Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 98: Inside the Mountain

I zoom past trees, skim over fallen logs and under overhanging debris, aware I’m slower once more
and I tire faster, but I fight on anyway. I need to see this through and be there to lead my people home
when victory is ours. I owe them so much and from what I can see as all remaining wolves head hard
towards the mountain in one wave, our numbers vast. We didn’t seem to lose many to fighting our
brothers. In fact, as I skim the faces around me, I can’t feel the sense of loss that I did earlier, and I
wonder if it was merely their pain and not death.

Not one single wolf death. We did what we set out to do. Break the spell without any losses.

Carmen mind links me, seemingly understanding why I’m looking around as we run and I blanche, my
heart rising in delirious happiness because I truly thought there would be an aftermath of grief and
despair when the turned found out they killed some of our own. That our victory would also be the start
of mourning the losses. Instead, we just need to make sure it’s the same outcome at the mountain now.

It looms up over my head like a foreboding shadow, making me aware I have never ventured this far, or
come this close to this beast of a grey rock. The stench and vibrations of vampires overpowers me as I
get right to the overhang where we always suspected the entrance was. I can feel them, in their droves.
Moving, fighting, hissing in the depths of their caverns, and as my pack start to single file into the
narrow tunnel entrance which has been ripped open wide by wolves in their fury to get inside, I push
my way past and make a dash to get in ahead of the next wave.

Carmen’s stuck to my side, as my personal bodyguard, my mind and focus on following my mate’s
scent. Like a bright shining path in the dark, I can feel him close, smell where he’s been and tremble
with the force of his aggression exuding through the air as he fights for his pack within the mountain. I
can sense Cesar, the sub pack and Meadow too, all within these walls and doing what they do best.

Seeing it’s their Luna among them, some move and get out of my way, still unsure why I’m in human
form, but they don’t ask. They follow at speed, flanking me like an army, knowing this is where they’re

needed for sure.

The inner coven den is almost pitch black once I get away from the open entrance and my night vision
takes a moment to kick in. I can still smell Colton in the air, even though the stench of blood and sweat
and those rabid creatures overpowers my senses and use it as my guide as I feel my way along damp
cold walls. I stumble on badly scraped, and uneven, gritty floors, cursing under my breath that my
footing is useless as a human. Carmen slides beside me to offer support and I cling onto her fur
instead and use her as a walking aid.

It’s been dug out carelessly, and makeshift, like they never really intended this to be more than a
temporary lair. There’s no home comforts or hints of human living, just a damp and cold cave. Like wild
animals sheltering in the darkness and not creatures capable of civilization, like we are.

My eyes adjust, bringing the surrounding shapes into view and blood curling screams further up the
incline, coming down cut off tunnels on either side of me fill me with dread. It’s one thing to fight them
out there in the open, see them coming, and have the space around you to anticipate their attack, but
another entirely to be in here, claustrophobic with poor vision and opportunity for every tunnel to be a
pounce point. This is a labyrinth of cold stone and damp. Even with night vision and extreme senses,
it’s still a terrifying place to try and navigate and the noises echoing around confuse the mind to where
battles are ensuing.

I move fast and follow the screams that are loudest, ignoring my own pounding heartbeat and shaking
limbs. Sensing Colton, sensing Meadow in the air, and surprisingly I feel Sierra behind me almost as
soon as I step into a wider area of open rock that cuts off in front of me into an almost cliff like drop.

Alora, I’m with you. I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you.

She’s panting like she’s been running hard and I’m guessing after she got free of wherever she was
she came bounding back to find me and then got lost in the chaos of the broken spell. She probably

heard the help cry and knew I would come this way before picking up my scent again.

Stay close to me. I won’t leave you again.

I nod, needing no explanations as I know she wouldn’t have left me had she been able to control it. I
saw what the battlefield was like, how chaotic it was and how badly we were struggling against them.
How easy it was to separate us and lose one another. I’m hoping she sees it, feels that I’m okay and
now she’s here, I’m fine.

