipes my jawline with his thumb as he does so, to catch some
drips waiting to let go. Taking care of me, how he always does, and it makes it hurt with more intensity.
I’ve been so stupid.

“For someone so strong, you sure like to cry a lot.” It’s a smile with humor, that shines back in his eyes,
and those dimples make a worthy appearance, melting me a little more. It makes me snort a small
chuckle through my tears and I wipe my nose on the back of my hand, lightening my mood with a

“That’s because my mate’s an asshole, and he inflicts it.” I point out sarcastically, still trying to dry my
face as he begins to help, by lifting his shirt and using it to dab my skin dry for me. Colton leans in and
head bops me on the forehead with his softly, and sighs at me, his dimples back on show, hinting at a
subtle smile.

“Mate, huh? Thought that was never happening again?” a naughty gleam, a cheeky knowing grin
spreading across his face, and despite how much I love him, I have the urge to knee him in the balls for
joking at a time like this.

“Don’t push your luck. I have plenty to still be mad about.” I shove him back by placing two hands on
his chest, finding a little of that strength he goes on about, and pulling myself together once more,
swallowing the sobs, and sniffing away the mess. Colton lets go of my face and catches me by the hips
instead with fast reflexes and hauls me back, so we bump groins and nestles me against him.

“Yeah, but…. I know how to fix it. I have a tried and tested method that seems to always work on you.”
That sly gleam, and before I can open my mouth to question that response with a ‘what?’, he swoops in
faster than the speed of light and kisses me hard on the lips, locking his mouth to mine and fastening
us together passionately. I’m too stunned to react at first, as his warm, soft lips, fit perfectly to the
curves and grooves of mine, warming my skin, and silencing my upset fully. But almost like he hits a
button, the fire inside of me ignites and I open my lips a little to let him in.

Colton kisses me softly at first, teasing me with the tip of his tongue and I respond and find a rhythm in
the deliciousness of kissing him again. So many feelings brimming to the surface, and sweet pains at
knowing his touch like this once more. We always worked this way, and as I let it develop into French
kissing, with tongues smoothing one another, lips pressed tight, our faces connected. I slide my arms
around his neck and pull him as close to me as I can. Absorbed in him, with no more mental voice
trying to drag me away anymore. I wanted him, always. I loved him, even when he broke me, and this
is what I’ve longed for.

Colton slides one hand over my ass, cups it smoothly, and lifts me to him with that aggression of a
horny wolf, while his other arm snakes across my upper back, and his hand finds the base of my neck.
Holding me tight as he slides it under my hair and cocoons me within his hold. He presses us hard
together, so my curves fit his hard angles and I’m left feeling small and fragile within his muscular
frame. Wrapped up tight, like he’ll protect me from all the dangers in the world, always. My feet free of
floor as he lifts me high, and I lift them behind me and let him hold me fully.

Nothing is going to stop it this time, as fire builds between us, and this pulsing need almost winds me
with the ferocity it consumes me. My body throbbing with need, and desire, and I turn up the heat on
his kiss, nibbling his bottom lip ravenously and reveling in the way he matches the desire. Colton
subdues my fierce, with his own special way of caressing my tongue so my toes curl, before pulling out
and sucking my button lip in such a way it almost makes my panties self-combust.

Lust spreading through my loins so that I’m wrapping myself around him all the more, in any way
humanly possible. My fingers in his hair, and gripping tight, pulling my knees up so he slides me around
his waist and bounces me up higher in his grip. Tilting his head back to keep kissing me, and I bring my
chin down to stay glued to him, as I’m now higher than he is. My gentle turns savage, and this all-
consuming ache to be fulfilled cries out for him, igniting the passion of my wolf as she gets a little
crazily savage.

We lose the softness of the make out session and turn almost feral in desire. Grip tightens, kiss turns
from romance to aggressive, consuming one another as we continue, and Colton runs his fingers into
the under layer of my hair and tugs my head back so he can access my neck with dominance. Tracing
his tongue and teeth down my throat, before allowing me to pull back down to be rewarded with
another taste of him. This overwhelming energy inside of me takes over, and somehow being wrapped
up this way is not enough, even though Colton has lifted my feet from the floor and has me suspended
in mid-air, straddling him. I want to be able to explore his naked torso with my tongue, to feel every part
of his skin on mine, and we have clothes in the way.

