Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 91: Home

I make my way upstairs and head for Sierra’s wing, hearing the voices ahead of me before I get there
and let myself into the open breakfast room where they are. Sierra, Leyanne, and Meadow are sat
around the table while Sierra talks in an animated fashion, obviously excited and relief over our return.
She’s clasping Leyanne’s hands and gushing her way like some weird fan girl. The adoration and
respect oozing form every pore at seeing this witch.

“I can’t believe you came, that you’re here. We can’t thank you enough. You have no idea how much
this means to have a witch like you, grace us with your presence and help.” Sierra is laying it on thick
but not in a dishonest way and I really have no clue why she seems to idolize her so much. The witch
has a lukewarm personality that is grating most of the time.

Leyanne looks moderately amused and slides her hands out of her overbearing grip confidently,
making it clear she isn’t one for touchy feely the way Sierra is. It‘s not done to humiliate, and my mother
in law barely registers the loss of touch as that velvety accent flows out and distracts her.

“You know I like a challenge and this spell…certainly is that.” Leyanne points out, her normal amused
smugness leaching through and I impulsively interrupt.

“Meaning?” some sort of deflation of hope sizzles in my stomach, reading between her words and
looking for fault as three sets of eyes glance to me at my intrusion. I can feel Meadow’s visual telling off
as she knows there’s no way I’ve eaten yet, while Sierra leaps up and runs to me without hesitation.

“Oh god, my girl. You’re home!” She hugs me tight, wrapping me in a bear like grip that almost breaks
bones and I sink into her embrace giving her the moment she needs to be sure I truly am okay. I strain
to breathe properly but I know it’s only the force of her love leeching out to smother me. I have to tell
her about the babies, but not yet, its better if it’s when it’s just us and she can absorb the moment. I feel
she would try to downplay her joy when serious and pressing matters are on the table before us.

“Sierra was right about one thing… no single witch could pull off a spell this big alone, and after feeling
it for myself, I’m certain of it. It’s a collective use of magic and most definitely coven based. Trickier to
decipher and demolish but not impossible. I need some time to do a little research.” Leyanne shrugs as
though we’re talking about getting a stain out of laundry and not pulling apart crazy dark magic that has
possessed dozens of wolves all over the state.

“So you can break it?” Meadow interjects as Sierra and I make our way to the table, arm in arm,
connected, and slide into seats in front of them. Sierra never letting go of my hand, clasped tightly in
hers and it brings me some comfort to know how much she has missed me.

“I need to find the source. Where it started. To break it, I need to face where it was made. Most magic
has a weakness, and normally it’s right at the root.” Leyanne taps her manicured nails on the surface of
the polished table, seemingly thinking as seriousness returns to the air.

“It came from the mountain in the south, we’re guessing it’s where it started but that’s also where we
think the vampires congregate in this area to sleep the day away.” I point out and scratch my head,
wondering how we get the witch up there without vampires attacking. And if we go in day, we have the
wolves to contend with. We have no ideas where the spell was cast but I guess if it floated from that
way, then it’s a possibility. If she needs the source, then it’s our best bet.

“This might be troublesome. I’m more than capable of wading through wolves or vampires alone, but
once I get there and witches try their hand, I don’t think even I can handle all on my own and still be
able to focus on the task at hand. I will need to be given space to try and dismantle the spell. I can’t be
spreading my gifts so thinly.”

“What’re you saying?” Sierra raises a brow; a slight look of worry crossing her face but Meadow cuts in
first. Seemingly catching on quick and somehow more in sync with her after sitting together for hours
on the journey home.

“She needs us to help her get to the lair, distract the wolves and the vampires while she takes care of
the witches and the spell. In other words, the pack has to go out and fight.” Meadow and Leyanne lock
eyes, a nod of agreement between them and my heart sinks like a heavy weight in water.

Yeah, that’s what I hoped she wasn’t saying. A part of me shrivels up inside, fear returning and hope
dimming. I truly thought that being a powerful witch meant she could somehow break it without having
to leave the safety of the homestead. I thought it was going to be an easy fix form here on it and only a
matter of days to help her figure out the how.

“One problem, we’re lacking our strongest fighters and there is less than ten of us here who can
actually go out there and fight our own, or the vampires without dying.” The words tumble from my lips
hopeless in sound and my eyes stray to my hand sin my lap which are clenched with the return of

“There’s another problem too.” Meadow sighs, seeing my slumped posture and leans to me to pull my
hands to her grasp on the table. “If we go in day, we fight our own… if we go in night, we fight both.
There’s literally no getting away from taking on our own pack in this, because they don’t need to hide
from the sun, and they can stay awake at any time.”