Sierra presses to my other side, so her and Carmen flank me fully, my hands skimming the fur and
feeling a sense of security, despite my vulnerable state as human. At least I have my gifts back, even if
they are powering on less than fifty percent of my abilities because of my babies. It’s better than
nothing. And now I also have my femmes, and my small entourage of pack wolves going to meet our
most ruthless ahead of us. Nothing can happen to me this time. I know that I need to stay safe and that
now Colton is here, I won’t be in the danger I was before. I can relinquish the reigns and let my mate be
everything I know he can be.

We shuffle along left, the narrow walkway away from the sheer drop and find the winding way down
where all hell seems to be breaking loose. This mountain is almost hollow right in the center and all
tunnels and walkways seem to wind into this one walking space which twists down to the depths below.
The echoes and cries I heard all over, they are concentrated inside this cavern and flowing out in all

The battle below is vicious and loud, and the flying fury of fur and pale creatures makes for an almost
stormy sea like movement across the depths. I can’t see who is who, but my attention is drawn up as
something flies past me and crashes into the overhanging rocky ceiling above before plummeting back
down in speed. It’s scares the shit out of me, my heart lurching to my throat and the three of us jump
back against those behind us and inhale swiftly in perfect sync. Freezing as we stare at whatever that
was and eyeing it warily.

“What the hell?” I recoil in horror as another makes a break for it and for the first time ever, I see, some
of the vampires have wings. Like huge, oversized leathery bat wings and my jaw drops open.

“Why the hell have we never seen this before, and what in the actual…….” My mind turns blank and I
blink, trying to adjust to this sight and believe what I’m seeing.

They’re trying to get out, escape, but the suns up….. They don’t seem to care that getting out will be
death. They know they’re losing and they’re frantic to die any other way than by our claws.

It’s a wolf coming up towards me, meting us on our path. A familiar voice of one of our experienced sub
pack sentinels, one of our warriors. One of the fog enchanted, as he follows up after another flying
creature and happened to come upon us gawping upwards. He bows to me, makes it clear he’s not
staying, and then proceeds past me at speed to take off towards the ceiling to catch any that go up. His
smile and enjoyment at finally getting to rip these creatures apart gives me shivers, but I know most of
our warriors have been waiting for this day. Ever since we moved into the shadow of these beings and
had to watch our every move. Our fiercest have longed to invade this place and eliminate the threat.
Even Colton, but his need to see our people safe always overrode the urge to scourge the mountain

We should break through up there, let the light in. Change the game.

Carmen cuts into my shocked thoughts and grabs my hand gently with her mouth, hauling me back
instead of down to follow the sentinel. It takes me a second to catch up with what she said but it’s a
smart idea and I follow at speed, not caring if she just once again decided for me. Turning on our heel
to trace out the steps moving skywards and Sierra and some of our pack follow me. The rest head
down to help with the fight.

“Up there.” I point to the way the narrow walkway cuts off at the other side, to one going up into rock
and gesture we should get as high as we can if we’re going to break some kind of vent to let the sun fry

these freaks. From this angle, with all of them down below, we can kill so many with such a simple act
and help our fighters below. They may be winning, but this mountain is full of these creatures and this
may take hours yet to defeat them all. I know Colton, he’s come into their lair and he won’t leave until
every last one is dead. He’s had too long staying away and keeping us safe, now is his opportunity to
rid this place for a while and he’ll take it.

Carmen grabs two wolves on the passing, both strong sentinels from our pack, pushing them with me.
Seeing as they are heading up anyway in chase of more flapping creatures and they see me and obey.

“Come with us.” I command, knowing they recognize me right away and get instant head bows as they
do. I lead the way at speed as we climb higher and look for weak points with thinner rock formations
around us. Look for ways to break to the outside…. Thinner patches, crevices. Tiny cracks or even
tunnels formed by nature which are small. There has to be areas we can break through… I mean
strength is our gift and our claws were built for this. A wolf can rip through most terrain and our ability to
do it with ease and speed is incomparable to most in nature.

