Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 108: We Can End This!

We make light work of moving fast in unison and tracking back down the corridor towards the main
entrance to the grand staircase. Sierra takes the lead and Carmen runs behind the witch and I, both of
them in wolf form, as we start our search for the infamous Juan. My heart’s pounding through my chest
because I know radar will be hot on our heels and Colton is going to be so mad about this. His fury will
know zero bounds when he finds out I disobeyed him and ran from Radar and the Luna’s guard, but my
gut tells me to trust Sierra and do this. Sierra has a point and finding Juan first, pushing him out there
for easy access may be the cure to this war and the end to this night’s battle. If we shackle him and
hand him over to Varro then there’s less chance of Juan being killed in the process and maybe I can
beg Varro to protect Sierra’s life in keeping him alive for the rest of his.

We barely make it to the open entrance and foot of the stair when a thudding troupe of huge fierce
wolves moving stealthily come at us from behind, reckless fleeing, and Carmen growls as warning. The
impending doom of an angry pack. I shiver at the arrival because despite being his Luna, I know radar
will scold me into next week.

Luna, stop! Wait… Don’t do this! Radar’s voice comes through like a bullet to the brain, harsh and
direct, not concealing his anger and anxiety that we’re taking matters into our own hands. Leyanne
doesn’t hesitate and turns to them with a blinding poof of something she throws in the air. A slight
movement of hand with devastating results and I can’t fault that witch for her reflexes. A spark, a flash,
a thick cloying smog that chokes the space up behind us and brings them all to a dead halt as we
venture on and quicken to escape them. Whatever it is, it serves well to startle them, and we leave
them in our tracks. It smells like burned rubber and old ash.

“Sorry pets but needs must. Be good little pups and guard the door, we have company coming.” She
sing songs back at them, brazen as always, concealed by the haze of grey smoke in the darkness and
I blanche with a quick glance back before following Sierra up the staircase. Clinging to her rump like a

helpless child to help move me faster while still in human form. My powers are pointless and not being
able to transform feels like I’m a dead weight who can only follow their lead.

“Why are we shaking them off when they could be helping by following?” I retort, out of breath from
exertion and she lights up the hall for us with her palms once more. That gentle glow which has
surprising ability to shine the way clear. Perplexed at my own uselessness and leaving our capable
guards behind.

“Because he’s too obedient and he won’t let any of us step a foot further in this pursuit. The fates want
us girls to handle things for now, else we wouldn’t have ended up here like this.” Leyanne is always so
self-assured and I do wonder if she has the ability to read the future. If maybe she’s a waking seer,
someone who can see beyond time while going about her daily business. It’s rare but it would explain
her ability to know things.

“But still….” I start and trail off when Sierra turns and throws me a dark amber glare, hushing me and I
get the message loud and clear. She doesn’t want Radar up there with us when she faces down Juan
because she knows he would shield and intervene, and Sierra wouldn’t get within ten feet of that
monster. Radar would put himself in the firing line always and I can feel Sierra’s desire to eb the one to
bring Juan down. It’s out there like a thick aura around us and I worry she may be blinded by her own
hatred of the man and not thinking straight.

We get up the spiral incline and into the long corridor which splits to sleeping quarters and a second
stairway. Blinking momentarily and trying to make a decision on direction when Carmen sticks her nose
in the air and heads for the passage up ahead of us to another level. She seems to know where to go
and her sense of smell has always been top notch. Without a word we all follow, swift and silent,
without second guessing her ability. My nerves eating me raw and making me shiver with anticipation
but all I can do is keep moving forward and pushing down the nauseating worry. It’s dark and
Leyanne’s glow is the only things taking the edge off the eerie creepiness of being in the manor while it
feels abandoned.

We end up moving this way up three flights to the fourth floor, the place where Sierra’s wing with Juan
all these years is located, and I wonder if he’s hiding in his own bedroom. A coward like him, it seems
fitting somehow. To be hiding in the dark corner by his bed, hopefully trembling at the impending doom
of his long reign.

I can sense Radar behind us and it throws me a little, not far, keeping his distance so Leyanne doesn’t
startle bomb them again and it gives me reassurance knowing he won’t flake on his duty to protect.
He’s given up swaying us and has decided obedience and caution is better. He knows how stubborn I
can be, and that Sierra isn’t afraid of him in the slightest. Keeping close enough to watch. Sierra and
Carmen seem oblivious to them but the witch glances back and fixes a smug smile on her lips as
though telling me she feels them too and somehow knew they would back us up. I just cannot work her
out sometimes.

We finally get to the long narrow corridor which leads to the west wing: the master bedroom in the top
corner of this manor. The lord’s boudoir, so to speak. And Leyanne lets her glow fade to nothing at all
so our night vision all kicks in perfectly and prepares us for what we assume is a darker space. The air
around us is thick with dust and tension, all poised and quiet for a moment while Carmen and Sierra
turn back to human form and Carmen reaches forward for the handle of the double doors.

