Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 117: Juan

I can’t tear my eyes away from Juan, as he sits helpless in his binds on the dirty floor. All eyes around
the room on him, except Colton’s. He’s turned away and seems unable to bring himself to look at all. A
sense of desolation swirling around him like a dense fog. I sense Sierra and Radar entering the room
from the main door, followed by more pack wolves and realize we now have an attentive audience to
our ex-alpha’s fate. It feels like we are hitting some sort of crescendo in a power struggle that began
long ago in this very house.

“You think you’ve won, just because you have me here?” Juan sneers my way, eyes amber and full of
hatred yet he stays in human form, and I wonder why. He’s stronger as a wolf and more likely to make
a break for it that way, so I don’t get why he’s sitting human and even seems strangely calm and
submissive. I ignore his attempts to bait me and keep my expression blank as though I couldn’t care
less about his predicament. To me this is already over.

“I think you misunderstand the meaning of winning, my dearest fellow.” Varro snorts and walks to him
confidently, tall and straight and exuding confidence. Swaggering as his dark robes trail behind him and
he suddenly strikes me as an Asian warrior of old. Long dark hair, tailored clothes, under a thick
opulent cloak. Like some historical Joseon drama villain and all that’s missing is a sword. He’s so
different to Darrius, with his modern tailoring and short and clean-shaven style. He has old world about
him and yet it somehow suits a Lord of the vampires to be this way.

“Pahh…. Look around. I may not be their alpha anymore, but I’ve left them cowering and forever to
remember who I am. The greatest power of Lychan in a long time. I will go down in the history books.”
Juan smirks, shrugging his large shoulders and seems oblivious to reality. Completely unaffected by
the fact he is a prisoner and about to face a fate worse than death from here on in. I baulk at the fact
that maybe Juan was always this mentally unstable and yet somehow only got worse as power went to
his head.

“We call that delusion. A tale of what not to be.” Colton chips in, low and almost unheard, and finally
turns this way. His eyes slow to trace a route to his father’s figure and he looks away again the second
they land on him. The pain etched for a moment on that handsome face. My heart constricts for him,
knowing how much of a war must be going on his mind over this.

“Is it? I’ll go down in history for …….”

“Destroying your pack, ruining your own home, losing the trust and loyalty of many? Which part of that
is admirable? You’ll be remembered as insane.” Colton barks right back, cutting him off and finding
strength in his own anger. Unveiled hatred beginning to show once more as his guilt is faded out by his
father’s arrogant words.

“I’m the king of these people. I say, they do. I growl, they cower. That’s power!” Juan can’t let go. So
lost in his own insanity and blinded by what he thought he had. I can only sigh at how far gone is the
mind of a man that the Santo pack once respected.

“Enough, this is boring. I came here to settle a debt, and you don’t need to be able to talk to do that.”
Varro halts all talk with a sharp tone, his eyes aglow so brightly, they almost illuminate his cheeks with
a red tint. His fierce on show as he nods to Darrius and in an instant the black figure disappears from
my left side. A flash, a flick of wind, so speedy I almost miss it and he’s holding Juan’s head back in a
powerful grip as he forces open his jaw and cuts out his tongue with a glinting dagger.

It’s instant, blink and you miss it, fast. And yet so overwhelmingly gruesome as Juan screams and
gargles and Darrius makes quick work of the task he was ordered to do. I gasp inwardly so fast I start
to choke and yet can’t pull myself away from seeing what’s being done. Blood pouring down Juan’s
face as he’s released to wriggle and squirm on the floor, with muffled wails and gasps of agony. Tears
stream down his face and I feel the wolves around me reel back in shock at what was just done without
any hesitation or verbal command. Silence heavy, emotions chaotic, and I’m unable to tear my gaze
away from this gruesome sight.

Darrius throws the dismembered flesh to Varro in a casual toss as though it’s nothing but a caught fish.
Varro catches it between sharp talon fingernails and holds it aloft in a mocking manner, giving it a
triumphant shake in Juan’s direction. A smile spreading on that face that changes softer features into
something terrifying and cruel that for the first time instils a sense of fear in me. He’s completely
immune to Juan’s pain and bellowing and in fact seems to take pleasure from it. The shock around me
is unified. No one moves an inch and yet silence is deafening from all my subs and mate. No Lychan
would ever do something like this, but I guess our species are far apart.

“Life will be quieter from here on in, I think. Don’t you agree, Darrius?” Varro scoffs, his tone jocular and
he tosses the tongue in his hand aside as though discarding trash, wiping his blood smeared hand on
his leg and brushes his nails against the fabric to wipe them clean. He tosses his hair back with a head
flick and returns to that commanding stance once more.

“Are you going to kill him or torture him slowly?” Sierra appears by my side, her voice shaky and her
emotions taut. She seems detached on the surface, but I can feel her pain and fear from within. As
much as she hates Juan, she has never had the stomach to watch suffering. She’s as rattled by what
we just witnessed as I am, despite the years of battles and deaths of hybrids around us.