I point out a patch where the rocks indent away from us, and slight cracks of faint light seem to
permeate on areas almost undetectable if you were not looking for them, and know we found it. A weak
point where the hollow is close to the outer edge and with some effort, we can dig through. It would
cast light across the center of the hollow catching all the creatures flying upwards, and hopefully flood
below with enough light to help.

Even though I can’t use any of my wolf gifts, Carmen takes the lead and starts digging, scraping and
hauling rubble out of a nearby crack as she turns and gets to work. Other wolves piling in see what we
are doing and immediately understanding the plan, so help.

It’s not unlike the forest, being up here. The sounds travelling and making my skin goosebump, my
inner angst grow. When we were in throws of violence, eerie screams, and chaotic noises. Thuds,
thumps, cries… ripping, screeching, smashing. The scent of blood filling the air of both Lychan and

Vampire, but I know both species have healing abilities, and this isn’t going to be as quick as taking
down a small patrol out there in the woods. There are dozens of them in here. Maybe even hundreds.

“Alora…. Move.” The familiar voice of the witch comes at me from far behind, shocking me into a
moment of disbelief and I spin to see her striding this way. A bright white light in her hand as her mode
of seeing where she’s going once again, and she smiles at our attempts at clawing through solid stone.

“If you want it done right… you do it yourself. When will you wolves learn, the witch is always a better
option.” She smiles, that arrogant demeanor on show but I can’t fault her for it. Afterall, she broke the
spell and my respect for her abilities have grown by a thousand-fold. My wolves look to me and with a
nod I make them clear the way and they all turn back and flank me instead.

She throws me a smug twitch of her lips and tosses her light at the wall in front of us with a simple flick
of her wrist. Absolutely no effort and for a moment, I wonder what a small glow of nothing can really do
for a huge expanse of mountain wall. I expected something a bit more dramatic and with a lot more
vavoom. For someone so powerful, this was like tossing a match into the sea.

It’s a boom of light, like a large lightbulb shorting out and we are hit with pitch darkness once more,
without very much of an explosion at all. I stand looking rather deflated as my eyes adjust and wonder
what that even was, expecting more.

The air that whips around me catches my breath so suddenly, I’m startled for a moment. An after effect,
like a storm in a teacup brewing and there’s a pause of inhale. Almost like a silent stillness for a
second, and I realize as something grows in the air around us, I should never doubt this witch. A
growing groan, an uneasy sense of atmosphere tingling around us as if I’m suddenly feeling gravity
changing direction and it stirs up my instincts to be afraid.

A weird noise of shifting earth, the mountain shudders and groans again and then the full side rips out
away from us with the release, like a silent blast as though a giant person grabbed a handful of rock

and ripped it out. The full front before me crumbles outwards and collapses down the outside with a
crescendo of noise that can be heard for miles around and echoes back on us. Birds in the distance
from our newly acquired view scatter from trees for miles of endless forest canopy and animals scurry
in panic. The rubble bounces down until it meets forest and rips down trees in it’s wake.

Daylight floods the space around us so that we blink to adjust, filling the cracks and the crevices and
gleaming bright, illuminating all below.

“You couldn’t have done that already and saved half a battle?” Carmen asks drily, cocking an eyebrow
at the witch as two equally cold and sassy women lock eyes. A tingle of energy zapping through the air.

“I was a wee bit busy, killing witches, my pet. Do you want to add a wolf to the death toll?” Leyanne
snaps right back with a salacious smile, and I wave my hands at them in a ‘shhh’ motion to calm the
brewing hostility. My eyes now locked on the fruits of her labor.