“Wait.” I whisper, a hushed cautious tone and that rearing up of fear and doubt swirling in my belly now
I can feel the presence of wolve son the other side. We know he won’t be alone, but we have no idea
how many of his minions are left. There could be a dozen of them and maybe an equal match to our
group. “We might be outnumbered.” I add in haste.

“There’s only a half dozen. He seems to have lost many along the way.” Radar’s voice comes at me
softly from behind and I jump when I realize he has moved to my rear and close enough to whisper it
directly to me. “You four are going to be the death of me. Cole is going to go crazy when I tell him I
have zero authority over you anymore.” He rasps, letting me know he isn’t pleased in any way and I

wave him away with a complacent gesture. I know it’s not fair that he will get hell form my mate, but
Colton will eventually calm down when this is all over. This is for the good of the whole pack.

“Why is it so quiet and still?” Carmen’s craning at the door to listen through the thick wood and pauses
before reaching to touch the handle with caution. I notice her sniffing the air first to check for wolfsbane
and then she grips the cold metal firmly. Leaning her shoulder against the smooth surface and tilting
her head to have one good listen once more.

“They’re in there, just not doing anything. Waiting maybe.” Radar moves me aside and slides up next to
her, looking at the door and he too evaluates it. “I have no idea if they are sleeping, or just poised for a
fight.” He frowns, narrowing his glowing eyes and fully shifts Carmen out of the way.

“Who can sleep with a full-blown vampire war going on out there?” Sierra snorts, the hatred evident for
Juan and she gets so impatient with the stalling she shoves Radar out of her way and grabs the handle
herself, yanking it down and heaves the door forward with intent. The clicking noise is loud and
prominent in this noiseless air and startles me.

I close my eyes tight and take a hurried breath as the swoosh of air at my guards leaping forward to
surround us gives me a new sense of safety. Into immediate guard mode as they flank us, and await
instruction from Radar rather than their Luna. There’s a creak, a groan, and then the heavy scuffing
noise of the doors being pushed fully open, and yet nothing happens.

I blink open my lashes and look around and adjust to my night vision before I notice the sitting figures
dotted around the room, all seemingly poised yet do absolutely nothing at our appearance. My heart
drops and my insides flutter at this weird anticlimax. I do not trust these men and I feel like this is way
weirder than I could have imagined and gawp at the fact they remain as they are and don’t even blink
at our arrival.

“Welcome…. You finally showed up.” Juan’s blood curdling, husky voice comes at us from the far
corner of the room. By the huge four poster bed and my eyes are drawn to the figure sprawled out like
a lording king in his domain. He doesn’t seem phased at all by us, in fact he’s sprawled out, one arm
propped under his chin, so he’s semi sat up. His glowing amber eyes coming at us out from the
darkness of this room and I wonder why they have no lights or power in the manor at all. If this is to
cloak them and give advantage or if there’s something wrong with the electrics.

“You were expecting us?” Radar bites back with a sardonic laugh, moving to the front of our party and
putting himself directly in front of Sierra in a protective manner. That cocky confidence on show of a
seasoned warrior who is ready to go at it in a blink.

“I was expecting my son, but his bitch and his mother are fine by me. Guess I just have to deal with you
first.” Juan laughs and the sound is almost manic, blood curling, and so not like the man I remember.
He seems to have changed so drastically since the last time I laid eye son him and I wonder if he really
has lost all sense of sanity in recent months. His eyes are wild and burn with something terrifying in the
depths. I shudder and break contact with him, looking across at Sierra instead who is locked on in a
death glare and has no intention of relinquishing.

“All these years haven’t been kind to you, Juan. You look old and haggard and have lost any kind of
alpha energy you once possessed. You’re a sad old wolf with hopes of grandeur and zero ability. Give it
up before you hurt yourself!” Sierras words cut through the air like a knife, dripping venom and Juan
just laughs at her with a throaty cackle.

The air in here is stale and sparks with heightened tension. A feeling in this place of unease and I shift
closer to Carmen who is now beside me. She grabs my hand and yanks me to her side before clawing
up and fully encompassing my fingers like a shield. She is making it clear she isn’t going to let me go
and that Sierra is trying to stoke the embers of a fiery fight.

“Maybe like you I should have slept a decade away and left my son to fend for himself, huh?” he
sniggers at his own words and I catch a glimpse of Sierra shifting forward before Radar steps in front of
her and pushes her behind him once more. Her anger flaring and losing her own sense as despisal
fuels her.

“We’re here to take you outside. The Vampire lord wants to see you. You can either come easily, or we
can do this the hard way. I have no doubt you won’t be the victorious one in this.” Radar moves closer
to him to shorten the space between them and leave Sierra where she stands. I flinch, eyeing up the
other wolves in this room, all eyes honed in on us but yet they don’t move at all, in fact seemed
uncaring about trying to. I nudge Carmen to eye them up too and as she scans the rest of the space,
she too furrows her brow at the lack of motion from his so called loyal. I knew he would have some
here, but I expected some sort of attempt to shield their alpha.

