Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 66: Marked

Colton laughs at me, but my insane need must be waving at him and overwhelming him too, as he only
stops to put on his condom and gets on top of me right away, no hesitation. Abandoning this slow and
steady, for instant gratification.

“So maybe next time foreplay will be lengthier. You’re wet enough already that it shouldn’t hurt much,
so maybe we should just get this done, and then the second time we can go slower… enjoy it without
the tension.” He braces himself over the top of me, leaning in to nuzzle his nose against mine and I
open my eyes to be faced with glowing amber eyes. The most gorgeous male I have ever known,
nestling his body back onto mine. He doesn’t say anything, just a kiss on the end of my nose as he
catches me unawares with a little smooth slide of his pelvis and completely enters me. It doesn’t give
me time to tense up or expect it, just boom, he’s inside of me and I’m thankful it’s how he did it.

I gasp, as first the pleasure of him doing it, expands and stretches me out in ways I never knew could
be so amazing within my own body, but then that sharp stab of pain as he completely buries himself
within me, and almost knocks my breath away as I wince and shudder underneath him. A slicing,
almost snap, of something that pangs through my abdomen, no more severe than a really bad one
second period cramp, but enough to knock the wind out of my sails and the blood drains from my face.
My moan turns to yelp, as my body stiffens and I go ridged in his arms instantly, afraid to move, or
breathe. He pauses completely, before moving out of me slightly, and slowly, and rests down over me,
coming to a complete stop. His eyes on mine intensely.

“You okay?” He leans in and kisses me tenderly on the mouth, seeking me out to make sure I am, as I
wriggle my body and try to quickly recover from that burning sensation raveling up my belly and across
my stomach. I only manage to move myself down, so that he slides back to where he was and the pain
is replaced with a soothing warmth as he fills me again, and I moan under my breath at the reigniting

“Don’t stop.” Breathing the words at him, clinging to his arms, closing my eyes tight and grip his biceps
with fervor. He lowers his head once more and traces his tongue across my throat, distracting me for a
second, igniting small sparks and goosebumps across my skin before he moves his hips and pushes
into me once more. It’s the most pleasurable pain I’ve ever known. Stingy, a little tender, yet it fades
with every stroke he makes, pushing in and out until he finds a slow rhythm and I adjust to better move
with him. It’s uncomfortable with the first few, but as I seem to self-lubricate once more and his body
grinds into mine, bringing us together properly, it changes to that waving sensual deliciousness that I
felt when he used his hand.

My gasps turn to moans once more, the warmth soothing away the worst of the pain, although the
slight burning inside dampens, and there is a tiny ache deep inside of me that is being massaged by
Colton sliding in and out, in slow even thrusts. He kisses me, caresses my face with one hand, tracing
my cheek, and eyebrow, and showers me with nibbles and small kisses across my jaw and mouth as
he increases with speed and has me moaning, and groaning, and arching under him. Over and over,
growing faster together, as the minutes tick by and he intensifies what it does to me as he gets a little
more aggressive with his thrusts.

He strains over me, careful not to crush me under him and it leaves him free to move, focusing all his
attention on the noises I’m making and adjusting to what he deems is something I like. It’s subtle
changes in angle, rhythm, ferocity, as he feels me out, listens, and responds to my body, with the goal
of making me enjoy this. He’s attentive, and I thank the fates they gave me a lover with a clue. I get
that he probably wants to change position, but this works for me and I’m not at that stage of full
immersion where I want to start experimenting. This is overwhelming enough, and feels good as is, and
I don’t want to move in case it hurts again.

Sex is unique in a surprising way. There is nothing to compare what it feels like, but I guess done badly
this could be horrendous. With Colton it’s mind blowing, ecstasy, even with the first hurdle of pain, as
he dominates my body and I become this heavy lump of useless wrapped around him. Completely

surrendering to what he’s doing to me, and only capable of noises and shallow breathing as the feeling
builds up inside of me to levels that blot out any ability to think beyond sensation.

“Marking hurts… I can’t do anything about that, but if I get you close enough to climax, it should take
the edge off.” Colton’s voice comes through, right in my ear, breathy, low, husky, and so sexy in his
hoarseness as he too revels in pleasure at being inside of me. Mid thrust, mid groan, but I’m so lost in
darkness inside my own body, overwhelmed by this growing mass of goodness as it crawls up my
limbs and devours my skin and body slowly. A hot wave of tingles, and pleasure, creeping up and
wrapping around me until it gets to my stomach and ties it all knots. My breathing is rapid, my moans
are voiceless, breathless pants now, and as it grows to an overwhelming crescendo, threatening to pull
my mind and vision into this wave of building something. Colton leans in and without prior warning
sinks his teeth into the soft curve above my breast, inflicting a piercing stabbing agony that is a
hundred times worse than breaking my hymen. I cry out, in both pain, and ecstasy, as his plan comes
to fruition and everything inside of me explodes magnificently with an overwhelming orgasm.