“Vampires don’t need to sleep in daytime either, they just need to stay in shade… which means if the
source is in the mountain… we will be dealing with both, no matter when we go.” Leyanne breaks the
great news, killing us with her knowledge and dashing more of that joyful light I came home with. I rub
my face, a question arising again that has followed me since Darrius. A tremor of fear that maybe this
is something we might come up against when we near the mountain, as he said there were more of ‘his

“How come Darrius can walk in the sun?” I interject and Leyanne perks up with a look of surprise that I
even remembered this detail. She turns her body my way, placing her palms flat on the table with such

a sheer vibe of calm that it irks me a little. Her total lack of being flustered over anything at all is starting
to irritate me.

“There are a lot of myths and folklore about vampires that were made stronger by these halflings
you’ve encountered. True born… they aren’t like the ones you’ve been fighting the past few centuries.
None of the rules apply to them. So forget your Twilight and Interview with a Vampire or Hollywood
crap. It’s human folklore.” She chuckles at the mention of movies I’ve heard of but never watched. I had
zero interest in watching anything about their kind over the past decades while in the home. I raise a
skeptical brow her way, sighing at how little we truly know of this new breed to us. All our information
was based on the halflings we met in battle.

“You’re saying they can walk in and out of the sun, without being hurt? And what else?” Meadow perks
up, interested too, although I can sense her alarm at this fact and Sierra even seems intrigued by this
newfound information.

“Probably the opposite of every stereotypical fact the humans have ever told in stories… they sleep in
beds, usually at night. And yes, they need it too. They eat food, drink other liquids, usually booze, and
only need blood to survive in small doses. Party animals actually, really sociable with one another and
live-in covens for all night raves and the what. They can feed from one another too, which is common in
mated vamps given feeding can be sexual. They’re not afraid of garlic, holy water, or wooden stakes,
and they do have reflections, and five o’clock shadows if they are male. It’s always been one of the
weirdest ones I heard that a vampire can never have a beard…I mean if that was true then how do they
grow hair? ... Oh, and they are known to live peaceably with humans… but that’s a whole other story
about tributes and such, not for now.”

I blink at that last sentence, trying to get my head around a Vampire living with a human and not eating
them, blanching at her as though maybe she’s winding us up. That’ can’t be true. I met Darrius, he
definitely did not seem like a vampire who would tolerate a human living with him, not even for on the
go feeding.

“Do they sparkle?” Meadow chuckles, breaking into my thoughts and mocking this species in her own
sarcastic way. I eye roll at her but giggle while Leyanne shakes her head.

“No… no glitter. Sadly. Might pretty up their dark and drab love of living in old castles and smelly gothic
lairs. Not that I can talk, mind you… Darrius is a prime example of what true bloods look like. Red eyes,
warm skin…”

“Wait, what, red?” Meadow is the one to question in bold shock, and stares at me for a second, blinking
as it dawns on her why mine are red too. Knowing fine well all the ones we encountered had amber
eyes like ours, or palest orange, always dull though and not glowy like a wolf. She didn’t seem to really
take note of Darrius when her focus was on me this morning so I’m guessing she missed his devil look.

“Sounds like I missed a whole lot.” Sierra’s face crumples with concern at the mention of us meeting
vampires and I doubt she got very much from these two before I walked up here.

“I can memory share everything when we’re alone. I need to talk to you by myself.” I add softly giving
Meadow the hint I want some time out to share my news. Leyanne seems to pick up on it too, that I
don’t want them to mention the pregnancy until I get to do it alone with her. Meadow smiles softly and
nods and Leyanne remains completely unchanged although she seems to agree without any kind of

“I need a place to work and figure out some things. Do you still access the tunnels to the grimoire
library?” Leyanne glances to Sierra and gets a nod which seems to brighten her expression.

“Yes, Meadow can take you, seeing as I know you don’t need help with access. Take as long as you
need.” Sierra graciously offers and stands to show respect to the leaving witch. This is Leyanne’s way
of giving us space I guess and Sierra’s way of leaving us alone, so we get no arguments.

As they rise to leave a knock on the door sees a guard bringing in food sent from Carmen, but no sign
of her behind and I raise a brow at the lack of her presence.

“Carmen asked me to deliver this and inform you she has retired to her room. She hopes the Luna
understands she needs to lay down for a little while.” He answers a question before I even ask, and I sit
back when the chicken salad and pasta is laid out before me as he retreats in the same direction as
Meadow and Leyanne. I have no issue with Carmen needing alone time, I’m just saddened that she
carries everything alone.

