The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 51

The Beast And The Blessed

Fifty-One: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

My sleep was disrupted by warm hands sliding over the back of my bare thighs. The air hitting my skin
as the heat of his touch left it and sent goosebumps to the surface. I bit back a moan as I smiled with
my eyes closed.

Sparks erupted along every surface that he connected with, and I let out a low sleepy moan as his hot
mouth placed a kiss just above the back of my knee. His hands continued their travels up and onto my
ass. It was the gentle way that he rubbed his hands in circles, unintentionally spreading my cheeks a
little each time that had me wiggling in his grip and waking up further.

He pressed down, squeezing my ass as he kissed his way up the back of my thighs, taking an extra
moment to suck on the sensitive skin at the top of my thigh, and I knew I would have a hickey there

I didn’t need to worry about it. It would be under my clothes.

“You’re late,” I grumbled sleepily as I enjoyed his rough hands sliding up my back.

“Yes, my mate,” Killian responded, not bothering to apologize as we both knew he was dealing with
work. Whatever Charlie had going on with the bear shifter, I was positive it was just another thing Killian
had been

keeping bottled up and adding to his stress. I would get him to tell me about it later.

“Is everything okay now?” His tongue met the base of my spine, and I arched my back with my
stomach pressed into the mattress and my chest up as he ran it a few inches up my flesh.

“Yes, my mate.”

I blinked slowly, opening my eyes to the dark room and glancing up at the clock. It took a moment
before the blurriness went away, and I was able to read the damn thing. It was just after midnight.

“Are you going to mate with me now? Mark me?” The hope in my voice should have embarrassed me,
but there was something about being with Killian that made it hard to be embarrassed. He knew every
part of me, inside and out. He had seen me at my best and at my worst.

“Yes, my mate.” The low growl with this answer had me purring in pleasure as he covered me with his
warm body and leaned down to lick the side of my neck.

He pushed himself up onto his hands as I rolled beneath him before settling back down on me with
minimal weight.

His hazel eyes were dark and heated as he watched me. I lifted my hands and placed them on his
chest, rubbing up and down before beginning to roam.

“I know you enjoy it when I fuck you, little one. But tonight, I want to make love to you.” Butterflies filled
my stomach at his words, and my toes curled as I spread my legs and let him settle his hips against
mine. “You look sensational.”

He captured my lips in a kiss that sucked the air right out of my lungs and sent warmth between my
legs. I panted with need as my eyes closed.

Killian kissed my jaw before moving down my neck, smiling against my skin as I let out a loud moan
when he reached the spot where his mark would lay. It was sensitive, and each time his lips or tongue

would touch the area, I found myself growing wetter and more desperate for his touch in other places.

“Mh,” I whined as he moved down before gasping as he bit my nipple gently over the lace fabric of my
bra. He was thorough as his hot tongue covered the hardened peak before pulling the fabric down with
his teeth until it was below my breasts and letting it push my chest up further.

He seemed to enjoy what he was seeing as he abandoned the nipple he had been paying attention to
and covered it with his warm palm before focusing his mouth on my other breast. Jolts of pleasure
between my legs from his assault on my sensitive peaks had me moving my hips up involuntarily.

The wet fabric of my black lace panties rubbed against his lower stomach as he continued to slide
down my body, leaving a trail of kisses and bite marks in his wake.

He paused when he reached the waistband, taking in a deep breath as he eyed my pussy through the
material. “Fuck, baby. I like these.” His finger moved under the fabric over my hip before he pulled it
away from me and let it snap back into place. “We are going to have to get more just like them.

I nodded silently, my eyes widening as he ripped the fabric in half, tearing it straight from my body. “You
could have just taken them off.”

Killian ignored me as he continued to stare longingly at my pussy. “You are so fucking wet for me, my
mate. I love the way you taste.”

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as his mouth closed down onto my pussy, his tongue finding my
clit instantly, rubbing and flicking it until I was ready to cum on his chin. My pelvis was trembling as I
gripped the sheets in my fists, pulling them up from the bed a few inches as my back arched. Killian
growled against me, the familiar noise always got to me.

