The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 60

The Beast And The Blessed

Sixty: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

Killian stood, keeping his chest to my back with his arms around my waist as the priestess approached
us from the shadows, having waited patiently for our bonding ceremony before she could lead the

It was still unreal to me that this was even happening. I had been running away from my abusive pack
only a few months ago, ready to live among the humans and hide from the horrors of wolves. Now, I
was mated to the strongest shifter of all. More than that, I was in love with him and about to be crowned
his queen.

I leaned back further into Killian’s embrace as he kissed the side of my neck one last time before taking
my hand and moving to stand next to me.

The priestess stood tall in a floor-length black gown. Her blonde hair was pinned back into a neat bun,
and she smiled warmly at me before she extended a greeting to our spectators.

Her soft voice was soothing as she dove into prayer. The long-winded blessing was inaudible to me as
my heart pounded violently in my chest. Had it not been for Killian’s continued hold on one hand, I was
positive that I would have been shaking like a leaf in the wind.

It felt like hours that she spoke when, in reality, it had only been a few minutes. Her lips pressed
together as she nodded to me slightly, signaling that it was time for me to push aside my nerves and

Killian dropped my hand but remained at my side. The crown on his head caught my attention every so
often as he stood tall.

I bit my lip nervously, suddenly regretting having a conversation with the priestess without talking to
Killian about it first, but it felt right.

“Natalie Amery,” She addressed. From the corner of my eye, I watched as a large, blinding smile
stretched across Killian’s face. I refused to look at him as I nodded once for her to continue. It had only
seemed right when she had talked to me about this part of the ceremony yesterday.

We were mated and now bonded before the Goddess. We may not have been married as human
tradition required for taking the last name of a partner. That ritual seemed ridiculous compared to
sharing a soul and being chosen by a deity for the other person.

‘Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern and lead the creations of the Goddess, according to
the respective laws and customs?” The priestess’s voice called out louder than during her blessing. I
blinked once while lifting my chin, aware of the thousands of people watching me.

“I solemnly promise so to do.”

My voice didn’t sound like my own. It was strong and confident. Two things that I had never felt further
away from than at that moment.

“Will you, to your power, cause Law and Justice, in mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?” My
smile stretched at her second question.


It was a standard question, but I felt like my mother was with us… that my parents were watching over
me in this momentous moment and were proud of the woman I had become. Even if they weren’t, it

made me feel strong.

’I will.”

“Will you, to the utmost of your power, maintain the Laws of the Goddess? Will you, to the utmost of
your power, put your people above all?” The priestess spoke slowly, calmly, and I answered faster than
I should have in excitement that the ceremony was almost over.

“I promise to do so.’

I tried to hide my flinch as she lifted the dagger from the altar, handing it to Killian with a respectful
lowering of her head.

“With this offering, I share with you as my mate and queen, my strength and power.” Killian slid the
dagger over the meaty part of his palm, slicing the skin open and holding it over the chalice in the
hands of the priestess.

Killian pulled a rag from his pocket, pressing it down on his cut for a moment before tucking the blood-
soaked fabric back away, the cut now healed.

My eyes dropped down to the golden cup filled with an inch of crimson liquid. I swallowed hard as I
tried to push back the disgust, knowing that I would be drinking it.

The people wanted a strong leader, and I had to prove that I could give them what they needed. They
didn’t want or need a weak woman who lost her stomach in the middle of her coronation, especially
since it was a huge honor to be given Killian’s blood.

I had been expecting the cup to be warm. But only the liquid inside was as I lifted the cold chalice to my
lips and let the hot liquid dance over my tongue.

My stomach lurched as it rejected the copper-tasting drink, but I closed my eyes and forced it down.
Killian smiled proudly as I resisted the urge to grimace, handing the priestess back the now-empty
chalice. My tongue darted out to lick my lips. The air hitting my tongue made the blood in my mouth
taste sweeter than it had when I was drinking it.

I could feel it working its way through my system like a drug. The longer it sat in my stomach, the
stronger I felt, the more I could see, and the louder the arena became. I tilted my head to the side
slightly as the glorious sound of my mate’s heartbeat reached my ears, soothing me.

A large black box sat on the right side of the table, and the priestess lifted the lid. The gold crown was
covered in diamonds and gems, catching the light as she turned to me and raised it high.

“I present to you, Her Majesty Queen Natalie Alexandria Amery!” She called out as I let one leg fall
back and lowered myself for her to place the crown atop my head.

It was heavier than I had been expecting, and I wasn’t sure if it was the item itself or the weight and
responsibilities that came with it. But I didn’t have time to decide which as the audience rose to their
feet, the lights turning on to show all of the unfamiliar faces. Straight ahead on a private platform,
Charlie sat on a throne, smiling widely as she also stood.

One by one, they all bowed, lowering themselves and dropping their heads. My chest felt warm, and
tears lined my eyes as I watched the scene.

Charlie sent a wink before dropping down into the most elegant and perfect curtsey that I had ever

The priestess stepped back and lowered as well, and I turned to Killian, wanting to share this moment
with him. But my breath caught in my chest as he took my hand, lowering to a bow and pressing his
lips to the back of my hand.

A tear fell down my cheek as an uncontrollable laugh of joy left me. It was the only sound in the
stadium, and the arena felt abnormally silent as I stopped suddenly. A stabbing pain formed in my
chest, and my hand pulled free from Killian’s as I grabbed at my torso.

“Natalie?” Killian asked softly. But my vision blurred, and I dropped to my knee, letting out a cry of terror
and agony as my skin began to burn and my body shook.

The lights in the arena went out, but I could still see Killian under the moonlight with the help of his
blood still in my stomach. Horror was etched into his face as he dropped down next to me, grabbing my
cheeks and telling me to breathe.

The audience was loud and frenzied. Several Lycans swarmed the arena, stomping on the beautiful
flowers as they created a protective wall around Killian and me. I could hearthem yelling and shouting
for everyone to remain seated and for no one to move. But I couldn’t focus on anything other than the
feeling of my body being destroyed from the inside out.

This wasn’t right. This wasn’t part of the plan.

’Talk to me, baby,” Killian whispered as I threw my head back, a sob tearing through my body as the
burning became more intense. My nails scratched at my breastbone, cutting into the skin as I dug for
the source of the pain, willing to do anything to make it stop.

I had never been more sure of anything in the world, but I knew without a doubt that I was going to die
as I met Killian’s stare with wide eyes and coughed as my mouth filled with blood.

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