Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 116: Loose Ends

“I expected something a little less run down, grander. Do you wolves not believe in modern
conveniences, like electricity and running water?” Varro mocks as he scans the large hall of the manor,
scoffing at its dark and drab appearance. I can’t blame him, as since we’ve been gone, this place has
fallen into some urban war disarray that I never imagined could possibly happen to this place. It feels
and looks abandoned, dust and dirt on every available surface from neglect. I have no idea what
happened and why Juan returned the valley to the dark ages.

“Funny.” Colton dismisses him with the dry tone he reserves for people liked Deacon, a wolf who once
stood against him.

“We could try find the generators and power them up.” Meadow followed us in here when we moved
and cuts in with a snappy tone, also peeved at having her home turf mocked. The other subs are here
too, those who didn’t follow Jasper in pursuit of Juan and I give her a smile and nod in answer.

“They are running and powering the security system outside. It seems the main electric is cut off
though.” Carmen is still hovering by the door, eyeing up the stranger in our midst with an air of
suspicion and watching him like a hawk. Colton isn’t too relaxed either, but weirdly, I feel like the
danger isn’t in here with us, even with Varro beside me. He has a presence for sure, of darkness and
power, but yet there’s also a sense of calm and security about him. He’s weirdly vibed.

“Juan lost interest in maintaining the valley as somewhere to live comfortably. It became an army base
and all home comforts were sacrificed as unimportant while he was busy ruining what was left of the
pack.” The bitter tone of a stray wolf who was lurking in the shadows where we left him. One of those
we first encountered when getting in here.

“We can figure something out. Come on Chica, me and you and our boys here.” Meadow clicks her
tongue at Carmen, nodding to the subs and takes off at speed to light this place up. Reading the room

and thinking maybe Varro, Colton and I need to be alone. I think she’s right. The atmosphere is
somewhat strained and Colton is tense as hell now we’re in here with my bio father.

“Cozy.” Varro raises a brow, oozing sarcasm once more.

“Remind you of home, huh?” Colton bites back impulsively and I eyeroll at his obvious show of
testosterone. Colton is in alpha mode and high on adrenaline. Right now he sees Varro as a male
encroaching his territory, rather than someone needing to be negotiated with. I sigh it out and ignore
the obvious sparks between them.

“So….. we’re here, alone. You wanted to talk, let’s do that.” I have no patience for this and the babies in
my belly are fast sucking what energy I have. It’s the middle of the night and I’m tired and hungry. I
need solutions soon so I can lead my people back out of here and see how many we lost. Then I can
eat, sleep and recover this hellish night.”

“I didn’t expect our first real meeting to be under these circumstances, and honestly, I am not sure how
to make this a little more pleasant. Getting to know one another is something I want, and I realize
tonight there are too many strong emotions and a lot of mistrust lingering in the air.” Varro strolls about,
running a pointer finger over a nearby mantle and tutting at the debris that dirties his hand.

“I’m not in the frame of mind to be talking about a father and daughter bond. My people are hurt, god
knows how many dead. Tonight is a complicated mess and they come first. If this is an end, then let us
go do what we need to do on the promise that this is truly over. Jasper will bring Juan and then I want
you to leave.” I stand my ground, irritated by my own discomfort and fatigue. My head’s a mess and
tonight I can only think of going home.

“A treaty. We meet to sign one, formally, in a few days. My own kind will want this in writing, and I
assume so would yours. I know it’s a little old fashioned, but you are dealing with an ancient species
with a flair for the dramatic.”

“Whatever. I just want this to be over. We have lost many, and I’m sick of the bloodshed and fear. I
want a future where my children will feel safe and we can stop always hiding in the homestead, fearing
the world outside our own door. If a piece of paper does that, then we can meet up and sign it.”

“It was always about my loss. I hope you can believe that and trust that this is truly over. You are alive,
and my bloodline is about to be further spread with your offspring.” Varro seems genuine and yet so
much is swirling inside of me while standing in this dirty and dark mess, that I can’t begin to unravel my

“If you go back on your word, and your hybrids rise up again….” Colton interjects, his biting tone clear.

