The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 48

The Beast And The Blessed

Forty-Eight: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

The room spiraled into chaos as Joselin, Killian, and Charlie all began to talk over each other. I tried to
keep up, but I was so amused by the fact that it was the first time I had seen Killian in this kind of
situation. It was like they were kids again, and he was fighting with his siblings.

And he was. But even Joselin was loud and vocal about this mysterious woman… Talia.

A flash of unwarranted jealousy had spiked through me, and I pushed it down. My head shook as I tried
to clear the thought from my brain. I heard one female name, and my mind jumped to the worst-case
scenario. It was unreasonable and only encouraged me to want the mark even more. I wanted to know
that he was mine and only mine, and I wanted to be only his.

“She was ready to tear the fucking castle down when she left!” Charlie shouted as Joselin jumped to
her feet until all three of the ‘siblings’ were leaning in close to yell over the other. I sat back in Killian’s
chair as I watched them fight across the desk.

“If anyone is going to be drawing blood, it will be me. I still want to skin that bitch!” My eyes widened as
Joselin slammed her palm down on the desk, her hair flying away from her face, and the black lines
along her body vibrated rapidly.

“She was bitter and angry at the time, but I’m sure when she gets here, she will have moved past
everything. It’s been almost a decade!” Killian insisted, the tip of his large index finger pressing down
on the desk where my hips had previously been. My eyes stayed locked on the digit against the
hardwood as he tapped the surface again.

Maybe it was because of how badly I wanted my mark, to officially be Killian’s mate. But I resented that
he spoke with a fondness that hinted at an emotional connection to this mysterious woman.

“She was vindictive!” Joselin snapped before turning and walking to the open area of the room behind
the chairs to pace back and forth. The three of them fell silent as they all stood up straight, the two
siblings turning to watch the witch. “If anyone turned against us, it would be her.”

Killian’s shoulders dropped, and I stood from his seat and placed my hand on his back.

‘We need a plan. Some way to test their loyalty without letting on that we are suspicious of them. The
last thing we need is a group of angry witches running free through the castle.” Killian moved until his
chest was pressed against my back, and he wrapped his arms around my waist as he rested his chin
on my head.

“I have an idea, but I would need to make a few renovations to the entryway. I have never tried it this
way before, but I have read about it.” Joselin paused as she let her head fall back in contemplation.
“We don’t know if we can trust anyone. I was considering this for those that had been infected, but I
would need to do more research.” ‘Can you be any more cryptic? Out with it already.’ Charlie muttered
as she slouched down into one of the visitor’s chairs.

“I want to use a trapping rune in the foyer. I will have to make some adjustments to the casting, so it
applies to the living and not just demons. We can use it to trap anyone who has been working with the
other side.” Joselin muttered, and I could see the wheels spinning in her head.

“And the council won’t take personal offense because it will apply to everyone and won’t target them
specifically.” Charlie agreed before her eyebrows squeezed together. “Can you make the necessary
adjustments and have it ready before the council arrives?” ‘It’s going to take some time to figure it out.
I’m not even positive it is possible just yet. I need to do some research.” Joselin said before flickering
out of the room.

Charlie stood up, letting out a deep breath, seeming more relaxed with the council coming for their visit.
As she began to walk away, Killian’s voice rang out, making her freeze.

‘The next time you have a problem with how I am running my kingdom, you can talk to me in private. I
have put up with your public displays of disrespect long enough. It ends now.” Killian’s low and
threatening growl had Charlie’s eyes widening slightly before anger took over, and she glared at her
older brother.

The woman turned on her heels, storming toward the door when Killian spoke again. “Oh, and Charlie?
You have a lot to say about stupid decisions, but don’t think I am blind to the bear shifter that has been
hiding in the forest just outside of the city. You’ve done a piss poor job of masking his scent on you.”

Charlotte didn’t turn this time, but her hand did visibly tighten around the door handle. I could feel the
mortification coming from her. Her posture was rigid and uncomfortable as she yanked the door open
and let it slam shut behind her.

