The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 45

The Beast And The Blessed

Forty-Five: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

Getting the news that Joselin was preparing to summon the council had me on edge. If the vampires
found out, they would know that they had the upper hand. They would know that we were struggling.

Even worse, if the witches on the council had turned on us, we could be bringing in the enemy.

It was exactly what we wanted to avoid, but I had to trust that Joselin knew what she was doing. She
was cautious and hated to call upon them if she didn’t have to. Of all the people in the world, she hated
them the most.

It would take time for them to arrive. As much as I wished they could just pop in, very few witches had
that ability. There had only been a few who had that level of strength.

Between her power and loyalty, having Joselin take over as the royal advisor was a no-brainer. The fact
that she was my best friend just made the decision that much easier.

I looked up from my computer as my office door was shoved open. The anger of being disrupted so
disrespectfully melted away as quickly as it had appeared as my little mate walked in with her head
held high. Tobias reached in quietly and closed the door after her, giving us our privacy.

Her big doe-eyes sparkled with determination, and her pink lips pushed out as she seemed to be
contemplating what she wanted to say. I pushed my chair back and patted my thigh, praying that she
was here for more than just a conversation.

“We are soulmates, right?” She asked, and I fell against the back of my chair as I watched her, my arm
falling on the rest as my eyes scanned her over.


She let out a breath before biting her lip. There was nothing about it that signaled she was trying to
seduce me by doing so. She seemed nervous. But from the twitch in my pants, it was still having an

’I am going to be your queen?”

My head tilted to the side as an uncontrollable smile stretched across my face at the thought. I couldn’t
wait to have her ruling by my side officially, for the entire world to know that she was my one.

”Yes.” ‘You said I smelled like a wolf, so I just need something to help trigger my shift, right?”

My smile fell as my eyebrows pulled together. “Yes, my mate. What has you so bothered?”

My arm lifted again instinctively, and Natalie stared at me for a second longer before she let out a sigh
and walked around my desk. All of the noise in my head fell quiet at her touch as she sat across my lap

The attack, the impending war, and the petty trouble among my people that I was trying to balance and
take care of were locked in a box and shoved to the back of my mind.

“You’ve been distant the past few days, ever since you let me see you in your Lycan form. I know
you’ve been busy, but I just wanted to make sure that we were okay because I wanted to talk to you
about something.” I could hear the insecurity in her voice, and I knew without her saying that she was
worried that I was shutting down on her again.

Little did she know that I had already given myself to her, and she had already imprinted herself on my
heart. It was hers. All of it, and all of me. I wasn’t going to change my mind now. She was stuck with

I looked over her face, before deciding that now was as good a time as any to have this addressed.
“You were scared of me.”

Her jaw dropped open, and her eyes widened as she let out a laugh. “I was not scared!” “I could smell
it! Before I walked away, you smelled of fear.” I looked away from her with my teeth clenched together. I
didn’t want her to see just how much it was eating away at my soul. But her continued laughter, while
beautiful, was frustrating.

“Killian, look at me, so I can explain.” Her demand did little to make me actually look her way until she
pinched my chest. I turned to glare at her, but she opened her mouth to speak before snapping it shut
and closing her eyes. Her face turned red in a sudden flush, and she shoved it against my chest,
making me curious.

“Please don’t insult me by denying it. It’ll just take time for you to become used to me in that form. We’ll
work through it.” I said, wrapping my arm around her back tighter and holding her to me. If I needed to
shift around her more often, I would as long as she was comfortable with me doing so.

She shook her head, and I felt my heart drop. I had already begun compromising for her. I had given up
precious time in my days when I should be working to make sure that I was giving her the love and
attention that our relationship needed. It was only fair that she at least try to get used to that side of me.

“It wasn’t that. I swear!” She bit her lip, and I reached up and used my thumb to pull it free from her
teeth. “I was actually thinking about what would happen if we had done stuff with you like that. Then I
realized how sharp your nails were, and it freaked me out.”

Her cheeks turned an ever darker red, her forehead joining in until she was lit up like a light.

“You… You were attracted to me still?” I couldn’t get my mind around it.

Shock consumed me as I gaped at her.

’Well, you’re still you! It’s not like you were a wolf!” She began to slide off my lap, but I pulled her back
to my chest. “You were just a bit harrier than normal, and your face had only partially shifted… Oh,
come on! I feel so embarrassed now! Nothing is going to happen when you’re like that! It was just a
brief thought! This wasn’t what I even came here to talk about!”