“They won’t. As of tonight, their existence is surplus and they won’t be an issue in a few days.”

“Meaning?” Colton grinds his teeth, already knowing the answer. To him it’s vile to create your own kind
and then massacre them when not needed. As wolves who value pack above all, its not something we
can begin to understand.

“Do you want specifics? We create them for use, and we return them to dust when they are no longer
required. Hybrids will disappear from around you. I have no need for them. And without purpose, they
are rabid nuisances that create havoc for the human world.” Varro has given up surveying the dust and
is now examining his overly long and pointy fingernails on his left hand. Like stiletto shaped daggers
which I am sure have a purpose.

“Your kind are cold and heartless.” He snorts and turns away, unable to hide his feelings on the matter,
his face a picture of disgust, but Varro just shrugs.

“My kind can’t understand yours either. Living as you do. I guess that’s the beauty of our separate
species. Neither can stand in the shoes of the other or begin to understand them.”

I don’t really want a debate on Lychan versus Vampire while I’m standing here with one foot in both
rivers. It’ll only end in argument knowing how pig headed my mate can be, and Varro doesn’t seem like
a push over either.

“You were serious about my brother? You’ll leave him with me? Even if he refuses?” I break into their
conversation and try to steer the attention back to me. Determined to know for sure that I can take my
brother home.

“Yes. He’s had to live a very low-key life among my kind. Being one of our mortal enemies. Darrius
protects him well but now he has a place to go and a purpose, I want him here, watching over my child
and my grandchildren. It will be a relief to no longer shield him.”

“She has me to do that. If Jasper causes issue….” Colton bristles up, instant defensiveness and spins
around to face us once more. His mood rocketing.

“Colton! Please. Jasper needs time and patience. We can bring him home and back to the pack, don’t
be so hasty to dismiss him. He’s no threat to us.”

“Alora is right. As much as I will miss the boy after a decade of his company, he belongs by his sister’s
side. He belongs among wolves. He has become so used to our community that I fear he maybe
forgets what he is and might need some kind of rehabilitation. To remember how to be a dog!” Varro
smirks and Colton’s eyes amber ever so slightly, a scowl on one corner of that normally very pretty

“We’ll take care of him, you don’t need to worry about that. He’s my family.” I cut in to dampen the
mood and slide in between the two of them as Colton and Varro both seem to move forwards into the
clearing in the center of the room and face each other off wordlessly.

“Well then. I guess once my package is delivered, all that is needed is a time and place for our reunion.
Treaty in hand of course, and maybe some prettier surroundings. I am partial to a fine dining room with

rich cuisine. Somewhere clean…. with less dust. I’m not allergic to a little light either.”

“Seriously?” Colton snorts again, showing his severe dislike of Varro, hating his every word, and I
eyeroll. I know it’s going to take time for a born and bred vampire slaying warrior to warm to what was
ingrained as an enemy, but he needs to chill a little.

“That can be done at the homestead, as long as you leave your hybrids behind. You and Darrius come
alone.” Stern and to the point, I know the only way to deal with these two is to take charge.

“No way, Lory. Imagine the uproar if two vampires walk into the homestead. The pack will go crazy.”

“Colton, things have to change and he’s my biological father. The agreement was that he will have a
relationship with me and bring peace. The sooner the pack get used to seeing them, the better.” I reach
out and lay my palm on Colton’s forearm, feeling his tension bristling under the surface as he turns and
paces. A sign he’s itching inside for action instead of words. He hasn’t come down from his battle
fueled adrenalin high yet.

“She has a point. You better condition your mutts to be more accepting, especially if you are bringing
more hybrid vampires into their home. Who knows how your children will turn out. It’s not always a
given that the wolf gene reigns supreme. One of them might look a lot like me.” Varro winks at me, and
all I can do is elicit another heavy sigh. This isn’t what Colton needs to hear tonight.

“Doubtful. Or else Alora would have more than a set of red eyes.”

“You can never tell. My DNA is strong, and well, this is the first tri-brid mix that I have ever heard of in
my lifetime. Maybe Alora was just unlucky to pop out as a Lychan.”