I bit my tongue as he sat back in his chair, pulling me with him. We sat in comfortable silence as I gave
him time to decompress. His hand slid up and down the side of my thigh, sending a shiver of pleasure
down my spine.

“Who is Talia?” I took it as a bad sign that the sound of her name made him relax. Yes, there was
definitely a history with them.

“She was my parent’s right hand, just like Josie is to me. She was practically family until I chose Joselin
over her as my advisor. She was livid and acted as if I had betrayed her by replacing her. I had
intended to keep her around, but she went a little mad after everything that happened with my parents.
I didn’t think she was in the right mindset to continue in her current role.” His hand stopped moving, and
I reached for it, squeezing it gently before pulling it up to my chest and holding it close.

“Charlie told me about what happened with your parents. I am so sorry you had to be a part of that.”
His eyes closed at my words, and I could see the pain flash over his face. “You are, smart, strong, and
loving. I am proud of the man that you became despite what you had to witness. I don’t want you to
ever think for a moment that you have to hold yourself back from me. Our relationship will never be like
theirs was.”

He shook his head, and I picked his hand up, placing a kiss against his fingers.

“It won’t be. We will be great together. I didn’t know it before, but I do know it now.” He said as his fiery
eyes met mine. The mixture of green, blue, and yellow in his hazel eyes swirled with emotion. “I was
chasing you.” “You were chasing me?” I repeated, knowing he wasn’t talking about the beginning of our
relationship or him escorting me to the infirmary.

“You told me to think about it, but I didn’t need to. Before I heard you saying you were going to visit
Heath and Nolan, I was planning on throwing you over my shoulder and taking you right back to our
bedroom where I was going to make love to you before placing my mark, right here.” Our joined hands
moved up as he ran the tip of his index finger when my neck met my collar.

“Yeah?” I moaned before blushing deeply and clearing my throat. Killian looked amused, watching me
while I took in a deep and shaky breath.

‘Yes, my mate.” “You can mark me here…now.” My statement made his eyes flash red before he shook
his head. His hand didn’t seem to listen to his mind as his thumb rubbed small circles on my inner
thigh, teasing me.

“I will mark you. But I will not do it here. Not in a chair or bent over my desk. You deserve to be treated
as a queen, and I will take you in our bed when I mark you.” My eyes closed as I savored his words,
thinking about all the ways that he could take me in our bedroom. We had covered most positions

during my night of heat, but I was positive that there were things we hadn’t done yet, things that only he
could teach me.

“Let’s go now then. Turn in early for the evening.” I slid off his lap, feeling accomplished and excited
when I saw his hard member under his dress pants.

His eyes raked over me, making me feel hot and unsteady. I wouldn’t have minded bending over his
desk again, or climbing on top of him in his chair. If he wanted, we could do it on the floor or up against
the wall.

“You’re too good to me, my mate.” He growled, rising to his feet as his eyes turned black.

It was only a brief moment, but I knew our time together had come to an end. He was getting called
away, and there was nothing I could do about it. His people needed him. My orgasm and marking
would have to wait until tonight.

Excitement filled me as ideas flooded my mind, different outfits I could wear or positions I could be
waiting in for him when he turned in for the night.

But his smile fell, and his hands curled into fists as his eyes returned to normal. “I am so sorry, Little

I sent him a sad smile before pushing up on my tippy toes and kissing the side of his jaw. “Don’t worry. I
am not going anywhere. I’ll be here.” “I can’t get a fucking break.” He didn’t say it outright, but I heard it
clearly in his tone. What he was indirectly trying to say was, Tm exhausted.’

He leaned in, stealing a kiss as his hands curled into my hair before pulling away and placing his
forehead against mine. “I will see you soon, my mate.”

As he made his way to the door, I could help but chuckle as I heard him muttering about bears fighting
with wolves.

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