Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 102: A Solution

A Solution

“I do. I happened upon some helpful hints in a grimoire or two in my luggage that gave me some
answers. We’re lucky enough to be in a part of the world that grows what I need, so I’ll be back before
we leave…. I have to go find some very rare plants.” That upbeat tone of a woman who is smug with
her new discovery and confident in her own remedies.

“Wait.” Colton hesitates, grabbing her arm as she moves to pass and my heart stops in my chest,
which is already hammering like a war drum. I know he’s hesitating about whether he wants this or not.
He probably has the same thoughts swirling in his head as I do about the outcome should Sierra be
free of my life burden.

“This is a good thing, Cole…. Sierra and Alora unbound. Sierra is already so far through her life cycle,
Alora has barely begun ….. you know when Sierra’s time comes, Alora will leave too if they are still
bound.” Meadow is the voice of reason even if that time is a long way away in our life cycle. She’s right
though. Being connected to a much older wolf, reduces my life span no matter how we look at it. I will
leave when she does, and so will Colton. Now we have babies to think about, suddenly that thought
terrifies me. Every day and moment I have is precious and shouldn’t be bound to another life form for
an expiry date.

“My mom, she’ll…” he chokes on the words and I reach out for him, taking his hand in mine to offer
comfort once more. Feeding on his sudden lurch in anxiety and fear and swallowing hard on his
emotion as it clogs in my throat.

“Then it’s one secret we keep….and she’ll never know. No one in this room will tell her. To keep her
safe, to stop her doing anything dumb…right?” I raise my voice and sigh with relief at the unanimous
chorus of strong ‘right’s’ that come our way without a second of hesitation. Radar’s being the loudest.
The witch nods in agreement and it gives me a sense of calm that we’re all thinking the same way

about what she would do if she knew I was free of her. “She won’t feel it will she? She won’t know?” I
ask meekly, needing to be sure that Sierra wont suspect. Not even a hint, just in case. I know her heart
and her will to take Juan out of this picture, even if she has to die to do so. She’s ready to self-sacrifice
all over again.

“No. I’m not a sloppy worker. She won’t know if I don’t want her to. Let her live her life thinking she is
bound to you if that’s what you want, BUT……. If Juan falls, because I can’t be sure that Varro won’t go
there….. at least you won’t fall with her. You, your mate, will live. The world isn’t done with you two yet;
you have something to do for the future of your species.” She nods at my stomach and my body
stiffens at that, prickling all over my skin. My head coming to a halt from its racing thoughts.

“Meaning?” Colton’s tight tone and furrowed glance her way heightens my tension as he too focuses on
her tumble of words.

“Two tri-brids from strong gifted wolf parents…. An alpha witch and a Vampire Princess. We’ve never
seen that happen before. Three species… all at odds with one another in turbulent times. Who knows
what these two will achieve when it’s their time to shine.” Her words silence not only me and Colton,
but the entire room as we absorb what she’s saying, my head spinning with the reality that she’s right.
My children are a first of their kind. Witch, Vampire, and wolf, all rolled into one. I can’t even imagine
what gifts they may be born with and what their future will hold. With the Santo bloodline, and mine,
they won’t be weak that’s for sure. I just hope their future isn’t as littered with tragedy as mine has

“My mom is just as important to their future as we are….. my father cannot fall. THAT is the priority
tonight. His loyal, I don’t give a shit…. But he’s mine. I’ll put him in an isolation tank myself. My mom
stays safe. Stays alive, no matter what! That’s what’s happening!” Colton’s cold tone and determined
frown, the increase in his heartrate make me anxious and I slide into his arms to calm him. His fury and
fear engulfing me instantly. His body stiff and furious with the intensity of his heightened emotions.

“I’ll do my best to ensure your wishes are met.” Leyanne smiles, a smug sort of confidence that she
carries annoyingly, most of the time, and then turns with a nod and finally leaves again as if she didn’t
really have a reason to linger. The room falling eerily still and quiet with her instant departure.

“Everyone with the program?” Colton turns to the subs and they all nod in silent and tense agreement.
“Good, now get to it. Go.” He gestures them to move, takes me in his arms and turns us to the door
before pulling me with him so we leave first.

His body is stiff, and tense, and his heart rate is faster than normal. His somber expression and wired
mood cause me to stay quiet and I allow him to lead the way into the hall and upstairs to Sierras wing
as quickly as we can.

I know how he’s feeling. The whole sub pack had the same nervous energy as they filed out and it
beats inside of me too. The fear, the apprehension. The knowing this is far form over and yet we are
standing on a cliff, a precipice to something big. A start or maybe an end. I don’t know, but I’m scared
to death of what may come in the next few days.