I open my mouth to answer but the sudden blink blink and then blinding brightness of instant
illumination makes me flinch instead. Covering my eyes as I adjust to new light and then look around in

dismay at how badly run down this place is now we can see it fully. It’s so much worse when it can be
seen clearly.

“You have your work cut out here if you wish to bring this place back to what I assume was its former
glory” Varro points out and I frown at him in stupefaction for a moment.

“What?” I never even thought of the fact that Colton might want us to come back here, but it’s the only
solution if Juan is out of the picture. The fractured pack need to be brought back together and the
homestead just isn’t big enough for all of us. It hits me so suddenly with just a simple word from him,
that this is where our future lies. I’m not sure how I feel about coming back here after everything that’s

“Wolves are good at rebuilding. We know how to start over and thrive. I’m not worried about it.” Colton
just can’t seem to drop his defensive attitude, but I don’t blame him, even distracted by my own
thoughts. An entire lifetime of being conditioned to hate the vampires and in one night he’s being asked
to accept one as his father-in-law and be on good terms.

“The main breakers were pulled, and the fuses ripped out. An easy fix once we found them.” Meadow
appears, seemingly jovial at their accomplishments and Cesar is hot on her heels. Neither fazed at all
and at least they don’t seem as hostile and combative towards Varro as my mate is.

“The others are outside, turning on floodlights and restoring power to nearby buildings. Everyone is
waiting to find out what’s next.” Cesar drops a hint, meaning they too want to know what’s going on
now we’re all in here and the fighting has stopped. It feels surreal and not like a bloody battle was
raging outside not so long ago.

“Allow me… I suppose being clear on one thing will help your pack disperse back to their homes for
now. Juan can only hide if there are crowds outside.” Varro rubs his temple for a second, his blood red
eyes seeming to glow a bit bright and then he gives me a crooked smile when he catches me staring at

him. “Sending them off. No need for them anymore; Darrius informs me that they have Juan and are
heading our way. Sadly, his minions didn’t survive. So, it’s a solo prisoner I have to take.”

My heart sinks knowing that with the fall of his loyal, their mates too have perished, even though they
were completely innocent in this. More lives lost because of that man and yet it was unavoidable no
matter the outcome. Those wolves had to pay for their crimes and their family is seen as collateral
damage. It breaks my heart knowing we just lost more souls in this night, and it was no fault of theirs.
At least now I know Sierra will be spared if Juan disappears for good.

“Disperse the wolves once the hybrids go. Send the valley pack back to their homes, and most of ours
back to the stead. We need to find out who we lost and make arrangements for the dead. Keep only
our best sub packs here to carry out the orders tonight.” Colton is commanding Meadow, pacing
towards them and setting things in motion as I adjust to my overly bright surroundings. I’m lightheaded
and exhausted and don’t know how long I can hold on. I need rest.

“What about his dead? Are we left to clean that crap up too?” Cesar snarls at Varro and joins Colton in
that aggressive wolf glare he has going on. My heart sinks at the sight of it, knowing it was too good to
be true to have Cesar seemingly fine with our guest. I know the entire pack are going to be worse than
this in the new light of day.

“If you want me to have mine drag away the remains then so be it. It makes no difference to me. They
can work to clean up if that’s what you want, Alora.” Varro shrugs as if I am merely asking him to pick
up his used dinnerware after a meal.

“You’re kidding right? By sunup they will turn to ash and no longer dirty our valley. Make the living ones
leave and give my pack some piece of mind. The last thing we need is your vermin crawling all over our
fallen brothers and sisters.” Colton snorts, his eyes staying amber as the thought of how many we lost
lingers in his heart. His whole aura changing to that of regret and heartbreak.

“Cole, Radar is incoming with…” Cesar cuts in, obviously linked to his buddy on a one to one, and
Colton stiffens all over. His mood nosediving and I sense the instant hesitation in him. Despite
everything that’s happened I always knew this would be the hardest moment for him. They are bringing
his father to us, to be handed over to the person who will oversee his death. Whether now or in ten
years, this will be the last time Colton ever lays eyes on him.