I laughed, shaking my head as I stared down at her. She was right that nothing would happen in that
form. It didn’t mean that I hadn’t thought about it too. But the chance of me hurting her was so much
higher and not something that I was willing to risk.

’What did you want to talk to me about then, my mate?” I asked, my fingers finding the skin of her hip
where her shirt had ridden up during her wiggling, and I began to rub them back and forth.

“Killian, I…” She trailed off, her hand moving up to cup my cheek. Her fingertips trailed over the scruff
that I hadn’t had time to shave. I leaned forward, unable to resist tasting her soft flesh after not having
her for several days. Now that I knew what was going through her mind, it was all I could think about.

Kissing every now and then was amazing, but I needed more. After resisting her for so long when I first
brought her here, I still felt like I had a lot of time to make up for.

Whenever she was around, I wanted to hear her gasping my name and moaning for me as I made her
cum until she couldn’t breathe. I wanted to satisfy her to the point that all I had to do was look at her
and order for her to cum, and she would.

Her breathing faltered as I left open-mouthed kisses along her neck, licking and tasting the skin there.
Her hands tightened around my biceps as she turned to press her chest against mine, and I let out a
growl of pleasure as I could feel her hard nipples through her top.

She had come to speak to me, but as I pulled back and looked at her, I knew we would have to come
back to it. She needed a release as much as I did. The stress was too much, and I wanted nothing
more than to give my woman what she wanted.

I lifted my hand, cupping the side of her neck and lifting her jaw with my thumb until her lips brushed
against mine easily.

’I love it when you say my name.” The growl made her eyes snap open, and her pupils expanded with
desire as she licked her lips. She was just as turned on, if not more. “I was hoping you would come to
see me today.”

Her nails dug into my shoulder at my confession, and I leaned in to steal a kiss. She pressed against
me eagerly, her body twisting as she adjusted herself. I groaned in pleasure as she bit down on my
bottom lip and pulled it gently while she moved to straddle me.

“I came in here to talk to you,” She whispered as she pulled back slightly, her nose still touching mine.
“I promised myself that I wouldn’t leave here until I talked to you.” “And if I don’t want you to leave?” My
hands gripped her hips tightly as I ground against her. Her eyes widened before rolling back as she
gasped in pleasure. I could smell her arousal, and wanted nothing more than to please my mate.
“Would you like to talk now, or later?”

I was okay with either option. Whether we talked before I fucked her or after, I would still be sinking
myself deep inside her either way.

”A..After.” She muttered as her hips began to rock against me.

“Stand up,” I ordered, and a flicker of excitement flashed over her face. But she did as I asked without
hesitation. “Turn around and face the door.”

She glanced down at my lap before swallowing and doing as I ordered.

“Good girl.”

I stared at her for a moment, sensing her excitement and listening to her heart race. The curves on her
body were fucking perfect, and I stood behind her. My hands cupped her ass, squeezing it hard until
she gasped before letting them slide under her shirt and up her sides slowly. She shivered as I reached
her arms, moving under them to cup her full breasts.

Her head dropped back against my shoulder as I pulled the pad of her bra down. She rubbed her ass
against me, and I began to pinch and roll her nipples. The small gasps of pleasure made me grow
impossibly harder.

Her hair smelled fucking fantastic as I leaned down to whisper in her ear, and watched with pride as
goosebumps rose along her chest. “I have been dreaming about this, right here, since the day we met.”

Her head turned, wanting me to explain, but I bit her earlobe before pulling away, much to her

“Turn around. Now strip.” I ordered. Natalie’s eyes widened, but the smirk on her face told me that she
was enjoying this just as much as I was as she spun to face me. She started with her top, and I
followed the fabric. I wanted to memorize every fucking inch of this woman.

Once she was free of it, her bra was next, and my hands tightened into fists at my sides as I resisted
the urge to touch her. Her pebbled nipples were calling to me, begging me to put one in my mouth.

But I was distracted by her hands moving to her jeans. I fucking loved those jeans on her, but she
looked better without them.

She was taking too long, but I wasn’t going to take over. I loved that she listened to my commands. My

As soon as she was free and completely bare in front of me, I took a moment to examine her. She was
the sexiest creature I had ever seen, and I was eager to get my taste.

She licked her lips, waiting for my next command, and I couldn’t resist pressing my body against hers
as I walked her back to my desk until her bare thighs pressed against the edge. She trembled as I
whispered in her ear, and I could smell her arousal thickening.