It’s with this new light I look down to see the clear way to go and realize how high we are and how
narrow those walkways are. In the dark it was not so terrifyingly steep, because we couldn’t see how
far a fall it would be. In light it’s a deep and crazy long hollow that stretches beyond the imagination, yet
the dazzle still makes it all the way down from this impressive hole that is still crumbling wider from the
witch’s magic and tearing down the side to let more in.

The screams and burning smell of flesh, catching fire, soon fill the air with clogging thick smoke that
makes us choke, and gasp, and pull back, as winged creatures crash from wall to wall in a bid to
escape. Their panic is their demise, writhing in burning agony with scolding light, they fly right up into
the fullest part of it and combust like a puff of dust right before our eyes. It becomes chaos and
confusion, and we all pin ourselves back against the walls as the hollow fills with frantic wings and
shield our faces form explosive dust particles.

I’ve never seen them die this way and the howls below as many perish instantly send the ones shaded
or shrouded in shadow reeling into tunnels to escape. Only more wolves await them, in every nook,
due to our sheer numbers present as the entire pack have filtered in now, and their death is imminent.

I spy Colton when I look down into the drop off, standing proud in the center, light shining on his black
fur as the throws his head back and howls a successful call. The shadows around him are eerie but
only make it look like he’s standing in a spotlight.

That long blood curling message to our pack, that we have overthrown an enemy’s leader, and even if
it confuses me, I still focus on what he’s got. Holding up high, a dead vampire corpse in his claws
before he tosses it aside and I don’t hesitate in making my way down to where he is. Confused that this
is a leader when I know the source should be Varro. I don’t doubt his call, I just don’t understand.

He isn’t my gentle loving Colton at this moment. Standing huge and formidable on hind legs, towering
over all around him. A sight to behold as an enraged black Lycanthrope, his eyes glowing so bright
they look like flames. A battle cry in his throat and his fur caked in the blood of our enemies which just
adds to his sheer warrior like power.

He’s Alpha of the Santo pack, a once feared and unrivalled pack who began crumbling under Juan’s
reign, but has hope in a new leader. I get goosebumps staring at the king who will make our people
great again and know when he’s in control, there will be no stopping our people from taking back
what’s rightfully ours. Losing him made me realize how capable and invincible he can be, and I won’t
let anything take him from us again. I am wowed by his presence, pulled to him by my need to be with
him once more and not at all swayed by his filthy furred body, or the pile of carcasses around his feet,
that build him higher on a podium made from death.

Wolves take off after the escaping few, but I can already tell that compared to what we have seen in the
forests, this mountain has way less than I anticipated and wonder where the hell they all are. The

stench in here reeks of thousands of crammed vile souls, but all I see is a mere hundreds in terms of
bodies scattered all around. Not even high in that count either.

“Where are they all?” I turn to Leyanne feeling her on my heel as we carefully descend and keep
scanning where I’m stepping so I don’t fall as her light once again shines the way. Carmen pushes in
front of me to watch my step, while Sierra stays on our rear, both femmes close and forming a shield.
Sierra seems quiet, lost in thought and I wonder if this brings back unwanted memories of battles of

“It seems this mountain only held a small amount in recent days… I’m guessing Lord Varro has pulled
them where he needs them, and it wasn’t here. It was half empty when we got in and made finding the
witches way easier. Your Meadow, is quite the soldier.” Leyanne seems impressed by that and not at all
phased by her first statements. Although I spin on her in alarm.

“And the witches, they are where?” I blink, reeling thoughts splaying out, remembering that she had to
take them on alone to break the spell and as of yet I’ve only seen vampires. If they are a threat in here,
I want to know about it. Will they now be something else to have a showdown with?

“Dead…. They weren’t much of a challenge. Took all seven of them to make that spell, but faced with
me, and panicking, they didn’t achieve much before I disintegrated them. Such pointless wee beasts
they were. Quite disappointing really.” She sounds almost guilty for a second, or maybe truly deflated,
and I flash a look her way, catching an odd moment of somber I wasn’t expecting and then it’s gone. It
also confirms that despite not seeing much evidence of it, she is obviously as powerful as Sierra told
me. Seven witches who managed to hold so many of our pack hostage for a week, and yet she blows
in and takes them out without messing up her outfit or her hair.

