The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 49

The Beast And The Blessed

Forty-Nine: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

I was killing time, completely restless. I had already planned a celebration dinner to be ready for when
Heath and Nolan were released. It was important to me that the pack see that they are alive and well.
But since they were going to still be restrained for the next few days and then under personal guard, I
figured it would be best to wait until they were fully back among the people in two weeks.

They were a symbol that we would persevere. Those blood suckers would not take us down without a

Reading had held my interest for a very short while until I came to the conclusion that I had absolutely
no retention of the information and that I would have to reread it all again later. My mind was trapped,
stuck on one thing and one thing only. My mate.

For a moment, I had considered destroying our bedroom just so I would have something to clean to
keep my mind and body occupied. Our staff did an incredible job though, and I would have felt guilty for
messing it up when they worked so hard day after day to keep every room neat and organized.

I had showered, shaved my legs, and trimmed the already short hairs on my pussy. I applied lotion to
every part of my body that I could reach. Then, I pulled on my best black lace panties and bra. The lack
of padding told me that whoever picked this out when they went clothes shopping for me upon my
arrival, had not intended it to be for regular day wear.

Not with the fact that the anticipation of what was to come had my nipples hard and tight, visibly poking
out of the fabric. It would be wildly inappropriate for me to wear it when being among the people and

letting them all get a good look at my nipples through my shirt. Any time I was around Killian, I seemed
to react instantly. So there was no doubt in my mind that everyone would get an eyeful of me.

No, this was lingerie at its finest, and I was positive it cost a few hundred dollars at the least. The
expensive fabric wasn’t rough like the cheap pair of lace I had as a teenager. This was delicate and
soft. It felt like I was pulling on silk, silk that could rip at the slightest amount of resistance.

It was see-through as well, something that I paused in front of the mirror to enjoy. My body had become
more toned as I continued my training. When I looked at myself, for the first time, I wasn’t embarrassed
and tearing myself down by picking out my flaws.

I was enjoying myself as I scanned over the woman standing in the mirror and made an effort to find
features that I thought Killian would like.

I knew he would love the panties. Being able to see through them was erotic. He loved being between
my legs, whether it was his cock, his face, or his hand. On multiple occasions, I felt ready to cum just
by the look in his eyes when he moved between my legs and took in a deep breath, licking his lips
when he saw my wetness coating my pussy, on the verge of dripping down my thighs.

But it was the dainty way my waist pulled in and my newly toned thighs that I imagined him spending
time on. His large and rough hands would grab and rub the areas, gripping me tightly as he pulled me
closer to him or nibbled and licked as he made his way down my body.

My breasts were tight and round as goosebumps from my arousal had them perking up, ready for him
to take one in his hot mouth and suck and bite on them until I was wiggling beneath him begging for
release, begging for him to fuck me. Then again, he had made it clear in the office that morning. We
wouldn’t be fucking at all. He would be making love to me.

But he wasn’t here, so I resisted the urge to cup my own breasts and pinch my nipples. I resisted
sliding my hand down between my legs, even though I knew just how to work myself to cum within

seconds. There was no doubt that if I reached down, I would find myself slick and wet. It would be so
easy to get myself off instantly with how worked up I was just thinking about him.

No, the only person who would be bringing me to orgasm tonight would be my mate. Then he would
mark me, and I would be his.

At first, I was leaning against the closed balcony doors while I waited. I had bent one leg with my heel
against the wall, and my hands gently resting on my body with my fingers flat against my warm skin.
One was on my hip, and the other was on my collarbone with my pinky gently pulling at the lace bra.

When I felt utterly ridiculous after a few minutes, I gave up on that and turned the armchair that looked
out over the balcony until it was fully facing the entrance to our room. I sat on it with my legs spread, up
on the balls of my feet as I had seen in magazines. Although, those women weren’t wearing such little
clothing. My arms were holding the edge of the seat between my legs, and my chest was pushed
forward as I tried to gaze seductively at the door, waiting for his entrance.

Unfortunately, I only held the position for about fifteen minutes before I felt absolutely embarrassed and
changed my mind again.

My eyes flickered up to the clock on the wall, and I let out a sigh when I realized it was way past the
normal time for Killian to be home.

He could be here any moment, and my attempts at seducing him were already failing. It was the
excitement and anticipation that was driving me wild. I knew that as soon as he walked in, he would be
able to smell my desire.

The giddy feeling that flooded my chest and stomach, had my body responding accordingly, and I was
thoroughly wet for him before he even got here.

It was incredible how much power the man had over me.

As a last-ditch effort, and getting tired of waiting as the clock ticked on and the moon rose higher, I
stretched out across the middle of the bed horizontally. My feet hung over the edge, and I held myself
up on my elbows so my chest would be pronounced and visible when he found me.

My fingers moved up to my neck, and I smiled as I pictured what it would feel like in a few short hours
to have his mark on me. Would he be able to feel it when I touched him?

Joselin had said that I would be able to feel it if he were being unfaithful, and that opened up a world of
possibilities. What exactly would I feel?

What would he feel?

If he got in the shower and grabbed his cock, would I know? Would it act as a beacon, calling me to
him? Would I get to enjoy the pleasure that he was experiencing?

The idea of walking into the bathroom while he was under the warm spray of the water, watching as his
large calloused hand slid up and down his shaft, had me feeling even hotter and more bothered. I
would love to see if he made the same expressions when he was alone as he did when he was inside
me. Would his head drop back and his eyes close?

I wondered if he would just pump himself or if he would rock his hips forward into his hand too like he
did when it was my mouth around him. Did the same gruff and guttural moans leave his perfect lips?

I let my arms fall, folded under my head as I closed my eyes and pictured it. My body burned even
hotter as I continued to daydream about the man that had ruined even masturbation for me. No one
would be able to get me off the way Killian did, not even me. My self-reached orgasms seemed so
pathetic compared to the way he would make me scream his name as black dots lined my vision.

If I hadn’t known any better, I would think that it was time for my next heat, but that was still several
days away. Several days before we had a marathon of fucking and driving each other wild.

I was excited… more than excited.

Oh, the shower was a wonderful place, and I smiled to myself as I lay stretched out in bed. The next
time he was in the shower, preferably in the morning before he went to work, I was going to walk in. I
would strip myself of all my clothes while he watched me through the fogged-up glass. Then I would
join him, dropping to my knees and taking him as deep into my mouth as I could.

My legs moved as I clenched my thighs together, crossing and then uncrossing my ankles as I tried to
get some relief without giving in and sliding my hand between my legs.

Fuck! I needed him, but if he didn’t show up soon, I would be taking care of myself.

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