“Oh, he’ll live for now. In pain, and torment. Why don’t you come along and play a little, seeing as you
carry as much despisal for him as I do. You are the former Luna, are you not? This worthless scums

“I have no desire to watch him suffer like that. I’m not him. He’s no longer my mate and nothing to do
with me anymore.” Sierras eyes glaze over, and she turns away from the pitiful sight. Radar coming to
comfort her and understanding that she has no stomach for this. As Luna you are bred to feel the pain
of your Lychans, even the likes of Juan. Whether you want to or not. Even me, right now, after
everything, I feel sorrow for what I’m witnessing and want it to end. I don’t want to expose my mind to

“You mutts really don’t do vengeance and revenge all that well, do you? One whiff of a peaceful end
and you are happy to let it all go. It’s rather disappointing.” Varro walks towards Juan and then circles
him, much like a lion looking at it’s dying pray, eyes on that still twitching body who has now quietened
to muffled whines.

I still don’t understand why he’s not turning Lychan to heal himself, and spot the weird golden handcuffs
holding his wrists together behind his back. Ornate, jeweled, solid gold, and strangely beautiful for a set
of hand binds. Varro catches my eye and follows my line of sight with a sudden smile to break up that
intimidating expression. His whole demeanor switching in a flash back to that almost gentlemanly

“Nice, aren’t they? Bewitched little trophies given a long time ago by our friendly neighborhood witch.
They stop immortals from being able to use their gifts. He’s basically human with these on.” He
chuckles to himself as though he finds it highly amusing.

That explains it, and why his pain and suffering from here on in will be worse than hell. I doubt Varro
intends to take them back off at any point unless death is imminent, and I don’t even want to know why
Leyanne would gift Lord of the vampires something like this. Even if it was hundreds of years ago. I
can’t figure her out at all.

“Can you just take him and leave, I don’t want to see this.” Colton finally breaks, his voice ravaged and
husky, and his eyes ambering as he fails to control his inner turmoil. He’s still standing on the sidelines
with our quiet pack. Watching, waiting, all holding their breaths for this to be over already.

“Okay, okay. I can read the room. I see you don’t have the stomach for this. I thought you would like a
show. Never mind…. Darrius!” Varro clicks his fingers and that black shrouded figure shoots back to
Juan’s side. Another flash move that is almost missed by the human eye and it’s not hard to see how
much faster than wolves these pure breeds are. Darrius is moving at the speed of light. If we had gone
head-to-head with them in the wars. None of us would be here now. It’s a sobering thought.

He hauls Juan up to his feet with little effort, like he’s a sack of feathers, his body dirty and scraped up
in it’s nakedness. He has blood all over his lower face, neck, and chest, as his wound continues to
ooze and I finally see the defeat on his face. The emptiness of his now brown eyes and the pale pallor
of a body undergoing pain. His focus downcast and pathetic and I hate the fact it pains me in the chest
and pushes my empathy out to the forefront. This man who started everything, destroyed it all, and I
feel sorry for him in this moment.

It’s pathetic really.

It makes me feel weak and stupid, and I flinch as the grating of movement around me draws my eyes
to the silent onlookers. All have turned their faces down and can no longer meet Juan’s figure either.
That feeling in me is unanimous around me and the hearts of many who once followed him loyally, are
conflicted and in pain. Lychans aren’t inherently bad or cruel.

“What about me?” Jasper’s voice pulls me out of my head, and I turn to see him leaning against the
door frame of the room. His stance is casual, uninterested in this gory scene, but he’s oozing
aggressive energy and I catch Carmen hiding behind subs nearby and trying not to look his way. Her
focus is all on him and I know what kind of agony it can be. She’s probably the only wolf in here whose
head and heart isn’t on Juan in this moment.

“I know dear boy. I promised you some play time with this object, but I feel your time is better spent
guarding your sister. I don’t think she would appreciate you getting this one’s blood on your hands if
you are to have a future in this pack of dogs.” Varro shrugs, a fake apologetic smirk on his face that
grates on me.

“Stop calling us that.” Carmen bites out from her almost hide hole behind the twins and recoils back
with a flinch, covering her impulsive mouth and shrinks away. Knowing she should stay quiet and
hidden. Jasper flinches at her voice, barely noticeable but I see it, and yet remains steadfast in staring

at Juan. I can feel his attempts not to sway or be pulled by her bond which are affecting him as much
as her. He’s stubborn and dumb as hell, but he can’t escape his feelings for his mate.

“I won’t stay here until I have had a hand in his demise.” Jasper retorts, pushing off the wall to stan
upright, adamant, but Varro shakes his head.

“No. We are leaving and you’re staying. Darrius isn’t going to shield you anymore. Your time with us is
over. That’s what was agreed with your sister and in the long term will be a much better arrangement
for all of us.”

“Don’t I get a say?” Jasper snorts, casting a glare my way as though this is somehow all on me and I
can do nothing but stare back blankly, praying that he will accept this and in time come to be okay with
it. I can’t imagine what he must be feeling but I know one thing for sure. My brother needs to come
home and begin to heal. He needs to accept his fate and his mate and come back to his pack.