“I’m sorry you had to kill your own kind.” I try to console, feeling I should, but she shrugs with one
shoulder. That cool demeanor back in place and that care no less expression firmly on that attractive
face. She still reminds me of Carmen in a way, only brunette, with dark eyes.

“You have to weed out the bad to benefit the many sometimes. They were practicing things they have
no place to mess with. They were no sisters of mine; they were something the world could do without
and the high council will agree when I present them with my findings on why I rid them of an entire

She seems to want to end the conversation and moves past me fast to flash bomb a creature in the
face as it stuck out its stupid head into where we are moving. So fast Carmen didn’t have time to react
even though it was right at her side. It’s semi shadowy here, it obviously didn’t expect a blinding light to
expand its face all over the wall in a dramatic and disgusting fashion.

I recoil in ‘ewww’ and dodge the flopping body before I make the last speed dash down to the final floor
below, skipping over and seeing even Carmen grimace with the up-close body showering she just got
from its blood.

“Thanks for that!” Carmen mutters sarcastically, back at the witch and shakes herself to try and remove
the worst of it. I jump back so her spray doesn’t get to me then realize it’s pretty futile. I am covered in
my own blood and god knows what else, I can’t even imagine how I truly look from all angles.

“You’re welcome. It’s not like you could smell any worse.” Leyanne bites right back and I eyeroll at the
constant power struggle of personalities. Sighing at Carmen’s snarling growl and push her onwards to
stop them.

When we get lower, Colton is already gone and heading down tunnels in hot pursuit of what’s left of the
enemy. When we get to the ground floor fully, I gag on the smell down here. It’s thick, vile dust,
overwhelming stench, that coats every surface. The ashy remains of fried vampire and I notice the
throne, crude, and carved without skill, as it sits in one corner and seems to be the one form of seating
in this place. I gesture towards it and Leyanne narrows in on it too, Carmen walking over in wolf form to
sniff at it and recoils as though the scent is painful.

“Covens have lords. This one was no different, but he was another halfling and your mate already took
care of him. I think he was newly promoted.” Leyanne points at the unbreathing evidence and I turn to
the lifeless body slumped in the corner that Colton discarded. Still intact due to not being in direct light
but it has no head. One sure fire way to end a vampire is to take its head clean off its shoulders and I
know from experience it’s Colton’s preferred method. He’s strong enough to do it with just a little flick of
the wrists. It’s also why he’s covered in blood as it’s probably the messiest way to kill one.

I also note how most of these vile creatures are naked and nothing like the ones we encountered in the
woods who were more human than these. They are nothing compared to Darrius in any way and I
wonder how many sub species these things have. I thought from what he said, there was them, and
these. Yet, this is something entirely different. We have never seen them fly at all.

“These are different, and some have wings.” I point out, in a questioning tone, leaning down to peer at
the so-called leader, then straighten up to push it over with my foot and have a proper look. It has
remnants of clothes that look like they were shredded from its body a long while ago, and all ribs and
protruding bones all over as though it was malnourished. The ones we have fought were dressed and
not like this, I’m sure. Well maybe, but we never saw them naked. From memory they definitely didn’t
seme this skinny and almost alienlike.

Long nails, yellow and brittle looking, but fiercely sharp. Waxy white skin, covered in a soft down of ugly
hairs, on arms and legs and weirdly oversized rib cages that are not in proportion to their bodies in any
way. They’re uglier than I thought like this. Bony, no connections to the human qualities of Darrius.

“Various degrees of DNA dilution. These are mongrels. Or as Darrius would call them, Gutter rats.”
Leyanne points out as Carmen and Sierra turn to human to join us. “Wings are common in pure, just
not so much in rats.”

