The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 34

The Beast And The Blessed

Thirty-Four: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

I wanted to wrap her up in my arms and carry her off to bed. Even better, I wanted to carry her to the
shower, so I could strip her of her gown and touch her until she could only gasp my name.

Goddess! That was the sweetest sound of my life. I adored the way she cried out for me as I pleasured
her. Since the night of her heat, I had it playing on repeat in my mind.

The small insecure part of me wanted to confirm with her, to double-check that she wasn’t going to
walk away from me again, but I held my ground. I was still a king, even if she made me feel like a
nervous teenager.

There was one last thing that was bothering me though, and I knew exactly who it was. Natalie had
said that my jealous exes had humiliated her in front of the guests. Only one person had been lucky
enough to join me in bed and remain in court.

It was only because her father was the head of my guard that I didn’t shun her from my court when she
did what all the other women inevitably did. They tried to take the place of my queen and attempted to
hold the power that they never had in the first place over me or my people. The abuse of nonexistent
authority was laughable but was not something that I would make my people suffer through.

Those power-hungry women were always lurking around, and I tried my best to avoid them, dating very
few before finding my mate. But now I had Natalie, and I didn’t need or want anyone else.

That would be dealt with, but not tonight.

Tonight I would stay with my mate, holding my mate and forgetting about the horrors of today. The way
one of my men hadn’t just been left for dead but had been impaled against the brick wall and bitten
until they died from the poison… was more than the warning the first one had been. This one was a
declaration of war. An open attack on my people and on my land.

I just needed to find where the bloodsuckers were hiding. As soon as I did, I was going to go in there
myself and obliterate them.

I would send them back to their maker with their organs pulled out of their mouths and hanging from
their jaws.

They were too close to my people. Too close to my mate.

It would have been different if they had made the presence known and agreed to a treaty. Instead, they
attacked. Now they would *.

Natalie shifted against my side, nuzzling her head against my shoulder, and I held her tightly to me.

I had tried not to.

With every fiber in my body, I tried not to let her in.

But the pull to her was stronger than I had expected, and I could no longer imagine a life without her..
Even when she was arguing with me, I found her to be the most adorable creature on the planet. I
would take her yelling at me, every day for the rest of my life over not having her in it at all.

I had caught feelings for her.

Like a virus that burrowed deep beneath my skin and made its nest in my veins. I would never be free
of them. Resistance was futile. I knew that now.

Is this what it was like for my father when he fell for my mother? It seemed like it. He gave my mother
everything she could ever want. Before he felt her betrayal for the first time, he stared at her like she
hung the stars.

I would give Natalie anything she wanted.

She said she would have patience with me, and I was going to do everything I could to be worthy of

“Natalie,” I whispered as I heard her breathing even out, and she hummed back sleepily. “Let’s get you
in bed.”

Her clothes were on the floor by my feet, and I moved slowly to grab them so I wouldn’t jostle her too.
much. I put them under my arm, against my body, before silently encouraging her to stand by placing
my hands under her elbows. Her eyelids were low but open as she watched me closely.

I could feel the goosebumps rise over her skin as I slid my hand down to the small zipper under her
arm and began to pull it down. She held her breath but didn’t stop me as the metal piece reached the
end of its journey by her hips. I held her heated gaze, refusing to look down as I grabbed her t-shirt and
began to pull it over her head. As soon as it was hanging loosely around her small form, I dropped to
my knees.

It was something that I didn’t do for anyone. But for her, now I would. She deserved a man who would
cherish her, and I would do better to be that for her. I had been so focused on not being weak like my
father that I had forgotten to be strong for my mate. She stepped out of the dress, placing her small
hands on my shoulders as she stepped into her shorts. I could smell her desire, and while things were
better between us, I had no intention of ravaging her today, not unless she asked me to.

The horrors of the evening were burned into my brain, and I just needed her. To be with her and hold

I pulled them up her toned legs until they were in place on her hips before standing up. Her hair was
still styled elegantly, and the makeup she was wearing would need to come off, but it made me happy
to see her back in her normal attire.

“Killian,” The calling of my name sounded more like a question, and I nodded silently. “Can I try

“Anything.” My whisper was met by a smile as she push up onto the “of her feet and gently grabbed the
back of my neck. I moved with her willingly, bending down to meet her halfway as she pressed her lips
to mine. The sparks that erupted at her touch, made me growl with pleasure, and my hands on her
hips. tightened.

I wanted to lace my fingers in her hair and pull her close, but this was at her pace. She wanted to be in
control, and for the first time in my life, I was happy to relinquish it to her.

She let out a small breathless moan as she leaned into me, and I gripped her hips tighter as I enjoyed
her taste and the sounds of pleasure that she quietly let out as my tongue met hers.

The little temptress. My little temptress.

She let out a sigh of disappointment as I pulled back, enjoying the pout on her face as she blinked up
at me slowly as if she were coming out of a daze.

I couldn’t help myself as I leaned down and kissed her nose quickly before looking away. I felt my
cheeks and ears heat up. From the corner of my eye, I watched as her smile widened, and I cleared my
throat loudly.

The disruptive sound broke the tension, and she let out a giggle that had my beast purring with
happiness as I turned toward the bed.

She ran her hand over the smail of my back as she walked by and whispered softly, “Thank you”.

I cursed the thick fabric of my suit that blocked me from being able to enjoy her touch. As she made her
way to the bathroom, I rid myself of my clothing, feeling her eyes on me the entire time.

Everything felt so right that I felt almost out of place in my own bedroom as I pulled back the covers
and crawled into bed. I could hear the water running as she washed her face, and my body remained
stiff, unsure of what to expect when she came out.

My mind was telling me to just enjoy the moment, the happiness, and the comfort. But my body was
telling me that everything that could go wrong would and that I was making a mistake. I was giving her
the power to destroy me.

“You are thinking very deeply.” She said, but there was concern in her voice as she crawled into the
bed with me. I hadn’t realized just how tense I was until I felt my body melt at her touch. “Do you want
to talk about it?”

I rolled to my side as I gazed upon her clean face. She looked more beautiful without all the makeup.
“We have done enough talking tonight. Now, I just want to hold you.”

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