The bite mark is numbed out completely by my full-on loss of bodily control, as my first real climax
devours me whole, and it’s more powerful than I could have predicted. A crescendo of stars blind me,
and sparkle across my entire vision as I spasm and lose control of all of my limbs, my body pulsing,
and twitching, with extreme mind throbbing pleasure, and I cry out. For my first ever, it’s probably the
best thing I’ve ever felt in my life. Like sneezing really hard, only a hundred times better, and it affects
every single nerve ending, and leaves you completely sated, and satisfied. It lasts only seconds, but
those few delicious long drawn moments of complete loss of control, as I soak Colton between my
thighs, are pure bliss. They leave me with residue tingling across my skin, and inside my stomach, and
pelvis, that has me stretching out like a satisfied cat and enjoying the waves that fade out slowly with
whimpers of approval.

I slump into a useless heavy mass as soon as the waves subside, and come back to reality, completely
aware that Colton is no longer either inside of me or biting me. I blink my eyes open to look at him. Skin

flushed and a little embarrassed I just had an all-out spasm attack and cried like he was killing me.
There’s no pain in my chest, or between my legs, and yet, I don’t want to look at see some deep bloody
mess down there. Although it doesn’t feel wet, and there’s literally no trace of blood on Colton’s face
from what I can see.

“Look at you.” He grins at me, prodding me very slightly in the cheek where I can feel a buildup of heat,
and assume, I’m rosy. I must look like I fell asleep and was woken suddenly, as my eyes are heavy and
almost unfocused. I assume I look like you’re meant to after a mind-blowing climax like that, and he
seems very proud of himself. The aftereffects are as good as the during, and my body is weightless,
and relaxed, like a thousand years of stress and tension were lifted off in one amazing explosion. I
could fly if I wasn’t wedged under him, and he looks equally relaxed and happy with himself.

“You feel up to it being my turn? All you have to do is complete the union, but you need to be on top.”
He points out, a hint of tiredness in his tone and I reach up and stroke my fingers across his jawline,
loving the feel of subtle stubble as it grazes my delicate skin. I couldn’t love this face anymore if I tried
right now. He just blew my mind.

I blink at him, then down between us as I think about it, and as good as what he did was, I honestly
can’t do a round two just yet. My body has gone on vacation, and my legs are like Jell-O so that I’m not
even sure I have the full use of them anymore. My lady parts are throbbing now the pleasure has
stopped, and it definitely hurts down there, like something got snapped, or grazed inside. Slightly
burning. I feel tender, and maybe not so quick to put his manhood back in there, for tonight anyway.

“We might have to do some recovery delay time.” I point out, the horror of a rematch must be evident
on my face, but he only shakes his head at me, a smile breaking across that cute boy expression and
my favorite dimples shine down at me.

“Trust me, as much as I hate to admit that our first time lasted under six minutes, because it’s pretty
embarrassing, I already came. Due to lack of action, way too much build up, and excitement at finally
being able to touch you. We don’t need to be going for round two yet. I climaxed, majorly, and it’s very
sensitive down there, so, we both need some down time before I make up for this sad attempt and give
you a decent second go at it. You just need to get up and mark me, to finish this. You’re mine….
forever, and ever, and ever, and ever……” Colton buries his face in my neck and starts nibbling me
playfully, torturing me with his full body weight getting released on top of me, and pulling a fit of giggles
out of me until I fight him off and bat him away. Sore all over from his nips, and grazing kisses, and
from that five o’clock shadow starting to scratch me. Skin blushing from his attentions, and the fatigue I
see evident in him is starting to ebb my way.

“How am I supposed to get up if you don’t get off of me?” I retort, to busy trying to calm the laughing fit
he caused me, to be able to speak and breathe at the same time, and Colton rolls off me to let me go.
Sighing heavily in a sound that is very much satisfaction and splays out on the bed with his head tilted
up at me.

“You just had to ask, Princessa.” He lays back, kicking out the sheets from under him as he does so,
and pushes them down the bed. I sit up and yank my side back too, to aid him in his endeavors and get
under them so he can pull his over him and then I slide up onto him. I carefully crawl up, no shyness
about being this way, and straddle him over the area his hips are, so I don’t sit on his now no longer
erect manhood. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate my squashing it when it’s ‘sensitive’

I flinch as my body connects with his, nestling down, underneath tender even though our union was
brief, and I catch the look of guilt sweep over his face before he smooths it out to conceal it. His hand
comes up to trace where he marked me and for the first time, I actually pay real attention to where it is,
and find the courage to look. Shocked that the reason there is no pain, or throbbing, and I hadn’t even
acknowledged it, is it’s already healed. No blood, no gash, but a perfect bite mark of dark scars that are

smooth to the touch, almost like a tattoo in subtle hues. I stroke over it too, eyes widening in wonder,
and throw him a quizzical glance. I didn’t turn, so I don’t understand how it’s healed.

“Marking isn’t the same as inflicting a wound. It heals almost as you’re doing it…. makes it permanent
somehow, so that when we turn it never goes away. It’s magical. I guess having sex while doing it
makes a difference.” Colton smiles at me, answering the unspoken question and I nestle properly over
him. Taking my time to find a less ‘ouchy’ spot before relaxing as slow as I can and trace my fingers
across his chest, trying to pick my own spot.

“Maybe I won’t bother… think I might have changed my mind.” I joke, with a serious look on my face,
and sit back to push my hands on my hips instead. Feeling playful now I’m in control and the one
calling the shots up here. Colton rolls his eyes and presses his pointer finger on my nose, like I’m a
juvenile, before letting both his hands nestle around my hips.