Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 110: No Turning Back

A cold wave takes over my body and once again time seems to slow at an unnatural pace as I take in
all that surrounds me. Radar in the corner, being held down by Leyanne as she tries to remove the
metal in his body that can kill him while he’s reaching out, trying to get up. The desperation in his eye
as the love of his life takes on her enemy but the toxin is already removing any strength he has left.
He’s powerless to do anything in his state.

I turn my head as the collision of wolf on wolf among the guards and Juan’s own continues in bloody
chaos, tearing at one another and throwing claws and punches as they grapple and roll around me.
Noise and debris clouding the air and yet I am rooted to my spot.

In the midst of it all, Sierra stands nose to nose on hind legs, raising her smaller frame to what was
once our formidable alpha and the I am fixated on the two joined bodies as they grip onto one another,
eyes locked in fierce battle, claws submerged into each other’s bodies. The tension and sheer malice
between them reverberates in the air like a vibrating frequency and I can taste the venom. Sierra pulls
herself up to meet him closer to his sheer size and I can tell she has no intention of backing down or
making this easy on him. Juan seemed amused that in his last hours of his life, it’s his once weak mate
who chooses to target him.

I cry out as Sierra makes the first move, throwing herself with all her might into him, thrusting claws and
fangs at his body so she knocks him back from his stance and while unsteady she has the upper hand.
She withdraws one bloodied set of claws, pulling form ripping flesh, swipes straight for his face and
catches him across the muzzle in a piercing grip. I blink and almost miss the sudden speed as my
senses return and the clock spins forward.

Juan fights back, holding no punches even against a femme and hauls her from his body as he
attempts to lift her into the air for a body swipe. With his strength, speed and skill in battle I know Sierra
is leading a futile battle against an opponent she will never beat. She was never a match for him, and
now in this fast-paced moment, I know I only have one option to pull them apart safely. She won’t stop

any other way and radar won’t quit fighting the witch unless Sierra is removed. I know there’s only one
thing I can do that will help her even the odds and bring much needed back up and space to fight this
out properly.

A thought suddenly hits me that this was the only reason I was here at all, that these gifts were for this
moment when I cannot physically jump in and defend her. I am all but useless, save my ability to thrust
my pack around. Watching in agony as Sierra and Juan slash at one another, snap and grapple and
she slowly loses in every move he makes.

I pull my palms together as his talons aim straight for her heart and throat while gripping her by the
scruff of the neck, knowing this fight between them has no bounds and neither will stop until one dies.
They both know that it’s the end for them whoever wins, and I can’t let this happen. Sierra has to be
saved at all costs.

Colton, please be close. Your mother needs you at the manor. Now!

I send the link out as I close my eyes, shutting the free flow of tears into the darkness with me and put
all of my energy into my palms. I pray for precision and enough gusto to send them flying. Pushing my
love, anger, betrayal, loyalty…desire to save Sierra into the one thing I can do for her.

“I’m sorry….. don’t be mad!” I utter towards her as I open my eyes and release with a forward thrust, all
that I can muster at the two bodies, caked in blood and hatred. I sent them with a visible pulse of
energy, thrusting them both forward with a violent assault, right through the balcony windows far behind
them. Smashing glass as two dark furred shapes are blown like they were hit with a torpedo straight
out of the top floor balcony of the manor, and I cross my fingers and hope to god they heal quickly
before the frequency has any kind of effect.

“Sierra!!” Radar growls in agony as he clutches out at the disappearing figures and Leyanne has to use
all her might to slam him back down and continue whatever she’s doing. I squeeze my eyes shut, pray

Colton heard me and push towards the window to see where they landed. It’s nothing but darkness and
shimmering shards of glass in the eerie night.

The smashing open of the double layered solid doors also lets the sound in that was previously held at
bay and Juan’s minions all retreat in panic as they realize I have opened up the elements and they will
now suffer the same fate as the rest of the wolves around us. Their weapon will be used on them in the
same way they have used it on the pack and their gifts will suffer soon enough. I have faith in Carmen
down there trying to stop it, but for now, I can even feel the slow effect at this high height where the
sound is closer and louder. It makes my skin goosebump and all my hairs stand on end.

A scuffle of claws and scrapes of shoved furniture see them abandoning my guards mid fight and they
run as fast as they can. They exit via the main door and take off at speed, some of the pack following
while two go to radar’s side to help.

“Stay with him… I need to go out there and find Sierra” I throw my command and turn to head after the
rest, but radar’s voice hits me hard.

“No you don’t! Stay fucking here. This is all going to shit. For once do as I tell you or else Colton will
have my soul.” His hoarse and angry words pierce me guiltily, I can taste his pain as he struggles to sit
up and Leyanne leans back with a satisfied snort.