“Tell him to bring him here.” Colton’s voice deflates and his tone is huskier than normal. The emotion
hitting him hard as he too knows this will be a goodbye, no matter what is going to happen to Juan. I
suddenly feel sick and hurt for him. Knowing how confused he must feel inside.

“Oh, the fun begins. I hope you don’t mind my bringing in my right-hand man. Darrius will take charge
of our hostage once he’s handed over. Don’t want an escapee I might have to chase down again in
these newly peaceful lands.” Varro’s chipper tone and almost joking dialogue sits heavy on me, and
get’s only glares in response from my sub mates.

“What are you going to do with him?” Meadow pipes up, cutting the tension with her sharp question.
Hand on her hip and throwing Varro some serious shade. I can feel the distrust, subtle contempt,
among all of them. The vampire in our midst isn’t being welcomed at all but they know better than to
show open disrespect given the circumstances. They are behaving for the sake of peace, but not one
of them has anything but hatred in their hearts for this species.

“Death eventually, but who knows. I have a lot of pent-up aggression over the loss of my love and
child… I have two decades worth of anger directed his way.” Varro is completely uninterested in their
obvious dislike and goes back to admiring his nails.

“Not here. If you kill him then do it far away from us, we don’t need any more blood of our kind here. I
don’t want to tarnish these walls anymore than they are already.” Colton turns away, hiding the conflict
of his facial expressions and I sense his intense pain.

“I thought some of you would happily stand and watch an execution? No?” Varro smirks, knowing fine
well this is cutting my mate deep, and Colton turns and walks off; holding himself in check as his
emotions start to unravel. I know he’s conflicted. It’s only natural given that he once loved and idolized
his father. I can’t even begin to understand what he feels, even though I too am getting a small amount
of it.

“Some of us would, but as he was our alpha, it’s not right.” Meadow comes to my side and links her
hand in mine, pulling me to her side and throws a wary glance Colton’s way.

“Here!” The main doors are thrown open, disrupting us, as a heavy figure is tossed into the center of
our haphazard group. It’s so fast it catches me off guard and we all stare as Juan’s bound figure slides
across the floor in a dramatic fashion. Sliding to an abrupt halt, as he stops in an almost center stage
area of our clearing.

Bound and gagged, wriggling for his freedom and yet the only emotions coming from that pitiful figure
are rage and disgust. I can taste it even from here. He has not a single ounce of remorse or regret.
There’s no fear in what’s to be done to him but rather outrage that we would treat him this way. Juan is
insane. I just can’t believe he hid it so well for so long while we all lived under his reign.

Darrius walks casually towards Varro and gives him a low bow. Bending and staying put as a sign of
respect and I get the chills from his presence in a way Varro has never caused. Darrius is definitely the
kind of vampire you know the horror stories originated from. He doesn’t have to do a thing to be

“The witch held up her end of the bargain. She said she will come to Ladrikmorra for payment in a few
days. She isn’t needed here anymore.” He straightens up, still keeping his eye son the floor much like
our pack does to me and Colton.

I blink at Darrius in surprise and then glance at Meadow in confusion. It would be nice if the witch told
us goodbye at least, or some sort of debrief after helping us these past days. She can’t just have left
without so much as a ‘see ya’. It actually angers and hurts me to know she just finished her task and
left without a word, as though we meant nothing to her.

“Leyanne never changes. Swoops in to do the bare minimum when she feels others are being blatantly
thick, then leaves without a word, off to another adventure. Don’t expect sweet farewells or tears, Alora.
That witch is three thousand years of bad mood and loner attitude. Be glad she did anything to help or
was pleasant in anyway. She is notorious for not giving any kind of rat’s ass.” Varro casts me a smile
that doesn’t meet his eyes and waves away my frown as though I am being too sensitive to this.

I’m a little gutted, because I thought we meant more than this. This isn’t even truly over yet officially,
and she just swoops off into the darkness before sunup.

“To the problem at hand. Now, what are we going to do with you Mr Santo?” Varro turns his full
attention to Juan, eyes locking on his prey as they glow to an almost unreal red that finally sends the
shivers through my soul. A change in his features as he scans his prey properly and the whole room
around us turns deathly silent.