With the addition of the small vibration on his tongue, I found my hands releasing the sheets and
gripping his hair firmly as I held him to me, my hips rocking back and forth against his mouth as I

moaned his name for the world to hear. Killian groaned, encouraged by my newfound handhold, and
continued to suck and flick my clit more firmly than before.

My body twitched as I pulled on his hair, trying to get him away from the sensitive nub. But as I looked
down the valley of my breast at the dark brown-haired man between my legs, his red eyes flashed at
me, telling me that Killian was no longer the one in complete control. His beast wanted me just as
badly, and that had me growing even more excited.

“Good girl,” He said, the underlying rumble that slightly layered his voice had me ready to beg for him
to forget about the plan to make love and to just climb on top of me and fuck me senseless.

Killian tore his gaze away from me, looking down between my legs with amazement. “Look at you. So
perfect. So wet for me. You’re dripping.”

I gasped as he ran his fingers down my slit, slipping over my overstimulated clit and down passed my
entrance to my puckered hole before lifting it back up. The smooth way he slid along my body told me
that he was enjoying my wetness, and I arched my back as he shoved two fingers into my pussy.

“Yes!” I moaned as I kept my head up and watched him slowly pump his fingers in and out of me, his
eyes locked on his fingers each time he pulled them out.

“So fucking beautiful.” He muttered before pulling his fingers back out and placing them on his tongue,
licking them clean before shoving them right back inside me. I gasped, my head falling back as he
crawled up my body, his hot cock rubbing against my leg and driving me crazy with need. “When I
came home tonight and saw you in our bed, I was tempted to slide those fucking panties to the side
and wake you up by sinking deep into you. I could smell how fucking turned on you had been. I knew if
I touched you the way I wanted to, you would be wet and ready for me still.”

I pictured waking up to Killian pressing his large cock into me, and I wiggled my hips against his hand
harder. Yes, he could do that to me anytime he wanted to. Even better, he could wake me up with his
head between my legs anytime he wanted to.

“Please, Killian! I need you!” I moaned out, my hands falling from his hair and landing on his shoulders
before I slid them under his arms and to his back. He didn’t seem to notice as I pulled him down onto
me, desperate to feel his cock where his fingers were.

He gave in after a few moments, pulling his hand free and immediately placing his tip at my entrance.
Our eyes were locked on each other as he pushed into me at a torturously slow pace. “That’s it, baby.
You take me so fucking good.”

My feet planted on the mattress as I slammed my hips up, moaning loudly as his shaft fully entered me.

Killian wasted no time, spurred on by my desperate need for him, and began thrusting into me slowly
and deeply, hitting as far into me as possible. My knees lifted up until they were up by his shoulders,
and he bent forward to take my lips with his.

Each breath we let out mixed as we moaned and panted into the other’s mouth. Each stroke of his
tongue had me growing wetter and closer to reaching my second orgasm of the night. We kissed
feverishly, becoming more and more desperate for the other as we reached our peak.

Killian pulled his face away, looking me in the eyes one last time, before shoving his face into my neck
and licking my skin. I turned my head on instinct, giving him more room as his hips tilted just right to
have his body rubbing my clit while he made love to me.

“Ah! Yes! Killian!” I cried out as I clenched down on his cock and came around him. He growled loudly,
and I gasped in pleasure as his teeth sank down into my neck. The pain only lasted a moment before I
was met with pleasure so great that I found myself seeing black spots even with my eyes closed and
came for the third time.

“Fuck!” Killian exclaimed as he released his teeth from my neck and pulled out of me. His warm cum hit
my clit as soon as he had left my body. He didn’t wait before laying back down on me, holding up just
enough weight that we were both comfortable as he licked the tender mark he had just left on my neck.

The constant rumbling of his satisfied beast managed to instantly get to me, and I wiggled against him
again as he slid his cock up and down our combined wetness on my clit. I was ready for round two.
Round two as his mate and as his queen.

Killian’s red eyes met mine, and my breathing faltered as I saw the small amount of blood on his lips.
My blood. His tongue flicked out, cleaning himself of the crimson mark as he growled out in victory.

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