Rejected Mate and Following Fate - Awakening Book

Chapter 122: Carmen and Jasper

“Baby, we should get up.” Colton rolls over in bed and drapes his arm across my abdomen lightly.
Snuggling up close after one of the best night’s sleep I have had in a long time. I’m so relaxed it feels
like I’m floating in a happy cloud.

It felt like it had been forever since we had real intimacy like this, time alone to relax and curl up without
any need to get up. Now that early morning patrols for vampires are a thing of the past, Colton has
been trying to get used to sleeping late with me and adopting lazy morning routines while I’m pregnant.
We know they won’t last after these babies arrive. A future of broken sleep and tiny demands, so we
are making the most of the time we have left.

“Hmmmm” I murmur sleepily and bury my face under his chin, pressing bodily to that chiseled torso as
he wraps his arms around me. “Five more minutes” , I revel in his warmth and close my eyes in a bid to
doze back off.

The sun has been up a while and the daily noises of Lychan life outside has been getting louder for the
past hour. I know Colton wants to start his day and go see what needs his attention, but I have other
plans. The growth of our offspring is exhausting and the need for sleep has been steadily increasing
with the passing days. No more stress about wars and invasions pulling my brain around, means I can
focus on doing nothing.

“How about I energize you with some exercise? Wake you up a little.” Colton nudges me suggestively
and snakes a hand down my back smoothly, to cup my butt, and pulls me groin to groin. A little bump
that startles a small laugh form me. Sexy time has been off the table for a while given how fragile he
deems me and it’s a nice surprise to find him willing to bring it back.

My hormones have most definitely missed that kind of contact with my normally oversexed mate.
Hating that his protective nature trumped his hornier side. A smile breaks across my face and I tilt my

head back, instantly wide awake and raring to go. I wouldn’t say no to that kind of exercise with my
hunky boy.

“I’m game if you aren’t going to get all weird and cool off two minutes into foreplay.” Like every time I
initiated sex before thoughts of babies hit his brain.

“Doc assured me that as long as we’re not overly wild that it’s perfectly safe. Just don’t expect
acrobatics or crazy antics. Slow and gentle is what I can deal with.” He kisses me on the forehead with
a soft grazing of lips.

“Shouldn’t I be the one saying that?” I laugh at him, amused by his cuteness, but our moment of
progress is short lived. I don’t get to inch closer or return the kiss.

Alora, get your butt down here. Carmen and Jasper are about to kill one another. She is in making all
kinds of noise and attracting viewers.

Meadow’s urgent tone of despair hits us both in the pack link and Colton groans, letting me go and rolls
onto his back once more. That change of atmosphere and the buzz between us dies an instant death
when duty calls.

I’m deflated and know that I won’t get that moment back anytime soon, especially not with world war
three about to break downstairs. All it takes is Carmen’s super shriek and we have to reglaze the entire
homestead again

“Your brother…… your adopted sister….. why am I not surprised?” Colton exhales, his tone unamused.
Over the last few days since what seemed like progress between them, has seen Carmen putting
Jasper through his paces and refusing to relent in any kind of way. Bickering, standoffs, and even
outright verbal fights over the dumbest things.,

She’s punishing him for his rejection of her, even though he’s made it clear he has changed his mind
on that front now he’s living here and seeing her every day. Carmen just can’t back down.

“Maybe this is the tipping point and she finally gives in!” I shrug and troll off the bed, grabbing the
nearest robe so we can go stop mayhem. I have been waiting for the eruption that might finally break
the ice.

“Or maybe Jasper will up and leave because let’s face it, Carmen is hard work.”

I glare at Colton with a ‘don’t even say it, or bring up the past’ and make it clear his next sentences
better not be in reference to the fact he used to date her. I may love the girl, but I don’t like any kind of
reminder that Colton knows her in ways that I don’t. I’m not the jealous type normally but these baby
hormones have made it a touchy subject lately.

“Carmen is someone I love. Don’t utter another word, Santo. I’m pregnant and prone to tears and
rage.” I warn and haul on my robe and slippers before marching ahead of him to get out first. Ignoring
the looks he throws my way and sticking my chin in the air to highlight my slightly annoyed

Colton has the sense to silently follow at speed and we make our way down the stairs and to the main
hall, where we hear the arguing and smashing of what might be a vase.

