Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 65: Mark Me!

There’s a mix of apprehension and nerves in the pit of my stomach as we get hot and heavier, despite
wanting it more than air,, and Colton lowers his pelvis between my thighs and gently grinds against me,
igniting a craving with the goodness of his attention. I moan and bite his bottom lip, gripping his
shoulder as I lift my hips to him and push him to do it harder as sensation arouses me fully, and I
swear, I ‘ve never been so ready to finally lose my virginity as this. This dry humping thing he has going
on is enough to push me over the edge and I’m almost insane with the craving to get him inside of me.
If all of this is anything like the end result, then I have no desire to keep waiting. Only my niggles and
worries in the back of my mind are stopping me from pulling my own clothes off and prompting him

I’ve heard it can hurt; there were horror stories from other girls in the home, even those who paired up
and marked. They said that it’s not always a pleasant thing the first time, that it can be sore, and dry,
and awkward , especially if your mate’s a virgin too, and I try and push it out of my head, unable to see
how something that feels this insanely good can end up being awful. Colton is not a virgin, even I know
that, and judging by his kissing skills, he knows something about a femme’s body and how to pleasure

I cling to him, wrapping my legs around his waist and slide one hand between us to rub over the
erection I can feel bulging through the material of his sweatpants. In a bid to make him want to push us
head with more haste, and smile when Colton groans under his breath at my contact. Both hitting fever
pitch excitement levels, and he flips from over me, surprising me with the sudden departure that makes
me go from insanely heated to instantly cold with the loss of his body heat.

“What are you doing?” I gasp in alarm, shock and outraged all at the same time. Blurting it at him and
throwing him a shocked glare.

“I’m going to end up pounding you into the bed and getting you pregnant the first time if I don’t go get
something. Trust me, I’m coming right back. Don’t you dare move a muscle. The infirmary has some,

stay right here, exactly like this.” Colton leans up, taking hold of my knees and pushes them slightly
apart with a wink and a smile of cheekiness, before swooping down and kissing me on the lips quickly.
It elicits a giggle from me, that he’s both crude, and cute, at the same time and as soon as he darts out
of the room I flop back on the bed, exhaling heavily, trying to calm my racing heart and pull in some
much-needed air.

He has me all kinds of crazy riled up, pulse all over the place and lungs laboring with his attentions. I
lay a hand on my pulsating belly to try and calm down some of this crazy fire growing up inside of me,
before I self-combust and pass out, and wave my free hand over my face to cool some of the intense
flushing burning over my cheeks and forehead. I thank the fates I had the foresight to shower earlier.

I have a yearning that is insatiable, and I can’t lie still, energy levels boosted and suddenly so antsy. I
sit up and end up shuffling off the bed to pull my nightdress off, but he’s back in a flash as I get to my
feet, obviously he hyper sped there, and back, equally desperate to do this, and startles me with the

“Hey! … That’s not how I left you!” He comes up behind me and runs a hand up my abdomen, across
my breast to give it another gentle squeeze from around behind me and kisses me in the space of my
neck under my jaw on my right side. Igniting tingles, and butterflies within my belly all over again.

“I was going to take this off.” I tug at my shirt to show him and yelp when Colton spins me, almost
knocking me over but catches me in his arm instead. He holds up a pack of condoms, shakes them at
me with a mischievous glint in his eye that gets me blushing, and looking away in a flash of
embarrassment, and throws them on the bed before kissing me lightly on the lips again. His kiss is
addictive, and I could have him do it to me every second of every day.

“Allow me.” He leans in and yanks the hem of my shirt up in one fluid movement, as my arms come up
automatically and he swipes the nightdress up and over my head and tosses it aside like it’s nothing
but a flimsy obstacle. He takes a second to skim my body with his eyes, before latching onto my mouth

again, and kissing me as venomously as the first reunion, pushing me back into that feverish mode of
needing him. Colton’s hands are hot, and strong, and they skim my body, seeking out my curves,
before sliding behind me as he unclips my bra, in a smooth swift maneuver. Pulling us apart so he can
untangle me from it, exposing, and releasing my breasts, and throws it aside. I don’t feel any kind of
shyness, so invested in needing to be naked with him and allowing him to take a moment to caress
them before he slides his hands down my waist.

The breather has allowed some of my nerves to kick in, and I swallow down subtle fear, my body
trembling as he slides my lace panties down from my hips, slowly, sexily, completely undressing me.