“Meaning?” Carmen asks with genuine curiosity as her and Sierra find their places by my side once
more and look down at the mess at our feet with pinched expressions. The smell is so bad in here it’s
hard to breathe properly and we all shield our faces with palms to cut out the worst of it. Not that it
helps much but it’s better than inhaling ashes of remains.

“Built for one purpose alone… mass making an army. Lord Varro didn’t care about the purity of their
breed, or even fixing out the flaws. He wanted numbers and feral instincts. The perfect instant way to
fill your ranks and create killing machines.” Leyanne steps over and prods one with her foot as though
checking out if it’s truly dead, or god knows what witches do with morbid things like this. She’s a weird
one even on a good day and seems fascinated to be able to inspect so close.

“So, not all vampires are like this… some are like that Darrius? More human like… less. Ughh.”
Carmen didn’t get a good look at Darrius that day on the road, but I guess she saw enough to see he
was more like a strong human with toned skin and normal lines of a muscular body. She didn’t see his
red eyes, and I doubt she saw that his fangs were more in keeping with a Hollywood heartthrob
vampire than these grotesque ‘Hills have eyes’ freaks. These have fangs which far extend their
mouths, much like the ones in the orphanage that day. While Darrius had tiny pointers that slightly
showed between his lips. I wonder if his can extend then shake it out of my head.

“These are not vampires… they’re halflings. Don’t confuse the two, especially not within hearing of an
actual Vampire. It’s the worst of insults. I doubt you have battled a real one in your entire existence.”
Leyanne wanders around, stepping over them and surveys the damage around her with literally no
expression or care in the world. She’s definitely not squeamish and the smell seems to have no effect
on her, given I guess our sense of smell is way more fine tuned than hers. “The pure bloods haven’t
lifted a finger to aid these wars in over five thousand years. Lord Varro has only ever used these
rejects… that were once human. As diluted and flawed as you can get and nothing at all like what I
know the vampires to be.” Leyanne leans down and touches the naked foot of the dead master near
her and then rubs her fingers together like she’s testing something. I grimace at the fact she touched it

and has no way of washing her hands. “He’s damp and cold and feels like pig skin. I’m guessing it’s a
sixth or seventh dilution of genuine vampire DNA. They get worse the more they create from one
another. It’s no wonder they are no match for wolves. They’re probably closer to human in terms of
abilities, besides wings.” She sighs, seemingly irritated by this fact.

“You’re saying true bloods are….? Stronger? Faster?” Sierra asks but doesn’t finish as her words tail
off. I frown, looking from her, to it, and back again. No longer doubting what Darrius said in the car and
trying to remember what he told me.

“Put it this way. If the true bloods were the ones to stand up and take on the war… your species for the
second time in history would almost be extinct. These don’t have their gifts… where do you think yours
comes from, Luna. Your strength, your power…. Did you never wonder why it in itself was stronger
than these creatures you fought for months.” Leyanne walks over the mess and comes back to my
side, making me aware of the complete lack of wolves in this space as we hear the faint noises moving
away. They are spreading out around the tunnels to catch the last of them and I can still sense my
mate within these rocks. Somewhere fighting to end this battle. Being his capable self, while I stand
here suddenly secure and no longer worried at all about our victory. Colton has always been invincible.

“I just thought my wolf DNA made it so.” I shrug, only half invested while I link him to feel his presence,
but then leave him be in case he’s busy. Just feeling him is enough and his return second of connection
tells me he felt me too. We do this sometimes, connect but don’t talk, just to touch base and say ‘I’m
okay’ and ‘I feel you’. I smile, instantly warmed by the knowledge he’s really truly with me again. One
word and he would appear, like he always does. I leave him alone, my silence telling him to do what
he’s doing, and I’ll be fine wherever I am. No doubt his senses tell him exactly where I am, and he will
have had someone link him my whereabouts. I know Meadow and the sub pack are with him, they
won’t be far from his side. He’s with the most competent and is as safe as I am.

