The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 36

The Beast And The Blessed

Thirty-Six: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

The butterflies in my stomach swarmed the closer I walked toward Killian’s office. I had trained. I had
showered. Now, I wanted a minute of my man’s time.

The large stained glass mural that depicted the origin story of the Lycans took my breath away each
time I saw it. But as I walked past this time, I didn’t bother sparing it a glance. I had one thing, and one
thing only on my mind.


He had gone from being someone who brought me incredible frustration to even think about, to a
complete obsession. The entire time I was training, I was picturing Killian’s eyes, his smile, his body,
his hands… his touch, and his lips.

I worked as hard as possible, driven by the need to go see him. He would be working. He would be the
king that he wanted me to get used to and accept. This was the perfect chance for me to prove to him
that I could accept him as the man and the king.

My shadow was trailing behind me, per usual, but even Tobias seemed happier as he walked with me
to my mate’s office. He stopped several paces back, with his back against the wall as he scanned up
and down the hallway.

I wanted to dismiss him so I could have some time alone with Killian, but I knew that he wouldn’t go
anywhere during his shift unless someone replaced him. I also knew that he wouldn’t be able to hear
anything from inside the room with the doors closed. Killian would be working, and I could sit silently

and spend time with him. Maybe I would bring a book next time and read while he worked so I wouldn’t
annoy him with my questions, or perhaps he could start teaching me about what he does, so I could
help him and take some of the weight from him.

That didn’t mean that I wasn’t hoping for more to happen. After our kiss last night, I was wound tight.

My knuckles rasped against the hardwood of the door, and I was relieved that I had beaten Joselin
here. I just had to hope that she wouldn’t pop in during anything scandalous.

The door was pulled open, and Killian’s arm wrapped around the small of my back as he pulled me
against his body with a smile that made my heart stutter. I beamed right back at him as he leaned down
and stole my lips in a kiss that had my breath catching in my lungs as the door slammed shut behind

My hands slid up his shoulders as his tongue met mine, and the loud moan I let out caused me to blush
in embarrassment as I pulled back. I sounded as needy and desperate as I felt. Then again, I was
ready to do anything to feel his touch.

My first thought had been a bit too bold for my sober mind. But as I looked past him to his desk, I
couldn’t help but wonder what his reaction would be to me sitting in one of the visitor’s chairs free of
clothing. Would he mind as I placed my toes up on his desk, spreading my legs for him as I slid my
hands between my legs? Would he enjoy watching me touch myself in front of him? The low growl that
came from his throat had me clearing mine as I looked down. Did I dare to be as bold as I was during
my heat? We had just started over, so perhaps we needed more time to get to know one another
before jumping into sex.

“I can smell your desire, Little One. Was that why you came here?” His question took me by surprise,
but it was the rapidly hardening member in his suit pants that had my attention.

“No, I just wanted to see you. I know you are working. I thought maybe I could just quietly sit with you
while you worked, or help if you need me.” The fingers of my right hand lifted. And I ran them over his
jawline gently, my gaze following the path over the light layer of stubble there, before I looked up to
meet his hazel eyes.

He looked warmly down at me, and the small fear in the back of my mind that everything would go back
to the way it was before disappeared. This wasn’t the cold and cruel king who wanted nothing to do
with me. This was the man who wanted me around.

“I am working,” He said as he pulled away, turning his back to me and walking back to his chair. I let out
a stabilizing breath as I followed after him slowly, placing my hand on the back of one of the visitor’s
chairs as I moved around it. “But that does not mean that I cannot make time for us.”


I felt myself internally swoon at the word and bit my lower lip to hide the ridiculous smile that was
threatening to break free. His hand patted his thigh as his heated stare roamed over my body.

The confidence that flooded my body as I moved around his desk obediently encouraged me to be bold
as I approached him. While he seemed to expect me to sit sideways on his lap, his eyes lit up when I
placed one knee on either side of him on his large chair.

It was a tight squeeze, and his hands grabbed my hips to steady me. My short pants of excitement
matched the low growl of pleasure he let out as I leaned in and bit his lower lip, pulling on it slightly
before speaking softly against his mouth. “How much time do you have for us right now?”

My hips were still bruised from our time together a few nights ago, but as his hold on me tightened, I
fucking loved it.

“As long as you would like.” He responded before kissing me deeply, letting go of my hips with one
hand and lacing his fingers through my hair to pull me in closer.

The summer dress I had put on was confirmed as the right choice as he moved his other hand down to
my thigh, sliding it under the fabric and massaging my leg. His fingertips danced along the edge of my
panties, moving closer to my center each time.

I knew if I were to grind against him now, even with the thin fabric between us, my wetness would get
on his pants, and everyone would be able to see it. There was already no way to hide my smell from
the wolves, but I didn’t need the added embarrassment of them seeing that I had been grinding against
him like a bitch in heat.