“Try. You think I didn’t expect this?” Juan laughs again, that mighty and snarly sound as though he’s in
possession of some great superior secret. His noise curdles my blood and I start to perspire with this
invading nervous energy that tells me to be on full alert. The inner powers inside of me swirling
because I’m afraid.

My guards move out from our circle of protection, linking to Radar for direction and I watch as they
move towards the figures around the room, preparing for them to intervene while Radar and another
wolf head right for Juan. A tactical move to position themselves between them and their Luna and
Rema. I don’t understand why this seems so easy, why he’s so smug, or why his protectors are
motionless and watching. It’s all a little too simple.

“Wait. I don’t like this.” I strut forward fast and grab at Radar’s arm from behind, yanking myself free
from Carmen to do so. The witch however seems to get irritated with the pause and waves her hand
sin the air with a huge sigh .

“Oh, for god’s sake, Juan, whatever trick you have planned, get on with it so we can move and get
home before dawn. This is tiring.” She walks brazenly towards him, pushing from between us easily,
like we’re made of paper, and his eyes narrow as he focuses on her face. Instant recognition lighting
him up now his attention is on this dark cloaked figure who had been standing behind us.

“So much for being a neutral to the species, Leyanne. Long time no see. Are you going to make this an
unfair fight by intervening with your powers? There’s no fun in that and I thought it was against your
rules, your highness.” He mocks her and she only shrugs with one shoulder as though she expected
him to say something so juvenile. I however squint at what he just addressed her as. Highness?

“Not if I don’t have to but at the end of the day, preserving a species sometimes needs a little
intervention. My goal has never changed. I will always be neutral, but never inactive when it comes to
keeping this world in check and balance. Your species needs to be rid of toxic influences to thrive.
Don’t call me that anymore, it’s been a long time since I resigned from the high council.” Leyanne shuts
him down with a bored tone and haughty response as she adjusts her outer robes. She means
business and walks with confidence towards him, no fear at anything he can do because I truly believe
she is above being harmed by any creature on this planet. She’s not like any witch I have ever heard of
and her constant unwavering calm tells me she knows she is invincible. I have heard of the high
council; it’s known to be a collection of the most powerful of the species and exists to keep us all in
check. I find it strangely unsurprising she was once one of them, but I wonder why she isn’t anymore.

“Hmmmm….. shame you’re immortal. It would make my day to see you of all people fall at my feet. The
great and powerful Leyanne Cruden, deserter of her own position and back turner of her sisterhood. So
high and mighty, yet so self-absorbed and alone…… Now were all gathered here…. Do you want my
presents? Let’s make things fun!” He shifts up from his lounging position, having no affect on her at all,
and all around minus me instantly shift to wolf form from the threat in his tone. They all sense the
incoming danger and I recoil behind Sierra automatically, shielding my abdomen with the gut feeling

this is about to go off. Leyanne on the other hand just brushes her hair form one shoulder and gives
another disinterested shrug.

“I didn’t know you knew the meaning of the word fun, Juan…. Also, you’re too selfish for gift giving. So,
what is it?” Leyanne mocks him right back.

“I knew I could never take out any that came for me, so I prepared a parting sentiment. I just expected
it to be a gift for my son and yet the coward doesn’t even show face to his father…HAH….. This is an
end to all of this, but my bitch mate will have to do instead. She always did put herself in front of
children anyway. One life takes four, right?” Juan snaps, sudden anger in his sardonic tone and jumps
up clutching something in his hand. Something dark and clunky, as he springs to his feet, suddenly
virile, still the only wolf apart from me in human form, and it happens so fast it’s like a blink. I don’t get a
second to think or take in his sudden shift.

The unmistakable click and pop that despite never hearing in life, I know instantly what it is. It seems so
nothing and unreal yet flips my heart inside out and I lurch with the fright as it dawns on me that it’s the
noise of something firing. The object in his hand smoking, as his eyes glare bright and amber with
disdain, and I’m transfixed on what he’s holding. Everything around me halting in an instant as time
ceases to progress and I’m focused only on what he just did.

The long, cold and terrifying silhouette of a pistol gripped in his large hand, the scent of silver and
wolfsbane permeating the air around me as everything moves into slow motion. I watch in despair as a
bullet takes slow flight through the shadowy air and careful aim right at the forehead of Sierra. She’s
leaping through the air towards him, right in its path of destruction, everything frozen in a moment of
time suddenly and I have no idea why. Somehow, it’s as though only I can see this happening without
restraint of my own actions and all those around me have become almost still as seconds slow to

All I know is that I’m seeing it this way, the descent of death upon Sierra, the slow-motion movements
of my entire guard as they fly for targets and the looming figure of that snarling and smug Juan before
me. I lift my hands in impulse, shocked that I can move freely and normally, an orb of translucent
energy forming around my fists as instinct takes over. my weapon of destruction and the only thing I
have within me to protect my Rema. I lift my fists above my head and throw everything I have at that
bullet, that lingering shrapnel of evil that hangs in the air between him and her.