“Stop! Carmen, please…. You’re being a complete psy…….” Jasper’s pleading tone leads us to their

“Don’t even!!! I dare you…finish that word and you’ll see exactly how bad I can be!” Carmen screeches
at my brother and it’s almost to the level that her gift kicks in but not quite. Everyone watching the show
still winces though and I cover my ears and throw my mate a look of despair. I hope she doesn’t kick off
because I already have the start of a headache.

“What’s going on. Jesus Christ, you two.” Colton rubs his forehead, clearly, it’s too early in our day for
this and the glare from alpha sends all the watchers crowding the hall running off to get back to what
they are supposed to be doing. They know better than to stick around when drama erupts.

“Carmen, what’s going on?” I interject while pushing past him to stand between the sparring duo.

“I’m rejecting him BUT he just won’t listen or accept it. He can’t understand why on earth I would refuse
the mate bond….like is he really that dense?” She throws her hands up in the air, waving them around
and turns to pace off. My own mood frizzles, and this brings on the fatigue with extra oomph.

“I didn’t say I don’t understand. I get it. I rejected you and made life hell for both of us. I know you’re still
hurt and mad and trying to punish me. Do you forget that imprinting tells me everything I need to know
about you and how you deal with things? I know why you’re being like this.”

“Oh my god. I’m going back to bed.” Colton turns and shakes his head, looking like he really intends to
take off and leave me to deal with this alone. Passing Jasper with a ‘you’re on your own’ grimace and
pats him on the shoulder in a show of bro like solidarity. Lately these two have bonded and started to
become friends.

“One step and you’ll be mateless for the foreseeable future.” I warn sternly. There’s no way he’s
escaping this.

“Babe?” Colton relents, giving me the puppy dog eyes but I thrust my hands on my hips and head nod
towards my brother. Colton obediently walks back to his side and slumps down on the bottom step
beside him with a groan. He knows when not to test me and this is one of those moments.

“Carmen, stop tantrumming. Come here and talk to me, like an adult. I have no idea what kicked this off
but aren’t you tired of this already?” I know I am. She gets the same no-nonsense tone and for once it
actually works on her, maybe because I really am fed up with it. She sighs heavily, turns back towards
me and wanders back with resignation. Avoiding Jaspers eye.

“I’m not going to forgive him. I’m done being someone everyone throws away. I’m no one’s forced
choice.” She glares his way, pouting like a child even though her eyes are misty and that flex of her jaw
hints at tears being close, and I have to stop the smile that tugs at my face as her emotions hit me with
close proximity. Carmen is bluffing and trying her hardest to convince herself that Jasper should go
away. Inside she’s begging him to come give her a hug and I have to stop myself from tugging her into
my own arms for one.

“And I told you that I’m sorry and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to mend things between us. You just
have to stop telling me to go away when I get within ten feet. How can I fix us if I can’t get near you to
even talk?” It’s obvious by Jasper’s despair and lack of energy that they have been quarrelling for a
while. We just came down when it hit volcanic level.

“Should have thought about that before then, shouldn’t you?” She snaps right back, venom hitching up

“Carmen, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was experiencing a lot that day, like my long-lost sister being Luna
of my enemy. I have a lot of issues, Sierra is working through with me. One being my hang ups about
this pack…… and my initial reaction to you being Santo. I’m sorry, okay. You know it’s not like it was.
I’m really trying.”

“Oh boy. Carmen, you know I love you but sometimes your stubborn is your worst flaw. Can you not
give a little and think of the happy future you can have with your destined mate if you just let him grovel
and work it out?” I implore her, with a soft smile and head tilt to the side in hopes of appealing to that
inner love she has for me. “We will be real sisters.” Technically not, but I see Jasper as my brother
regardless to my DNA.

“I’m fine on my own. I don’t need a man to be fulfilled in life. I have my pack and you’re already my

“My kids want cousins… I’m an only child. Alora has only one brother. That’s an order from your alpha.”
Colton smirks at her, not really being helpful in this situation and then stretches his legs out and stifles
a yawn with his fist. It’s obvious he isn’t invested in this scene at all. I could kick him for his obvious

“Look at how happy Sierra and Radar are, huh? They’re planning pups already, and have a cozy little
love nest picked out in the grounds. You’re just delaying the inevitable.” I try appealing in a different
way and am rewarded with a scowl from my girl.

