Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 30

Listening to the words of these women, Wayne Shao's gloomy face slowly faded.

He leaned back on his chair with a proud face.

Firstly, Momo Soo and Fade Chen were pretending to be couple.

Second, Ross Zheng's method worked.

He drew Momo's two roommates over and beat the sense of defeat into Fade Chen.

At this moment, Momo Soo was so angry that she was about to explode.

She didn't expect her two roommates to be such gold diggers.

In order to seduce the rich and young, they betrayed her.

"Louise Lee, Diana Hu.

I see through you both now.

It is a shame to be roommates with the two of you" Momo Soo shouted.

Louise Lee retaliated and said, "Momo Soo, who are you scolding? Who do you think you are? You
cuddle with your own cousin, I bet you're a slut.

I wonder how many men have you dated." Diana Hu also quickly added, "That's right.

Just now at school, I saw you throw flirtatious winks at any males you see.

What a slut.

This slander began out of jealousy.

Momo Soo's body was shaking out of anger and she was about to charge at them.

But Fade Chen held her in his arms and whispered, "Momo, leave it to me!" Fade Chen strode towards
Louise Lee and Diana Hu.

There was a hint of panic in the eyes of the two girls, but they cleared their throats and said, "What do
you want to beat us up? Let me tell you.

I, Louise Lee, am not easy to be bullied in Bay City, my dad....." With two crisp sounds, Fade Chen
slapped Louise Lee and Diana Hu hard on their faces with a cold expression.

The two girls were stunned and stood still.

Diana Hu covered her cheek with her hands, her face full of resentment, but she dared not speak.

After all, Fade Chen was a person who dared to beat Wayne Shao.

But Louise Lee, who had always been a rich girl, was furious.

She waved her hands and grabbed Fade Chen crazily.

"How dare you hit me! i'll kill you! I'll kill you!" "Get lost!" Fade Chen roared and slapped Louise Lee in
the face once more, making the other half of her face red and swollen.

"I..." Louise Lee was still growling.

"Pow!" Fade Chen's slapping sounds did not stop until Louise Lee was silent and kneeling on her

She didn't dare to look up at Fade Chen as she was tingling with fear.

As for Wayne Shao, he did not feel hurt from looking at the two girls being beaten.

After all, he didn't really want to make friends with them.

He just wanted to use them.

Now that the two had fulfilled their purpose, it was time for him to take action.

Wayne Shao pretended to be sorry for the two girls.

He glared at Fade Chen angrily and shouted, "Fade Chen, I won't blame you for pretending to be
Momo's boyfriend.

But you were so violent to the two girls.

Shouldn't you have an explanation for this?" Fade Chen looked at Wayne Shao coldly and said, "Do
you want an explanation? Wasn't my previous explanation enough?" While speaking, Fade Chen
raised his palm.

Wayne Shao was so scared that he quickly took a few steps back, his cheek tingling faintly.

However, he glanced at Ross Zheng and saw her nodding.

He immediately said firmly, "Fade Chen, don't think you can be arrogant just because you have some

Let me tell you, I'm not afraid of you now." "Get in and beat him hard!" Wayne Shao waved his hand
and ordered arrogantly.

Ross Zheng had called his bodyguard and now that they have arrived, Wayne Shao is very confident.

However, a few seconds later, there was not a sound outside the private room.

Wayne Shao suddenly panicked and asked hurriedly, "What's the matter? Where are the bodyguards?"
Ross Zheng was also confused and did not know what had happened.

She had to get up and walk out.

"They should be here.

I'll go out and have a look." The bodyguards had not yet arrived, and Wayne Shao felt helpless now.

He moved back and looked at Fade Chen in panic.

Fade Chen snorted, folded his arms and stood aside.

"Coward!" "You.." Before Wayne Shao got angry, Ross Zheng came back fuming with anger.

"Mr Shao, the bodyguards were stopped by the restaurant staff and quarrelled at the front door.

Their boss affirmed that visitors were not allowed to bring weapons into the hotel." "Not allow my *ss?
Who is he to stop me! Ask the boss to come see me." Wayne Shao was furious because of Fade
Chen's slap.

He had waited long for the bodyguards to come and help him take revenge, only to be stopped by an

This made him extremely furious.

He picked up a few plates and smashed them on the ground.

As soon as Wayne Shao finished speaking, the door of the private room was pushed open, and a frail
man in his thirties came in.

The man narrowed his eyes and looked at Wayne Shao.

He snorted and said, "I am the boss.

Are you the one causing trouble in my hotel?" Wayne Shao glanced at the boss and shouted
arrogantly, "It's me.

Let go of my people immediately, otherwise, I...." "Slap!" With a crisp sound, the boss stepped forward
and slapped Wayne Shao hard on the face.

He shouted coldly, "Otherwise what?!" Being slapped again, Wayne Shao was furious and shouted,
"Do you know who I am? How dare you hit me.

Believe it or not?! I will shut your premises down." "Really?" The frail boss snorted, crossed his arms,
and challenged, "I am Darren Hong, and I'd like to see who can stop my business from running." "My
father is Tim Shao of Majestic Hotel.

I'll make a phone call to him and he'll." Wayne Shao roared, but he paused midway.

He looked at the boss and realised, "You, you said your name is Darren Hong.

Darren Hong, the Monkey King of the North Bay City?" "Why, do you know me now? Do you still want
to smash my things?" The boss sneered.

"How would I dare?!" Wayne Shao smiled politely, his forehead was covered in sweat.

"I was truly ignorant to have not recognised you, Monkey King" Ross Zheng, who was beside Wayne
Shao, was puzzled.

She pouted and said, "Who's this Monkey King? Isn't he just a small boss? Wayne Shao, why are you
afraid of him?" Hearing this, Wayne Shao trembled with fear.

He slapped Ross Zheng in the face and thundered, "Shut your mouth and apologize to the Monkey
King!" Ross Zheng was shocked and looked at Wayne Shao in a daze.

Wayne Shao's eyes turned scarlet and he said, "He is Monkey King, one of the Four Heavenly
Guardians under Uncle Long." Ross Zheng was stunned when she heard that.

She had never heard of the Monkey King, but the name "Uncle Long" echoed in her ear! Uncle Long
was an overlord in the underground world in Bay City, especially in the North Bay City.

When Wayne Shao's father came to Bay City to start his hotel business, he made time and effort to
visit Uncle Long, but to no avail.

Afterwards, Tim Shao had to utilise all sorts of connections to give 10 percent of the shares of the hotel
to Uncle Long in order to successfully open his hotel.

Otherwise, as long as Uncle Long wants it, Majestic hotel would have been shut down in North Bay
City, and even his businesses in South Bay City might be affected as well.

This was the influence of Uncle Long.

Uncle Long had four confidants, called the Four Heavenly Guardians.

And one of them was Darren Hong, the Monkey King.

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