The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 53

The Beast And The Blessed

Fifty-Three: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

For once in my life, I felt at peace. The world around me was on fire, and I could see the sinkhole
opening in the distance, ready to take us all down with it.

But I was happy.

Even more so because I could feel her happiness. I knew I had work to do, but thinking about being
stuck behind my desk all day had me feeling claustrophobic. Naturally, I loved being outside in the
freedom, but today I desperately needed it. I felt like an over-excited puppy locked in a cage.

After checking in on the training field on the castle grounds for the royal guards, I made my way down
to the city. Several personal guards were nearby, following me discretely. Yet, even that didn’t bother

I normally had one or two, but the excess was due to the recent vampire attacks. I could handle myself,
but I knew the head of my guard detail was just being cautious. It was better to be safe than sorry.

Even on the brink of war, the bright and colorful vines and plants surrounding and climbing up the
buildings were thriving. I adored my people and my kingdom, and while I knew they were happy with
me as their king, I knew they would be even happier with Natalie as their queen. Just as I was.

The familiar curly light brown hair of my little sister made my smile fall, and I internally groaned as our
eyes met. I was not prepared to have this conversation just yet. But she approached me anyway,
forcing a smile on her face. I growled when I saw a lack of guards with her.

“Brother, you look well!” She exclaimed as she came to a stop a short distance away, her fingers
fidgeting with the end of her top.

I was unamused, but she didn’t seem bothered by it. She did seem uncomfortable, but that made two
of us. “Where are your guards?”

She stared at me with incredulity, as if I had offended her. “I do not need them. I can handle myself just

“We have had attacks inside the walls, Charlie. Don’t be stubborn.” I argued, but she rolled her eyes
before falling silent and looking away from me to the ground.

She was nervous, not submitting, but either way, I knew whatever she had to say was going to frustrate
me… as it always seemed to do. I loved her more than anything in the world, besides Natalie, and I
would never trade my sister for the world. But she had a way of getting on my nerves as any sister did.

I was positive that I got on her nerves too. It’s probably why she came home so little. I would love to
see her more. But whenever she did come back, it was always under dangerous or bad circumstances.

Thank you… for last night. It really means a lot to me that you gave your blessing.” Charlie said as her
cheeks turned pink. My eyes narrowed as I thought back to last night. I had done no such thing.

That bear was on my shit list.

“And when did you see me give my blessing? Was it when I had my hand around his throat or when I
deemed him not to be a worthy threat and chose to return back to my mate instead of eliminating him?”
The bitter and clipped way I spoke made her flinch, but I held no remorse.

She wanted me to give my blessing to that bear shifter? To a man who failed to treat my sister with
respect and honor?

It was laughable. If he were a man, he would have given her shelter, taken her in the privacy of said
shelter. Instead, he acted every bit the way I expected. He didn’t even show her the kindness to rent a
room at one of the inns in my city.

I was already offended by his dismissal of me as not only her only surviving family member, her
guardian, but as the king. She was a princess and deserved to be treated as such.

“But, I thought…” She stammered before collecting herself and raising her chin. But I was not blind to
the water lining her eyes. “I ask then that you reconsider. He is not going anywhere, and if he does… I
will be going with him, Killian.”

The stabbing pain in my chest made me bite back an angry and emotional response. She had never
chosen me over anyone, even when I was the only one looking out for her and putting her best
interests first. She walked out of my life as easily as our father had taken himself out.

Only she was worse because I would get excited every time I would hear of her return. Every time, I
would think it was the time I would get a family member back. Then she would tell me how
disappointed she was in how I was leading our people for one reason or another and would constantly
find something to bitch about. She made it clear that she hated being home with me. Then she would
be gone, and I would be wondering what it was I had done to deserve her treatment.

The constant abandonment in my life was something I had become used to but no matter how hard I
worked, she never saw it as good enough. I could always be doing more or doing things a different
way…her way.

“If he wants to be with you, he can grow a pair and enter our wall. He can meet me, instead of hiding in
the shadows and keeping whatever you think is going on between you two a secret. He can treat you
like a woman and not a mistress!” The low growl made her flinch, but I saw the determination in her

“Fine, then he will be joining us for dinner.”

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