Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 109: NO

My energy blows out like an explosion and takes everything in its wake with it. Uncontrolled due to my
sheer fear, mounting hysteria, and suddenly time ceases to cling on in the slow mo. Wooosh, the clock
restarts and everything in my wake is thrown wide like the after implosion of a nuclear bomb.

Sierra, Radar, the bullet and Juan are all catapulted away from me with force. Flying into a chaotic
crash landing of limp bodies against the far wall behind the bed, taking a pillar and the canopy with it, in
a crashing chorus of thuds and growls. It’s a monumental fallout from something that I didn’t mean to
deliver so viciously.

I have no idea where the bullet has landed or if I manage to set it off course and I scramble forward to
unravel Sierra from the mess of bedding and debris around her, shielded by the hunched over wolf
form of Radar. Even in freefall eh somehow managed to cling to her and protect her as they went

I sense Juan pulling himself up, slightly dazed, from my left, against the wall and throw another energy
ball of anger his way that throws him another few feet towards his subordinates. Concentrated despisal
in a specially wrapped package just for him and the crunch of his bones as he collides with a dresser
gives me some deep satisfaction.

“Stay over there and don’t try that again! Next time I will throw you out the window!” I snap at him,
appeased with the ashen look of disbelief and pain etched on his face as his nearest minion helps pull
him to his feet. His body already beginning to heal and confirm this room is protected from the weapon
against his own people out there. I don’t think he expected my reaction or my ability as he has never
really seen what I can do since I left the Manor many moons ago. I turn away form him in disgust, more
than confident he’s too startled for a repeat right now.

“Sierra, are you okay? Radar, what about you?” I scurry towards them, Carmen on my rear as the
Luna’s guard move with us and form a shield in a semi-circle while facing all eyes on the other wolves

in the room. I get to the two huddled figures as a groan is let out and Radar seems to roll to his side,
revealing a completely unharmed Sierra in human form as she pulls herself up into my awaiting arms. I
give her a brief hug, the relief sweeping through my body like a wave of warm euphoria.

“Now, now, Juan, what kind of cowardly attempt was that? A gun? Silver bullets? Really…. Oh, how the
mighty have fallen. Are you that desperate to win, even if you die with her?” Leyanne mocks him from
her position where she was already, unmoved and unphased and then smirks at the pathetic figure as
he finds his feet to face her. Despite all the mess around us, she is like a statue of perfect posture in
the midst and only brushes herself down to rid the falling dust form her black attire.

Radar draws my attention with another groan, this time a whimper in its core, and the sudden scent of
blood pulls my eyes to him in alarm. The unmistakable scent of our own kind.

“Radar?!?!” Sierra must smell it too and is faster than me to click on what’s wrong. Pushing me aside
so she can move to him and throws herself on the ground to kneel beside him as he returns to human.
His shoulder is covered in red oozing stickiness as it pours from a fresh wound and starts dripping on
the floor at an awful rate. Now that he’s a fraction of the size as a person, the amount of blood is
alarming and clear as day on human skin. Dark and oozing as his skin pales out.

“Oh my god….. the bullet hit you?” Sierra wails, and hauls him to a sitting position, eyes scanning his
body for more damage and then focuses back on his shoulder as tears prickle up in her eyes. I shudder
in shock and follow suit to dive down beside him, pulling his body against me too and examine the
bullet wound in despair. I can’t see it inside as it’s deep, but there is already swelling with a faint blue
tinge from a combo of the two properties on earth which can harm us.

“The bullet was silver, and I can smell wolfsbane, we need to get it out or he won’t heal.” I command at
my Rema, needing her to help me so I can lay him down and find something to get the shrapnel out.

“Move…. Worse than not healing, he can die…you know it’s a lethal combo and doesn’t take long to
become irreversible. I’m sure Radar knows that more than most.” Leyanne is quick beside us, taking
her eyes off Juan who is no longer my main concern. Radar closes his eyes, his expression becoming
calm even in pain, and oddly still, and I wonder if he’s reminiscing about the scar to his face and his
near death from this same poison in the war back then. My heart aches for him that of all the wolves,
he’s the one to experience this again.

“That was the point!” Juan cackles out loud, sounding demented and not like the Alpha I once trembled
before. I think he really has lost his mind and his sole purpose in luring us up here to this space was to
kill his own son even if all four of us died with him. He knows he’s defeated and that was his last straw.
He can’t win against the army of vampires nor can he take down the fractured pack on our side, so he
chose the cowards end of vengeance and suicide to feel like he won. He really has fallen from grace
and given up on any future.

It pulls my focus for a second as I flicker round to glance his way and the room erupts in seconds
before I have a chance to blink at him. The minions who seemed lifeless and subservient spring up,
almost as though they have been waiting, and fly at my guards. Juan turns in a flash to huge and fierce
wolf before lunging straight towards us and the glow of many amber eyes in the dark are only outshone
by the show of white teeth gnashing our way.

“Move” I push Leyanne harshly towards Radar so that she falls over on top of him and throw my hands
up with a fiery glow of energy, pulsating in a second, thrust his way as a counteract and barely manage
to keep myself upright with the kickback of my own sudden power throw. It’s a frantic attempt to shield
and yet it’s effective even if I lose control.

