The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 72

The Beast And The Blessed

Seventy-Two: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

I smiled as I saw Natalie leaving the library up ahead, presumably to get ready for the pack dinner. She
looked around the corner in front of her before moving forward, and I laughed as I knew the paranoia
today was caused by her interaction with Rona this morning.

The witch was new to the council but not someone to be trifled with. It was common knowledge that
she had been the one to kill her own mother, Melinda, for her seat on the council. There had been no
proof, and no one dared to openly make a claim against the witch.

Like most of the council members, Rona and Joselin had personal conflicts. Only theirs were not magic
or title related. I knew Rona had stayed in her room the entire day, according to my guards. Joselin was
itching for a fight as she wandered the castle, hoping to run into our new arrival under the pretense of

I was not looking forward to having them all here at once. Every time they had been called together, it
was nothing but drama and fighting all day and night. I remember as a kid that they had almost taken
down the castle’s north side when a fight between two council members resulted in a load-bearing
column of brick crumbling to the floor.

It would have been bad for all involved if they hadn’t used their magic to hold the floor above them up
while the other fixed it.

They all seemed to hate each other but shared a love for their land and people.

It had been a relief when Rona walked over the casting in the foyer without any issue. Still, while she
may not have been against us, I wasn’t positive that I could trust her entirely. I didn’t trust anyone
besides Natalie, Joselin, and Charlie.

They were my people.

I stalked behind my mate, fascinated as she stopped at the next junction, took a deep breath before
lifting her chin, and turned the corner. Her eyes still glanced both ways as she turned, checking for her
newfound enemy.

’What are you doing?1′ I whispered against her ear as I snuck up behind her.

Natalie jumped before spinning around with her hand on her chest. I glanced down at the small amount
of cleavage there as she breathed rapidly, looking up when she gently smacked my bicep. ’Don’t do

I laughed, grabbing her hand and pulling her fingers to my lips, where I pressed a kiss. ‘You seem a bit

My musing made her eyes narrow as she pulled her hand from mine and spun on her heels to stomp
toward our room.

’Don’t be mad, my love,” I said as I followed behind her, enjoying how she shuddered at my words.
Now that I knew she enjoyed hearing me say the word love, I would tease her with it as often as
possible. The blush on her cheeks alone was worth it.

’Then don’t laugh at me!’ She responded as she pushed the bedroom door open and entered our
closet. I leaned against the door frame, admiring her body as she stripped off her jeans and shirt,
standing before me in her bra and underwear.

If we had the time, I would press her against the wall and take her right here and now. But tonight was
a big night.

Not only was our first council member here, but Nolan and Heath were finally given the all-clear that
they were okay. There was no sign of the curse still being at play, and the pack was ready to celebrate
that they made it through alive.

As hosts, we needed to ensure that we were on time and looked presentable.

When she finally slipped into a royal blue dress and pulled her heels on, she brushed past me in the
doorway. I didn’t move, and she looked at me from beneath her eyelashes with a heated stare as her
body slid against mine.

She tried her best not to react, but I enjoyed watching as her eyes dilated and her breathing picked up.
It was glorious to see that she was just as affected by me as I was by her.

’You look beautiful,’ I whispered, and she ducked her head as her cheeks lit up and rushed toward the
bathroom to style her hair with a meek, ‘Thank you’ thrown over her shoulder. I had the feeling that she
knew exactly what was on my mind.

The way she glanced over her shoulder at me as I began to unbutton my shirt so I could change was
empowering. It didn’t matter that I was the king. One look from her, and I knew I could be a beggar in
the streets and still feel powerful with her by my side.

I pushed everything to the back of my mind as we finished getting dressed. Natalie placed her hand in
the crook of my elbow as I guided her down the hallway and to the dining hall.

The pack was seated, talking loudly and animatedly with excitement as they welcomed Nolan and
Heath back.

They bowed and submitted respectfully as we were announced and made our way to our seats. Charlie
was sitting on the other side of me and looked away quickly when I pulled out Natalie’s chair for her.

I let out a deep breath, relieved that she had stayed. But I knew we still needed to talk about what had

The bear was next to her, and he stared at me for a moment as if he were contemplating speaking
before he settled with a single nod of acknowledgment.

Rona was sitting beside Joselin stiffly as Joselin smirked and lifted her glass to her lips. It seemed that
I had missed their reunion, and I was grateful to have not had to deal with it. From the looks of it,
Joselin came out with the upper hand, and Rona was not pleased.

I held back the amusement I felt at the witch pouting when she had come into my home so sure of
herself earlier this morning. She was quickly learning her place. I just hoped it was on our side of the
battlefield when the time came.

The room fell silent as I raised my right hand. “Tonight, we welcome back two of our own from the
clutches of darkness. They bravely risked their lives for our people and came out victorious. We are
honored to have them as a part of our pack. Heath, Nolan…” I glanced from one to the other as they
sat in the center of the room. Heath was next to his mate, and Nolan had both his mate and children on
his other side. “Welcome back, and may the Goddess be with you. I would also like to welcome the first
of many esteemed guests that will be joining us. Rona WiIla, it is a pleasure to have you here.’

She smirked as I turned to her, no longer seeming bothered by having to sit next to Joselin. I turned
away, not wanting to give her any more ideas than she already had.

’Tonight,” I said as I grabbed the glass from in front of me and lifted it high, ‘We celebrate!”

The pack stomped their feet as they cheered and howled. Several people clapped Heath and Nolan on
their shoulders as I took my seat.

The wait staff moved in synch as they began to bring out the first course, moving swiftly through the
rows of hungry Lycans.

’It’s not right. It’s too dark.” Natalie whispered.

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