“Radar isn’t an asshole. That’s why they’re happy!” Carmen throws her hair over her shoulder, sarcasm
fluent this morning, and once again pointedly glares at Jasper, who runs a palm down his face and
looks like he might scream. I can almost sympathize and feel his very real frustration.

“See how impossible she is?” he gestures with open palms at me, looking for someone to side with him
and I shrug.

I gesture a cutting throat, wild hand waving motion at my brother to tell him to shut up and am met with
a blank stare. These two butting heads is probably what I didn’t need to start my day.

I honestly don’t know if the fates were thinking clearly in pairing these two up like this. Both headstrong,
stubborn, and feisty tempered on a good day. It’s wall meeting wall, although jasper is obviously trying
more than Carmen is.

“I can’t take this anymore. Move. It’s like listening to toddlers fighting over a toy.” Meadow’s harsh tone
comes from behind Jasper as he is shoved ungracefully aside to allow my sassy queen to march on
over to me. She shakes her head and catches Carmen by the wrist before turning and tugging her back
again where she came from. Full on aggressive mode that I expect from med’s and she wastes no time
in hauling Carmen around.

“Here, this belongs to you, don’t leave your things lying around so carelessly or you won’t get given
them back.”

I watch in silence as Meadow literally thrusts Carmen at Jasper, so he has no choice but to catch her
before she falls and Meadow smacks carmen on the back of the head. The hostile affection she has
with carmen has always been a mystery to me, and the fact she just reduced her to an object.

“Listen you, skanky puta. I know how you’ve been hurt. I know how scared you are, and this idiot did
the absolute worst when you imprinted. Rejection is a big deal to you, and we all know you have scars.
He’s here now trying to fix that, and your pig-headed slow brain is too all up in your self to think it
through. Alora was rejected by that thick brain over there and look at them now. You love each other,
the fates made it so. Go have some crazy sex, vent your anger and then talk things out. Trust me, with
your personality I think the only way to get through to you is if he mans up and takes the crazy from you
while being banged.” Meadow again shoves Carmen into Jasper’s arms when she tries to step away
and her scowl his way seems to flick the button in his head.

“I’ll let you do whatever you want to me, in any form.” Jasper catches her around the waist and doesn’t
relent when she starts to struggle.

Meadow smirks, seemingly pleased with herself and walks off past them with a hand toss in the air as if
to say ‘laters’.

“Let me go.” Carmen growls his way, eyes ambering and even I hesitate that Meadow has this right. I
flinch and step forward to tell him to do as she says but Jasper spins her so he’s nose to nose with her.
Now she’s in his grasp, he completely changes tact and the impatient boy Is replaced with dominant
Lychan mate.

“I’m never letting you go. You can hate me, push me away, curse me out, fight me, and tell me you
don’t want me, but I’m not ever going to leave you. I’m always going to be a step away, making sure I’m

here to take care of you. Forever….. I was wrong. You’re not going to get rid of me, no matter what you
say or do.” Jasper’s voice drops to a low intimate level, and it seems weird that we are staring at them
like this. Tension sparking between them and little electrifying pulses signal through the air as the mate
bond kicks up the sexual need between them.

I turn away and motion for Colton to come to me, to give them space and he sighs before getting up
like an obedient puppy dog.

“I don’t like you.” Carmen pouts at my brother, but her venom has subsided quicker than the speed of
light. Her voice is softer, her gaze no longer amber and her posture has deflated a lot.

“That’s progress. It was ‘I hate you’ a week go. I see that as a positive step.” Jasper leans in closer to
bridge the difference in height and slides his arms around her properly, pulling her into him in a hug
even though she doesn’t return it. She struggles a little, but nowhere near the venom she had a few
minutes ago and I can see her caving now he’s touching her.

I remember how that went. When the bond was so strong that a mere touch can mess with your mood
and your head and weaken the strongest resolve. Meadow was aiming for that when she tossed her
over their like a wet rag.

Carmen doesn’t really want to reject him. She’s doing what she does and pushing people away, being
fierce so they can’t hurt her. There’s a little vulnerable girl inside who just wants someone to stand up
and fight for her, because no one has. She wants to be loved without conditions, and maybe my brother
is exactly the person who will do it. He’s stubborn for sure and realizing he wants her in his life, he
won’t give up at all. He’s someone who sticks to what he feels.