“You’re beautiful in every way, my perfect girl. I couldn’t want you more than I do.” Colton whispers in a
husky tone, right into my ear when he straightens back up, and brings us back together, sucking my ear
lobe and my knees almost give way with the erotic sensation. His breath fanning my cheek and
shoulder and igniting goosebumps.

“I love you.” I have to say it to him, because it’s how I feel as I’m consumed by every pore of my body,
and nerve endings exploding deliciously, an undying need for him. Forgiveness, letting go of the past,
all mixed up with desire, and passion, and so many emotions in the moment that the words tug at my
throat, forming a lump, but it’s not sadness. It’s complete adoration, and an incomparable happiness
that he’s finally going to be everything I wanted. Everything I still need.

Colton pulls back to rest his nose against mine gently, stroking my hair back from my face and smiles
at me in that knee weakening, full on dimples way. Slowing down the tempo and breathing out slowly
with me as he his touches softens.

“I want to hear that multiple times a day, for the rest of my life. I’m crazy in love with you. I’ll never let
you down again, ever, I swear. You’re my priority. The Luna the people need, the Luna I need. I’ll never
doubt us or put you second again. I needed to lose you to realize how stupid that was, how fucked up
my priorities were, because your mate should always come first. You will always come first.” Colton

kisses me on the forehead, a grazing light tenderness that makes me feel delicate, and special, igniting
the butterflies inside of me, and the softer side that is not consumed by lust.

“Unless you turn into a power crazed psychopath!” I point out in quiet humor and get a white flash of
gorgeous smile for my efforts, even if it was a tongue in cheek remark that might upset him. A lightness
of the intense heavy moment.

“In that case I give you permission to taser my ass and keep me shackled to the bed, for your pleasure.
I would happily live like that for as many years as it took to cure me of my crazy.” He swoops down,
catching my lips, while simultaneously scooping me up under the butt, and lifting me to him so I end up
straddling him around the waist once more, catching his shoulders with my hands to stop myself falling
back. He carries me back to the bed this way, never breaking his kiss on mine and I wrap my arms
around his neck fully, entwining him, never wanting to let go ever again. So many times, I almost had
him, and he slipped through my fingers, but not this time. He’s my captive, and I will fight tooth and nail
to keep him here.

Those weeks of being apart, the heart ache, and pain, from being imprinted on him, and yet always
turned away, all fall around us to dust, like they don’t matter anymore. His touch a balm that heals so
many wounds, pushes so many painful emotions completely out of me, and the confidence in knowing
he will never reject me again gives me new life. He’s in control here, and no sign of doing anything
except marking me and finalizing the union with sex. He’s mine, finally. And there is nothing going to
come between us or stop us this time around.

Colton drops me on the bed gently, and steps back while he strips off his pants, and boxers, kicking of
his socks, and shoes in the process, while I scoop my socks off and throw them past him. Two
completely naked people with glowing eyes as wolves’ pique and urge us to unite them too. We take a
silent, almost synchronized second to admire the beauty in one another, in all our glory, both liking what
we see.

The way he looks at me, eating me with his eyes, and devouring every inch, makes me feel sexy, and
desirable, and that tingle of need flushes over me once more, dampening the nerves and hesitations
and I reach for him. Colton takes my hand and climbs on the bed, pushing me back against the
cushions, and nestles over me in a less hostile manner than our make out the first time. He strokes my
hair back and fully lays his body into mine, all curves, and angles matching, and he slides between my
thighs to find a comfortable position.

“Are you nervous?” he asks, losing that wildfire in his eyes and toning down to a simmer as he picks up
on my underlying anxiety. Lifting his hand and stroking a thumb across my bottom lip as gentle as a
fluttering butterfly. The calm in him pushing through his crazy hormones, and it does so much to help
me simmer too.

“A little.” I admit, not liking that this softness is quenching the flames of passion and bringing the fear to
the forefront a little. I think I would prefer getting lost in the haze instinct and have him just do it when
I’m wound up and crazy for him, even if it hurts that way. Get it over and done with, so I can then know
what the after feels like, and experience future times, as it’s meant to get better the more you do it. My
stomach lurches with a bout of nerves and I swallow down the apprehension.