“No, you don’t. You do as you’re told.” This time it’s Darrius with that tone of command, and despite
Varro being the lord and master here, it’s Darrius’ piercing gaze of blood rest that makes my brother
lower his head and bite his words. A submissive puppy in just one sharp verbal instruction.

“I will give you one final parting blow though. Just don’t aim for death! Take that as a consolation prize.”
Varro adds his words in a childlike, mocking manner, an eyebrow raise, and a wry smile, and Jaspers
head shoots back up. A glance between the three men as I assume they link in their own minds and
Jasper suddenly visually relaxes. His expression from thunder to lighter in a flash. Whatever was said
in private alters his entire visual mood.

“I’ll make it count.” Jasper smirks, paces forward at speed to where Darrius is holding Juan up and
doesn’t hesitate in throwing a punch at Juan’s abdomen. Claws appearing boldly mid thrust and
delivered with a powerful Lychan blow of pure intent. He pierces Juan’s flesh, digging all five talons
deep into his lower abdomen and twisting cruelly with hatred to really extend the suffering he just

inflicted. I tense and gasp inwardly at this violent encounter, suddenly stiff as a board as my emotions
bristle and I don’t recognize this person as my brother. Jasper was always so gentle.

Juan bellows at being impaled, squirms and tries to pull away as they stay connected in the worst way
and I can’t look anymore. I turn away and cover my ears to muffle out the sounds. Sudden nausea
rising inside of me as Colton finds me from behind and pulls me against him to comfort my obvious
distress. Maybe he too needed it as much as me as he wraps himself around me and holds me tight in
that safe embrace. He knows he can only watch and never intervene.

I can feel the tension in the room around me heighten as my pack tries not to react to what they are
watching. Shifting of feet, turning of heads, and I glimpse Sierra by my side as a tear rolls down her
cheek and she burrows her face against Radar’s chest. Looking for the solace in much the way I am
from her own mate. We aren’t heartless.

“Enough. Anymore and he’ll die. Darrius take him, I’ll follow.” Varro breaks the chilling atmosphere and
pouts an end to what Jaspers doing, and I breathe in relief as Darrius makes fast work of dragging his
victim away and out of the room before we can do anything about it. Hauling my brothers claws out with
a yank. Fast and efficient, stronger than most Lychan without even trying. That dark figure will haunt my
nightmares in the worst kinds of ways from here on in.

“I’ll send word when the treaty is ready. Daughter….. we will meet again in better surroundings and
pleasanter circumstances. I take my leave. Take care of yourself and my grandchildren.” Varro bows
my way and walks towards me. Suddenly all smiles and Mr Pleasant.

I flinch as an unexpected hand catches mine, raising it towards his face as he places a feather light
kiss on the back of my fingers. An old-fashioned gesture as his warm skin hits mine, his lips smooth
like my own. I blink in confusion, at both the gesture and the fact he isn’t cold like the hybrids putrid
touch was, and I’m too shocked to actually react. I didn’t expect any sort of affectionate contact,
especially not in this scenario. I’m startled enough to be mute and unmoving.

Colton shifts uneasily on his feet, pulling me backwards so we step away from Varro, drawing my
attention and sense to how much he dislikes anyone touching his mate. Even the man who is my
biological father, and I relax knowing his readiness to battle is right there lingering around me, ready to
protect me in a flash. Not that I feel Varro is even a threat. Even after what he just did to Juan.

“We’ll be waiting.” Colton churns out, that sulky tone of green-eyed monster in there, a hint of revulsion,
and all I can do is sigh. I understand his mistrust and I know he can’t help it. There’s a lot to unpack in
his feelings towards my father.

My eyes stray to the pool of thick dark blood on the floor and Jaspers still standing figure right beside it.
He’s watching us and yet his eyes keep straying to the left where I know Carmen is. He’s fighting
himself against it and instead settles on glaring at me instead. This whole thing seems surreal and
suddenly I am bone achingly exhausted and I don’t want to be here anymore. It’s starting to feel like a
dream as fatigue takes over my brain and I will for everyone to move so we can all go home.

Varro does a small scan of the room, turning lightly and nodding as though a goodbye to everyone
present. Strangely respectful for a man who runs a kingdom of beings who slaughtered our kind for the
past two decades. He’s oddly polite.

There’s a weird chill in the air, because this is the craziest night and the weirdest setting. I can’t get my
head around the fact that it’s really over and all of this somehow seems so anticlimactic. No one
moves, no one makes any kind of facial response as all eyes fix on the vampire lord as he makes his
exit in a smooth manner. Leaving without flair or dramatics, just disappearing into what’s left of the
night. Jasper flinches as he steps out the door, as though longing to follow and immediately turns his
eyes to Colton instead.

His facial expressions are tight, eyes narrowed, brow furrowed. His amber eyes glowing with his
unsettled angry mood as he locks onto my mate. Stance full on aggressive warrior, waiting for any
excuse to turn rogue.

“So…. What’s to be done with me? Don’t expect this to be an easy transition where I fall in line and
become one of your pack. I don’t recognize any kind of alpha and the only reason I’m here, is because
my true lord told me to stay and watch over my sister.”