“Such a good fucking girl. I fucking adore it when you submit to me. You take my orders so well.” “Yes,”
she whispered absently as her eyes stayed locked on my lips, but I had other plans for her. I reached
around her, swiping the papers to the side of the desk in one quick movement.

“Turn back around, baby.”

Her hand brushed over my dick as she did what she was told, and I grabbed her hip with one hand and
pushed between her shoulder blades with the other until her chest was pressed against the cold,
polished wood of the desk. I nudged her feet to encourage her to widen her stance, and she obliged.

She stayed silent as I took a step back and eyed her. She was so fucking perfect. I could see her
wetness glistening in the light, ready for me to take her. I wondered just how long she would need to
stay like that before it started to drip and run down her thighs.

That was a sight I looked forward to seeing one day.

’You have been very helpful this week, my mate. I think it is time for your reward.”

Her hips wiggled in anticipation as she looked over her shoulder at me with a heated stare. “My
reward?” “Oh, yes,” I said, watching her eyes widen as I dropped to my knees until she could no longer
see me.

I placed an open-mouthed kiss on her thigh, just under her ass before giving us what we both wanted
and licking her slit. She gasped, her body pressing into the desk harder. I grabbed her thighs and held
my face to her pussy as I began to lick and suck on her clit.

Her knees buckled as I moved back, entering her with my tongue. Her wetness was so fucking sweet,
and I thrust my tongue in her entrance several times before moving back to her clit. The moans and
gasps coming from her were growing louder with each breath, and I felt her thighs tremble as her
climax grew closer.

“Yes,” she gasped as she pushed back from the desk to get closer. I gave her more pressure rubbing
my tongue on her clit before gently biting it.

She jumped at the action as she cried out my name, and I felt myself twitch with need. I was painfully
hard, and as I stood and rid myself of my pants with my left hand, my right went back to my woman,
rubbing her clit slowly and lovingly as she came down from her high.

The rush of additional wetness from her orgasm was too much to resist. As my pants hit the floor, two
of my fingers thrust into her tight pussy. Her head lifted from the desk, facing the door as she arched
her back, trying to get closer and moving with my fingers.

She let out a strangled gasp as I pulled my fingers from her and placed them in my mouth, sucking her
juices off before sliding my cock against her wet pussy. She mewled in excitement and pleasure, and I
slowly eased myself into her.

“Do you like this, baby?” My jaw clenched as she gripped and pulsed around me like she was trying to
make this end faster than either of us wanted.

She moaned loudly in response as I pulled back and thrust into her hard, building speed with every
thrust until our bodies were slapping together aggressively.

“Mh, yes!’ Her cry of pleasure mixed with her walls tightening around me had me ready to blow. But I
held back as her legs began to tremble.

“That’s it, baby. You take me so fucking good.’ I encouraged her, and she grew wetter. The sound was
music to my ears.

’Killian,” She gasped out as I felt her reaching her climax. ’I’m so close.”

My hand moved forward, sliding up her neck and into her hair as I grabbed a fistful and gently pulled
her head back, slamming into her harder than before.


Every thrust pulled another sound from her. A moan, a whine, a gasp… it was delicious. Until finally,
she moaned my name as she came on my cock.

I gave her two final thrusts before pulling out and cumming on her ass cheek. Just when I thought she
couldn’t get any more beautiful….

I rubbed her hips as she lay panting on my desk, her body giving the occasional tremble until her heart
began to slow, and she lifted her head.

“I’ll be right back,” I promised her as I went to the bathroom and wet a washcloth before returning and
cleaning her up gently. She sighed as I wiped away her wetness and my cum from her body with the
warm fabric, pushing herself to stand once I was done.

‘We still need to talk,” She called out as I rinsed the rag again before cleaning her wetness from my
shaft with a smile of satisfaction on my lips.

”1’11 be right there, and we can talk about anything you would like.”

It only took another minute before I was back in the office, grunting in disapproval that she had put her
clothes back on and placed the desk between us. I copied her action by pulling on my briefs and pants.
As I pulled on my shirt, I raised my eyebrows at her with a smirk.

Her eyes were locked on my chest and abs, moving down my body with my hands as I continued to
button it closed.

‘What did you want to talk about, my mate?” I tried not to laugh, but it was unavoidable. My siren was

Natalie cleared her throat. She shook her head as if trying to clear it of the dirty thoughts I knew she
was having. She was still very much aroused, and if she would let me, I would take care of that.

My hands stilled, and my body froze as she spoke. 1 “I want you to mark me.”

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