“I’ll try not to hurt you. We can go slow, be gentle. Marking doesn’t have to be crazy, and aggressive,
and bouncing around the furniture. Your first time should be special. Besides, If I don’t calm down I may
only last like five seconds, max.” Colton’s heart is beating as fast as mine, but as he utters soothing
words I can feel him physically beginning to level out, his own passion and desire simmering because
he’s pulling the emotion through instead of the lust, and it’s dampening both of us as we feed from one

“I think I don’t want to anticipate…I’m ready to just do it.” I frown at him, my innocence showing, and he
laughs softly. Bringing that hand and smoothing down my cheek, the obvious adoration in the way he
looks at me.

“You clearly don’t know what foreplay is or, you know… the joy of working up to it.” He grins and kisses
me quickly. I blush at that, and he leans in and kisses me a little more intensely, grinding his erection
against my intimate places, skin on skin, and I gasp in ecstasy at the unique pleasure waves it causes
to ripple through my stomach and up my legs.

“See… sex is about more than just getting it in there. Trust me. I’m not about to make our first time
together uncomfortable because you aren’t ready.” Colton strokes his fingers down my throat and
across my breast and ignites that same pleasure, caressing my skin so it almost burns with his touch
and those warming churning feelings between my legs stir up again to fever pitch. They never lay low
for long, even when he’s taking a breather. One touch and he stokes the fire right back up to where it
needs to be, and I stop worrying about going slow.

He moves down my body and kisses first my throat, then slides down and licks my nipple, before
teasing it between his teeth and I almost arch into a snappable position, lifting my spine off the bed and
moaning like crazy with the contact. Colton doesn’t relent, he works down my body, kissing, licking, and
caressing, and slides his hand between my thighs, carefully, waiting on sounds of my refusal before he
gently rubs across my aching core, his fingers trailing between the folds and smoothing a dampness
across from within me..

I almost spasm with the mind-blowing sensation it elicits. That simple caress down there, almost sends
me over the edge, and I grab his hair and bury my fingers into the longer length on top to grip onto him
as he moves further down. Colton takes it as a sign that I like it and carries on with a second caress,
this time circling at the front and almost making me squeal, it feels so good.

I close my eyes and give way to the sensation as Colton gently pushes my legs apart for better access,
at the knees, and lifts one of them up to open me fully to him. I tense in anticipation, waiting on the
piercing pain because I think he’s going to enter me, and I’ve worked myself up into believing it’ll
happen like they told me it would. Sharp agony, and dry grating uncomfortable thrusting, and groan out

in surprise when a hot, smooth tongue probes me instead. I wasn’t expecting him to put his mouth
down there, and despite the surprise I almost melt to goo, because it’s honest to god the best feeling in
the world.

“Oh god” the sensation is nothing like I imagined, not even close. Colton sucking, and licking, down
there, warm, and wet, yet unbelievably good. Something that should feel icky, or weird, or even
unbearably embarrassing, instead is making my toes curl, and me gasp for more. Clutching at him to
urge him to do it harder. The pleasure runs up my limbs, warms my stomach, and the motion of what
he’s doing has me writhing about the bed in seconds, making noises like a dying animal and all I can
do is grip onto his hair and try not to completely implode.

Colton doesn’t stop what he’s doing and something firmer, longer, and stiffer, gently slides inside of me
a little way, and I almost experience my first inner explosion. I assume it’s the beginning of an orgasm,
due to this being the first time I have been sexually ignited and touched down there, but as I have no
idea what that’s meant to feel like I can only assume. It pushes me to pant and let go of him to grab the
bed sheets as I focus on doing nothing but succumbing to how amazing this feels, lifting my hips in
time to the way he’s probing me. If I knew sex was like this, I maybe wouldn’t have been so subtle with
Colton these past weeks. I would have just pushed him up against a wall and molested him.

“Good, huh?” His smug tone comes at me, but I can’t answer, only breathe in short raspy gasps as
waves of growing heat, and tingles, start in my toes and begin to work their way up my limbs, pelvis,
making me tremble uncontrollably. He continues to slide, what feels like a finger, gently in and out of
me, only a little way. His tongue back on the frontal portion, as he sucks and licks my clitoris and I
groan heavily in response to his question, pulling my knees up as my body can’t stay still from the
extreme ecstasy coursing through my limbs.

“Oh god, oh god…. Mark me. I swear if you don’t get up and do this, I might eat you.” It’s a crazy
breathless whine, as need consumes me, and something big builds up in my stomach and nerve
endings that feels like climbing. Even though what he’s doing feels divine and I’m so close to some

weird precipice, I want to feel him instead of his hand. If that can send me into a spiraling mess of goo,
then I want the real thing and experience what that can do.

Screw foreplay… Mark me already.