“You’re healing, stay still, for god’s sakes. I got the bullet out, but the toxins are already spreading and
need to be reversed. I need more time to work on you to be sure to stop any long-lasting damage.”
Leyanne appeals to him but it’s clear she doesn’t expect him to agree. He is on his feet in seconds,
rubbing his shoulder and smearing blood across flesh absent mindedly before he shifts to wolf and fur
covers the worst of it. His gaze locked on his goal, and I can already tell his brain is out that window.


He links me a command with a snarl, and with a flash, takes a leap right out the window in the direction
of Sierra and disappears into the darkest air. Barely a gush of wind or noise.

Not a second of hesitation, no regard for his weakened body or his still bleeding wound and yet I sigh
with relief that he’s able to go after her. I may have delayed the fight by throwing them outside, but it
was a temporary measure in the hopes of pulling Colton here to protect her and intervene. He still
hasn’t linked me back and my heart shudders with the sudden realization of why. My blood running cold
and nausea spreading fast as I put two and two together at his lack of linking me back. It’s not like him
to not respond, not matter what’s happening.

The frequency…it weakens the gifts the longer they are exposed, so maybe Colton can’t link anymore
because of it. And if he can’t link, then maybe he can’t use his strength or speed…maybe even his
other abilities and alpha tone. He’s out there fighting a strong enemy in a state not too dissimilar to

My knees give out and my body crumples downwards as fear roots in my heart and yet my figure hits
soft fur as one of my guards catches me. He pads the fall and promptly returns me to my feet with a
swift flick before he leans me against his side to support me. So smoothly done that I am suddenly
lightheaded. A reminder that I am not myself and so easily vulnerable.

Luna, are you okay? The concerned unison of my guards and I blink back tears of fear before turning to
them with a façade of calm and strong.

“The alpha hasn’t linked back…I don’t think he can. We need to do something. We have to help Sierra,
help the pack.” I’m overwhelmed suddenly with all of this flooding my brain but Leyanne stands up and
brushes off her clothes with that precise manner and freakish calm. Strangely assuring yet also really
unnerving in such a contradictory combo.

“Well, you know he’s not injured or else you would be crying like a bairn and rolling in agony. He’s
clearly not dead. I can see you standing here just fine. So, think, Luna. What are you going to do now,
in your condition?” She has an annoying point and I blanche at her in total bewilderment. If I wasn’t
pregnant, I would have followed my Rema as a wolf and helped kick Juan’s butt into a cage. I would be
in the thick of battle and facing my ……… that’s it.

“I have to find my father and brother!” I yelp out, suddenly tuned in on the fact they are still a possibility
to end all of this without any more loss or suffering. Radar won’t let Sierra fight alone and he sure as
hell won’t let Juan die because of her. With him taking off after her, I can relax a little in the knowledge
Radar will put her life before his own, even in his weakened state. He should heal slowly enough to
regain some of his gifts and make sure he buys me some time.

“Go help Radar, protect the Rema, don’t kill the alpha! Take him as prisoner until I call for him.” I
command and shove my nearest guard away from me in haste. I know the others are chasing Juan’s
men, but I have some here still and they hesitate before nodding my way. Two leap straight out the
broken debris of the doors. Disappearing into the night, a large grey behind me steps forward and
pushes against my side to support me. It’s only now I realize my body is sagging on trembling limbs still
and my ever-attentive guards don’t miss a beat.

“Carmen will work on the frequency until it’s done, but we have to find Lord Varro, leader of the
vampires out there. Without dying in the process.” I voice loudly and feel Leyanne’s eyes burning into
mine with that ever-smug look on her face. I can’t tell if she agrees or is just interested to see how I am
going to manage that. Sometimes I would love to poke her eyes out for those looks she throws.

“Lead the way.” Leyanne smiles somewhat softly, a strange misty look on her face and extends a hand
towards the door in an overly polite gesture. Still, even after all of this, I get the feeling this witch should
never fully be trusted. Despite how often she has come to our aid, there’s still that aura around her that
she does things for her benefit and won’t stay loyal unless it suits her. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I feel
this way, but I think it’s’ in all her almost sarcastic mannerisms and expressions. Her all knowing eye,

her unshakeable demeanor, and right now, seeming to always be one step ahead no matter what’s
happening. I can’t decide if it’s mistrust or wariness because she’s a huge mystery.

I turn on my heel and shake the doubts away, suddenly homed in on a semi plan and trying to ignore
my own nervousness. Closely flanked by the remaining guards and head into the hallway at speed.
Leyanne is fast to light up the corridor with her magical light and sticks close to my side.

Colton, Can you hear me? I ask again desperately via the pack link, in the hopes one of the pack pick it
up out there.

There’s no response and I instead wrack my brains as we skirt down the passages on how the heck I
am meant to weed out the great lord and ruler of the attacking army, when surrounded by feuding
creatures and a frequency fit to disable any strength I have.