The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 75

The Beast And The Blessed

Seventy-Five: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

“I’m very curious about you,” The strong female voice said from behind me, and I tried not to flinch as I
continued to eat my breakfast in the private dining room.

I had learned my lesson the last time I ate alone in the main dining room and didn’t want to put myself
under that scrutiny after what happened last night. I also wasn’t ready to be back in that room quite yet.
The nightmares I had without Killian by my side only a few hours ago were horrendous.

He was my heart and soul. Without him there, I was tossing and turning all night. It was amazing that I
was ever able to sleep before him.

The short and curly-haired redhead flicked her finger a few millimeters by her thigh, and the chair
beside me slid away from the table as she sat down. I had sat in Killian’s chair as he was out for work.
It felt wrong to leave the head of the table empty for someone to swoop in and claim…like Rona.

I didn’t know her yet, but it seemed like something she would do.

A servant quickly brought her a glass of water before going to the kitchen to gather Rona a plate of

I silently cursed the vampires and witches even more than before as I was left with the snake. “It is
healthy to be curious to an extent.’

My musing seemed to entertain her as a smile stretched over her face. Yet her stare was calculated,
and she scanned me over like she was dissecting me in her mind. ’ When I first heard about you, they

said you were a human he had been entertaining himself with.”

My beast roared inside me in anger at her disrespect, but I pushed it down and did my best to keep my
face void of all emotions. Killian would have been proud.

’Then I heard that you were crowned the queen and marked. After that, news of you being a white wolf
started to spread… that’s something that hasn’t been around for a long time, but I have yet to see it for
myself to validate that rumor.” Rona eyed me from the seat to my left, where I would typically sit when
Killian was here. I hated that she was in my chair, getting her smell on it. “But now I’ve experienced for
myself that you have magic. There are so many different stories about you being told by people. So,
which one is it? Who are you?”

My eyes narrowed as I placed my fork down. “I heard that you murdered your mother for her seat on
the council and that you’re here to try to win over my mate for a higher status. So, who are you?”

The first statement was horrifying to imagine, but I had heard the rumor from too many people as I
passed by them for me not to give it merit. The second was only reinforced for me when I heard that
Rona had been looking for Killian earlier in the day, not realizing that he had left. After the way she had
looked at and treated us when she first got here, I knew I was right to feel possessive of my mate
around her.

She was looking for someone to sink her nails into, and she wanted the king.

“You do have claws, after all. Down, kitty!” Rona smirked, seeming to enjoy our bickering, but I was
annoyed by the whole thing. Killian had asked me to play nice, but I didn’t know how. Not when she
was intentionally antagonizing me. “I will tell you that I feel you growing stronger, so I know I was not
mistaken that you have powers. It is fascinating that there were so many rumors about you shifting into
the great white wolf. Most rumors stem from some aspect of truth.”

“You may believe what you would like to. But we do not have time to dwell on gossip when our people
are dying.” I held Rona’s gaze even though I could feel my cheeks warm with anger. Everyone knew I
could shift into a wolf, but only a few knew I had any ties to magic. The fact that she was one of the few
who knew about that side of me made me uneasy.

“It’s such a shame Joselin’s spell wasn’t strong enough to catch a piggyback curse. Maybe it would
have been useful if you had helped her cast it.” Rona’s words made me sit up straighter as I eyed her

’You know what that curse was?” Joselin should have been here to talk to Rona about this instead of
me, but I would get any information I could now.

“Every witch who witnessed the events of last night would have known it was a piggyback curse. I’m
sure even

precious ‘Josie’ knows what it was now.’ Rona rolled her eyes as I raised my eyebrows, picking up on
her bitter mocking of Killian’s nickname for Joselin. I waited silently, expecting her to elaborate, and she
did. “It’s a dormant curse until needed. Most curses stay active and constantly work to fulfill their
purpose. With a piggyback curse, they hold on and don’t activate until the caster needs to use it. It is
primarily to take control of the host, but I’ve seen it used in other ways too. The only downside is the
longer it stays tied to that vessel, the weaker it gets.”

The doors opened, and Charlie entered, preventing me from saying anything more. Dark circles were
under her eyes, and her nose was slightly pink as if she had been crying. Yet she held herself with
confidence and purpose as she joined the table.

’Good Morning, Charlie.” I greeted her with a warm smile, but she nodded toward me without saying a

The servant brought in two more plates, and Rona and Charlie dug into their breakfast without another
word. I ate slowly, hoping Rona would finish and leave so I could talk to Charlie alone. But my hopes
were crushed as the two women scarfed their food down before making excuses to go, leaving me on
my own.

I knew I needed to try to connect with Charlie before Killian got back. What she had walked in on could
not be so easily forgiven and forgotten, and I knew something needed to happen soon to prevent that
anger from sitting and festering while Killian was away.

Not sparing it a second thought, I rushed out of the room, hoping to catch up to Charlie before she left
the grounds and entered the city. I had the feeling that if things weren’t fixed soon, she would go for
good, and I knew Killian had the same fear.

The hallways were empty as I walked quickly and with purpose. I spotted the head of curly brown hair
standing in the courtyard, talking to a group of women. She laughed as one of them reached forward
and touched the side of her arm.

It was a forced laugh. I knew Charlie tended to throw her head back when laughing, but this time she

The women around her leaned in close as they spoke to her, too low for even my wolf hearing to pick
up from across the way. I paused as I stepped out of the foyer, and the sun hit my face. The tall and
willowy blonde stood in the back of the group, her glare focused on me as she curled her lip in disgust.

Her already slender body looked emaciated and frail, as if she were sick or starving, and I felt my heart
drop as Charlie looked over her shoulder at me before whispering something to the other women. It
was the blonde who had been sleeping with my mate, giving her attention back to the princess.

They laughed again, loudly this time, and my stomach dropped to my toes when they turned to look at

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