“Thank you.” I throw after him and push my plate closer to Sierra seeing the monster portion Carmen
has sent up. I think she took eating for three as a literal guide. It’s almost overflowing and most
definitely is too much for even one half-starved wolf.

“Want to share?” I smile softly at my Rema, but she shakes her head. Her eyes steady on me, as she
seems to be reading my posture, thinking something through.

“I ate already but go ahead, you look tired and famished. Now what is it you want to talk about. How
was the journey? Did you see Colton out there?” Her voice is strained, obvious emotion lingering in her
throat at the mention of her son and I wonder how many times she has seen him through the fog and
saw how feral our pack seem to be. I can feel her agony at how they’re living. Like wild animals out

I know showing her the memories first will and answer all her questions, and tell her what it is I want to
share, but I don’t want it that way. I want her reaction face on, from my own words, to see the light of
happiness break in that sad expression. I pull her hand to mine and cradle it against my cheek
impulsively. Needing my adopted mother’s touch as a grounding force for my chaotic emotions. I take a
steadying breath and rip off the band aid.

“You’re going to be a grandmother…. To twins.” I breathe it out finding it weird to say the words loud, so
matter of factly, my heart suddenly hammering in my chest. She gasps and retracts her hand in shock
as she covers her mouth, overwhelmed and not expecting this statement, while tears spring to her

eyes. I can read her instant abundance of happiness and it warms my cold soul, reassuring me a little
that this is not as awful as it seemed at first.

“You’re…. you’re sure?” she begins to blubber, her words broken, her mouth trembling. Emotions
frayed, which pushes my own to frazzle too and my eyes mist over. Regret and longing hitting my heart
that I would give anything for Colton to be here for this. There’s a hint of tension that she doesn’t want
to get her hopes up, an underlying glimmer of fear because I know she suffered so many losses when
trying to carry a child.

“Well, I only have the witch’s word for it, but I intend to have the doctor confirm at least the fact I’m
pregnant tomorrow when we’ve all rested well. She assured me on the best way to carry to full term
too, so don’t worry. Okay?” I throw it out there, seeing the smoothing of her brow as that niggle is
exposed and she smiles so widely it’s almost like being beamed on by the sun.

“If Leyanne says it’s so, I wouldn’t doubt it. Oh Alora, I’m so happy, Colton’s going to be so …” the
words die on her lips and her joy diminishes into real tears of pain as his name slices a wound in both
our hearts. The effervescent mood tumbling back to the abyss with one simple word.

“Yes, he will…. when we get him home. Because that’s what’s going to happen and there’s no other
way that’s going to go.” I state, sounding surer than I feel but knowing I have to believe or else I might
not get through another hour. Colton’s absence alone is draining me so badly.

“You heard what she said….” Sierra whimpers uncharacteristically.

“I know, and we’ll deal with that when the time comes, but for now, how about we just enjoy this
moment? Take it for what it is. I’m carrying Colton’s babies… my babies. Your blood…a chance to
relive all those things you lost out on. Helping raise two healthy pups and experiencing all those firsts
again.” I inject a lighthearted tone, grab her hand and squeeze it tight. Trying to sound excited for her
sake, knowing how important this is to her.

Sierras eyes lift as do her brows, as some of the joy returns at my words, drying her eyes and she nods
brightly. Her mood wavering but she can’t conceal the genuine happy.

“You’re right…. My son’s little ones will be so like him, all over again, only in double. I’m so unbelievably

Deep down, I think part of me is even more joyful for her than for myself at this news. For right now
anyway while I have so many burdens and worries to carry about their existence.

Sierra’s loneliness, her pining for what she lost, maybe my children can play a part in healing her
wounds and giving her, something only watching a child of her bloodline grow can give her. It’s not
exactly a do over, but its close enough. She’ll have more than just Colton and I to adore and cherish
and my babies will fill her heart in ways we can’t. They truly are a blessing.

“Okay, show me what I missed, then I can go the rest of my evening bubbling over with happiness at
this wonderful news. These children are going to be so loved.” It seems after a moment to absorb it;
her energy and excitement finally shows face. Like she needed my permission to forget about the fog
for a second. It raises my spirt and I smile at her, basking in the warmth she gives, but then my face
falling as I realize I now have to fill in the gaps too.

Oh boy…..

Now the part I’m not looking forward to and knowing that she’s going to see everything that I did. She’s
going to find out I’m way more vampire than I ever knew I could be. I’m not exactly happy about that.