“I might dislike you for years yet. You’ll get fed up and leave.” She murmurs and I tug Colton’s hand and
try to pull him towards the breakfast room to give them some more space. Meadow is nowhere to be

seen anymore and I mentally high five her for throwing Carmen into his arms and kickstarting a real
conversation between them when overpowered by the feel of one another.

“I’m going nowhere. I swear. I’ll follow you for an eternity, even if you keep me at arm’s length and
never say a nice word to me. I’m hopeless when it comes to you and we both know this isn’t curable.
You’re mine, carmen, and I’m yours.”

“Let me go, I have things to do.” Carmen turns away from him, wavering and getting scared of it, but his
hold never loosens, and Jasper follows her face with his. He can see through it and I relax knowing that
he knows her better than anyone now and he will find a way to break through that wall.

“She’s caving.” Colton nods their way and wraps his arm around me, tugging me into his chest so I end
up cuddling him as he leans against the door frame. Watching from a distance yet not leaving until we
see where this goes.

“She was doing that before we even got here. I could feel it. She just needs that little extra push.”

“I’ll let you go and get back to work on one condition.” Jasper pushes his forehead against hers and
even though she’s refusing to move her arms from her side or hug him back, I see the way she slumps
into him with that intimate touch.

“What is that?” she plays along, no longer fueled by anger.

“You let me give you a goodbye kiss. Being this close is making me crazy and I miss that first kiss we
had way back when we imprinted. I want to feel that again.” He breaks into a devilish smile, all good
looks from our father, dimples, and a twinkle in his eye. Mr Confident comes from nowhere and slides
right in. Jasper knows he isn’t on the losing side anymore. I bet every sense he has is tuned into her
emotions and he knows she’s already his. The joy of the bond.

Carmen doesn’t respond. Her silence is unusual, and she turns her face to the side to avoid his eyes
again. Her fingers twitch as though she’s contemplating a response, or maybe trying to find the will to
say no. Jasper takes that as encouragement, and without hesitation, let’s go with one arm, to catch her
chin between his fingers and tugs her mouth to his before she can refuse.

I stiffen and wait for the chaos to ensue because she can be a volatile wolf on a good day and
pouncing on her with a kiss could end in violence, but nothing erupts. Instead, a sweet and gentle kiss
on her lips leaves her completely still and as we pause and wait with bated breath, Carmen leans back
towards him and kisses him back. A fluid, unhesitant response pulled out of her by experiencing the
intimacy form him again. She’s lost in the bond.

I almost leap out of Colton’s arms with joy, but he hauls me back and yanks me backwards with him
into the adjoining room. Pulling us out of sight and giving them privacy.

“We know what happens next. We don’t have to watch it.” He shrugs at me and continues pulling when
I try to strain back to see. I want to know they are taking it further, for sure.

“You know how prickly she can be. I have to make sure she doesn’t still send him off with a sarcastic
brush off and ….”

Colton silences my words with a kiss of our own, catching me in his arms and yanks me into him, so I
am fully under his control. Lip to lip as he plants the most seductive kiss on me, he has in a while, and I
become Jell-o in his arms. Using his own gifts of prowess to bring me back under his control.

We kiss for what feels like long minutes, tongues intertwined, hormones hitching and then a link breaks
into my mind and kills the moment dead. Using the pack link so we both get the message loud and
clear. I swear, there are times I really do not appreciate Meadow.

Chica, those two just hightailed past me on the way to Jasper’s room, looking like they’re in the haze.
Mission finally accomplished. We can celebrate a new mateship by dawn. Carmen finally broke.

I gasp in surprise, suddenly filled with warm enthusiasm and do a little jump and yay, before planting
another kiss on Colton’s mouth.

“Thank god. Can we now go back upstairs and get back to what we were doing? The haze sounds
appealing.” Colton picks me up princess style without waiting for a response and elicits a giggle from
me at his impulsiveness. Bouncing my palm on top of his head and kissing him lightly on the nose while
shaking my head at his naughty antics.

“Lead the way, lover.” I giggle as I am hoisted higher, and he doesn’t wait around for a change of mood.
Or more interruptions.

Meds, take Carmen and Jasper off any duties for a few days and leave them to get everything out of
their system.

Colton’s reply makes me snort laugh, knowing fine well this is not for their benefit but his. I think the
one who needs to get a lack of something out of his system is the mate of mine who’s hauling my ass
upstairs faster than a rocket.