I break free, dropping my legs down again, and push his face sideways with my hand on his jaw, to
lean down to kiss his neck, licking over the pulse in his jugular, tracing from jawline to Adam’s apple as
he slowly puts me back on my feet. His skin is slightly salty, yet delicious, with that unique smell and
taste that is only his, and it pushes the need higher inside of me. Blood hitting boiling point, and all I
want is to experience his mouth on every inch of my skin. Body heating from inside, and my core is
almost pulsating with a strong need to feel him within me. I want to be joined to him, in intimate ways,
that are only meant for us. I want to taste his blood and mark my mate.

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I shove him hard backwards with a newfound strength, away from me
with a giggle. Biting on my bottom lip to curb this insane horniness that’s threatening to overtake me, so
he hits the bed and topples over with a manly chuckle. Colton smiles, rights himself to sitting position
and props one hand behind him, so he can lean back and watch me. His eyes devouring me, glowing
amber with ignited passion and I can almost feel his heart pounding in time with mine.

“I want you so badly, I can’t take it.” He utters in a husky tone that’s almost inaudible, but it fuels me
onwards and I climb on top of him as he now sits on the bed, and begin to untie the cord of his dark
sweat pants at his waist. Confident that he’s mine to do what I want to, as I please, nestling over him so
my hands are between my legs to access him.

Colton sits up so he can use both arms, slides his hands up my throat and circles around my jaw,
burying his fingers in my hair before tugging me down and continuing to kiss me until he has me
breathless. Leaving me to pull his sweatpants loose while he focuses on teasing my tongue with his
once more and I close my eyes and savor the way he feels. Nothing matters anymore, all the weeks,
and tears, and fights of the past. All that matters is how good this feels, and how every one of my
senses are screaming at me to make him mine.

Once I’m done untying him, I let my hands roam over his chest and abs, appreciating every solid form
of hot smooth sexiness, up and down, until I slide over those mass of shoulders and feel out every inch

open wide to me. Enjoying the fact, I get to explore without boundaries, and that I have the right to do
it. As he has with me.

He’s a perfect specimen, and just his body alone makes me hot and willing to lay back and have his
puppies. I want him, my inner thighs are throbbing and damp, and I’m aching for him to put his hands
anywhere he pleases, much like I’m doing but I feel like he’s being respectful and cautious as to how
far he can go. He isn’t sure if this is leading to sex, or just a heavy petting session, and I can feel his
hesitation ebbing my way.

“Are you going to do this or keep making me wait?” I break from his lips teasing him, inviting him to
take this further and smile naughtily so he doesn’t misunderstand, his eyes locking on mine and he
matches my own seductive smile.

“Oh, baby, you’re not getting out of this room until I’ve done everything, I’ve been thinking of doing to
you for the past weeks… Do you know how badly I’ve wanted this, how many dreams I’ve had about
being able to do this to you? I swear you’ve been a star in so many pornographic wet dreams.” Colton
doesn’t give me a second to answer that, but catches me in another kiss, catching hold of me and flips
us over with an expert speedy move so I end up flat on the bed. He crawls on top of me and holds
himself off my body with strong arms. I guess hot dreams about one another were not a one-way thing
then. If those are anything like reality, then Colton better buckle down and hurry up.

He doesn’t break the kiss he has me caught in, and I seek out the smooth plain of hard muscle with my
palms and feel my way over him. Colton leans on one elbow to keep himself propped up, his other
hand slides down my thigh until he finds the hem of my nightshirt. He slides a hot flat palm under the
edge, tracing up the curve of my hip, and abdomen, before smoothing all the way to my right breast
and cupping it firmly. Squeezing, and caressing my nipple through the thin lace of my bra, until he has
me arching and wriggling under him in a frenzy of ‘take me now’

It feels unlike anything I’ve ever known, his touch searing my skin while touching me in places no one
else has, but it throbs and aches in such a good way I want him all over me in every private place I
possess. I never knew a touch could ignite fire and longing with this insane intensity, but his