My hands slid down his chest as he began to trail kisses over my neck. I panted with need as I found
the button and zipper of his pants and set him free. He lifted me slightly as his hips rose, and he
clumsily wiggled his pants down beneath me as I cupped his large cock, stroking it gently and

“Killian,” I moaned out as he sat back, and I removed my hand, sliding my panties to the side and
adjusting him so he lay between the wet lips of my pussy. His eyes glowed red as I ground against him,
sliding back and forth as my head dropped back in pleasure.

I knew he needed it as much as I did as I pulled back, reaching between us to line his tip up with my
entrance. As soon as he was there, he gripped my hips, slamming me down on top of him, and I
gasped loudly. “Fuck! Yes!”

He wanted control, but he was in no position for it. My nails dug into his back as I held myself down on
him, clenching my walls around his large cock as I began to grind against him once more.

My clit rubbed deliciously on his pelvis, and I felt myself building quickly. If

I hadn’t been there myself a couple nights ago, I would have thought that it had been years since we
had last had sex with how quickly he was getting me there.

I leaned forward, stealing a kiss before resting my forehead against his as I felt him lift his hips,
matching the pace I had set. There was something about this man that made me lose my mind. It could
have been any number of things really, but the more I had of him, the more

I wanted.

It was an odd thing, to know that the man that currently had me on the brink of a mind-blowing orgasm
had been nothing but a stranger a few weeks ago.

Yet as he growled louder and thrust harder, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

“Natalie,” he growled out as the glowing red of his eyes scanned over my


before looking down at my neck.

Mark me.

He continued to move with me as I felt myself building higher toward my orgasm. The friction against
my clit pushed me over the edge as I tightened around him, moaning his name as I came on his cock.
My head fell onto his shoulder as I quivered, my body trembling from the intense high. Killian looked
away from me, pulling my hips from his just in time to come on my pussy before letting me sit back
down with his shaft between my lips. His canines were elongated, making his jaw look larger and more
defined as his wolf remained present. But his teeth never came near me, and my neck remained bare.

“Is everything okay?” I asked, feeling nervous but calm at the same time as

I came down from my high. A high that only he could bring me to. “If you didn’t like this, we can always
take advantage of your desk next time.” My statement caused his shoulders to relax as he let out a
chuckle, but there was still tension in his eyebrows as they were pulled together. I lifted my head with a
lazy smile as I placed my thumb between his eyebrows and began to gently rub away his worry line.

“What is on your mind?” I whispered before leaning down and stealing one last kiss. Killian turned to
me, his face hardening with authority and power as he lifted me from his lap.

“Mate, there is something that I need to tell you. I received word this morning, but I didn’t know if you
would want to hear this.” The seriousness of his voice made me sit up, and I suddenly felt weird that we
were still exposed to the elements.

“This sounds serious. Let me grab a tissue and clean up first before we talk. “I looked over my shoulder
at his desk, but there weren’t any.

Killian’s hands rubbed my hips and the small of my back soothingly. “We can use the bathroom.”

I looked at him with my eyebrows raised. There was no way I wanted to walk out of this office with his
cum on me. It would mortify me to know that Tobias and anyone else I passed would smell what we
had just done. It was natural to his kind to mate and fuck. But to me, it was private. Killian pointed with
his thumb over his shoulder, and I glanced at the bookshelf to his right as he helped me stand. The loss
of his warmth was felt instantly, and I let out a soft whine of protest. He left his pants open but picked
them up over his butt as he walked toward the wall and pushed it open. The secret room made me
laugh in bewilderment, but I walked with him inside as he grabbed a washcloth from a small wooden
cabinet and wet it before handing it to me. I quickly cleaned up before rinsing it off and handing it back
to him.

Killian shook his head as he smirked at me. His still semi-hard erection showing proudly. “I quite like
smelling like you.”

“Don’t you dare!” I scolded with my eyes wide as he began to laugh before taking the cloth and
cleaning himself off.

“Now, what is it that you wanted to tell me?” I asked as I adjusted my dress and made my way back to
his office to sit across from him at the desk. “You’re old pack was attacked this morning. I have sent
men to investigate, but it seems it was more of a scare tactic. The vampires ransacked the pack, killing
only two members before vanishing into the forest again. Their scents were untraceable, blocked by
magic.” He seemed so collected and calm at the news of an attack, but I knew from his reaction to the
last two attacks, that he felt the guilt of his people being attacked. Even if they were regular wolves this

My parents flashed through my mind, and I prayed to the Goddess that it wasn’t them who had been
killed. They may have treated me poorly for the last few years of my life with them, but until I failed to
shift, they had been wonderful. I never wanted to live with them again, but that didn’t mean that I
wanted them to die.

My sister, Haylee, I could really care less about. She was just a power- hungry, lying, bitch.

“Can I go too, to check in on my parents?” I knew I could just call them, but

I was also excited that I would have the option to show them that I was something they could be proud
of now. I may not have shifted, but I was still going to be their queen one day. Surely, that had to make
up for letting them down years ago when I came home from the full moon in my skin. Killian eyed me
contemplatively, and I held his gaze, trying to show him that I was serious and determined to go.

He let out a sigh of defeat as he nodded. “Yes, we will leave in the morning.

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