The room implodes. Wolf against wolf and his men do not seem to be affected by the frequency
downstairs the way the others were. I wonder if this room has sound dampeners that stop them being
hit with the frequency outside. It would explain why they settled to sit in here and wait, even with so
few. It was his only fighting chance, to weaken us as we came here while he sat with full powers and

energy in a bid to tilt the balance. Colton not coming was the only part he didn’t plan. He must have
known we would show, or that the vampires were coming, and I wonder if it was chance and they stay
here endlessly waiting, or if this was all preconceived and he knew it would be tonight.

I try to keep my head as all out aggressive warfare erupts around us and Leyanne and Sierra pull
Radar’s body to the corner to tend to his excessive bleeding. I focus on Carmen who is in the thick of it
and fighting fearlessly alongside the guard. She would be better downstairs still dealing with the
frequency for our wolves outside and yet I can’t get near her to tear her away and send her back down.

“This is going to sting…. A lot. Bear down” Leyanne’s voice cuts through the noise of snapping teeth,
snarls, growls, swiping claws, and breaking furniture and I’m torn about what to do in this moment.
Carmen jumps up in the air and delivers a pounding fist to the top of a skull, giving her all, yet it’s all too
compact and muddled for me to effectively help with my power. Bodies and fur flying everywhere at the
speed of light and I’m stuck between them and the efforts to save Radar. My head scrambles for a plan
and yet my eyes are consistently drawn back to Juan in the muddled battle before me.

“Stay with me, Radar…. You’re going to be okay.” Sierra’s soft voice claws at my heart with evidence of
her panic and tears as she hauls Radar’s upper torso onto her lap and cradles his head against her
abdomen to help hold him steady. He has his eyes closed from the pain of what to us is a toxic venom
flowing through his body and sweat is collecting across his skin surface rapidly. “You said you would
stay by my side for the rest of my life….. you can’t break that promise, you hear me?” Sierra begins to
sob as Leyanne pulls out a sheathed dagger, ornate with inlaid jewels in the exquisite handle from
somewhere under her cloak and begins to cut out the silver bullet. Slicing into his skin with the focus of
a professional surgeon and doesn’t seem squeamish at all with what she’s doing.

Radar lets out a muffled groan and twitches as the blade cuts deeper, and he clings to Sierra’s arm as
he tries to stop himself from tossing around. The witch is digging around to find it with the tip of the
blade and I can’t bear to stand here doing nothing.

Carmen…. downstairs….go back to what you were doing! We need to disable the frequency. I link her
across the room and with a subtle woosh and push of my energy balls I manage to separate her from
the wolf she is clinging to while delivering a vicious claw stab to his shoulder. She seems startled for a
second and then reads me loud and clear and takes off without hesitation, dodging wolves and heads
back for the door. Her eyes focused on her direction and I turn to check on the three huddled figures.

Juan follows my gaze, catching the corner of my eye with his sudden halt in fighting and I can sense
his urge even form here. He let’s go of one of my guards that he had by the fur off his neck and takes a
running jump towards me in my standing position. I lift my hands in readiness knowing he’s no match
for my ability to throw out a shield to hit him, but he heads straight for the back of Leyanne and I miss
him by mere millimeters.

Sierra seems to sense it too and looks up in time to see him coming down on the back of our witch with
claws extended and a definite desire to impale her. I gasp a loud Noooo and turn in an attempt to
intervene, but Sierra does it for me. Jumping up and changing mid air she hits him head on in a
clashing collision of mass, and send shim hurtling backwards with her smaller self-clutching like a
leech. They tumble backwards, roll across the floor through broken despair, swiping two wolves off their
feet as they take out their legs and end up crashing into the edge of a wardrobe nearby. The crunching,
cracking sound of bones snapping and then they come to a dead halt. A moment of pause before the
real fight begins.

“Sierra! No!!” Radar yells at the top of his lungs, almost deafening me as it also comes through the
pack link in amplified unison. My brain almost explodes with the ferocity of his despair.

I’m after them in a second, heading her way, but Sierra and Juan are fast and seem to recover so
quickly, they lock on in a grappling fight and she’s hauled to her hind legs to meet him eye to eye.
Fierce meets fierce and even from here, unable to do anything while they are close together like that, I
can taste her desire to end this with him. Sierra has finally come to meet the man who kept her locked

up for a decade and my heart plummets and knees weaken as she turns her head slightly to me with a
strange still calm to her aura.

I know we’re not bound anymore. I’m a witch remember. Some things I just know and being a seer
meant you would never be able to hide it from me. Take care of my son and my grandbabies. I love
you. Now get out, all of you. This is between us.

Sierra’s voice rips through the link, silencing everything, and my blood and heart stop cold in my body
as I am gripped by the fear of her words. Strangled instantly with emotion, choked to a rooted spot and
yet not shock…because somewhere deep down I already knew this. I could feel it in her earlier, her
aura changed, her warrior stood up, and in my heart I already suspected. I wanted to ignore it and have
hope she would cling to life to protect us, but now it’s suffocated down and I am faced with the fact that
Sierra came here to end Juan and die in the process.

She knew….. We shouldn’t have unbound her. She already figured it out. Oh my god, she