Leyanne laughs, breaking into my thoughts as though I’m the most amusing thing she has never
known. Pulling my brain back into our conversation and I sense Carmen bristle with hostility that this

bitch dared to mock her Luna. I pat Carmen’s hand and pull her arm into mine to make her calm down.
Sensing her softening but she stays put, and her glare stays stuck on Leyanne’s face.

“No. Your gifts come from the source and trust me, as strong as you seem, you are way down the
ranks of what a true blood can do. Darrius for example… he’s a Shadow Knight, actually the high
commander of the Shadow Knights. One of the most ruthless hunting machines in existence by any
species standards. Him alone, could take down maybe twenty of yours by himself, without breaking a
sweat or wrinkling his impressively tailored wardrobe. Even if your alpha was one of them. So, it’s a
good thing, he doesn’t waste his time chasing wolves.” Leyanne chuckles, a slight sense of admiration
for that creature. “Probably also one of the most indifferent and cold bastards you will ever meet, who
has no time for other people’s drama. I sort of admire him.”

The silence from the three of us as this sinks in makes it clear she has shocked us, and she pats me
on the shoulder with a reassuring smile. I swallow with a loud gulp, a little torn with this insight into what
half my bloodline is. Or why she even likes him.

I knew Darrius gave off weird vibes, but I didn’t think he was this impressive. We have little suggestions
of Shadow Knights in the grimoire library, but the facts are so few and far between. Hard to really say if
they were myth or real, or just scaremongering from witches who wanted us to avoid all vampires.
What we did read had made them seem like Devils on earth and untouchable by any species. If this is
true, and they do in fact exist, that means Vampires still sit on top of the food chain among all of us.
Wolves always thought themselves to hold that title, but then our history books aren’t really honest.

“The lords and the coven dwellers with pure blood…. they stay away from any kind of people. They like
their existence quiet, and calm, and as long as their needs are met, they don’t care what goes on in the
outside world. Their a species who have been around since time began. There’s a reason wolves’ dwell
in the human world, never far from them, even if you try to avoid them in life. It’s the only way your kind
felt safe to repopulate after the pure bloods left only a handful of you alive. That long lost hatred of the

species, they avenged what they wanted to avenge. Everything since has been halflings created for
personal vendettas by rogue lords like Varro.”

We all stare at her for a long moment in silence as it sinks in, what she said, and it makes sense. All
our lives, despite avoidance with humans, wolves populate near them, and interact when we have to.
We always find packs not far from human civilizations, yet no one has ever questioned it or looked into
the past to find out why. There are plenty places in the world where we could live away from them, yet
we choose not to. It gives truth to what she says.

“That’s why you said I can end it. Because the high lord, he can recall Varro and pull him to heel.
Finally put this to bed.” I add in, pulling the conversation to something more productive as we stand in
this echoey place. It sends shivers down my spine being here, but I feel for now, it’s the safest place.
While our pack scourge the rest of the mountain and catch their last drops of these mongrel’s blood.
They can’t go out, so they’re cornered and being wiped out.

“Yes. Of course, until the next lord finds reason to hate you. I’m sure with your species popularity skills,
it’ll happen eventually. But Varro is next in line to rule, so maybe you might have peace for a couple of
thousands of years once he puts his own vendetta to bed.” Leyanne shrugs and dusts off her dress,
fixing her long black cloak and seems unfazed about any of this. I guess living for three thousand years
means, there’s nothing she hasn’t seen before.

“That would be nice. Maybe we might have a chance at something normal for a while.” Carmen chips in
and nudges me when returning figures draw our attention. We sense them, tingle with their presence
and a wide smile moves across my face as my mate’s aura looms back in on me.

Wolves are pacing back in, smeared in blood and remains and I know without asking, because I can
feel it, that all the vampires are dead. All my senses, my connections to these creatures, they can
already tell me not one single heartbeat remains.

It’s over…. Really over, for us, here right now.

We won and our mountain is now clear of the enemy at last.