The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 87

The Beast And The Blessed

Eighty-Seven: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

Charlie shifted before me, her wolf significantly smaller than mine but just as eager to draw blood. It
seemed that was a family trait.

Craving blood…the kill.

I would have been excited about the challenge if she weren’t my sister. But this was Charlie. My
Charlie. I had protected her all her life and cared for her. But she never grew up. She never listened,
and now her insubordination would be her downfall.

I felt my anger start to bubble up. After everything I taught her and everything I had supported her

I had always pushed back my feelings on the situation and supported her. Yet, she couldn’t give two
shits about anyone other than herself. She was rotten and had been corrupted. I could see it now. She
was bad. She was evil. 4

Natalie had been right, I had let Charlie get away with far too much, and it needed to stop now.

My vision turned red with rage as the thoughts tumbled through my head quickly. At first, I was just
going to fight her until she submitted. I hadn’t wanted her to die.

Now it was all I could think about, like a record player on repeat in my mind telling me to end her. I
would kill Charlie, win my mate back, and end this madness.

Charlie deserved to die. i

It was such a sudden shift that it almost made me pause. I had never wanted to kill her before. Out of
all the people who needed to die, Charlie had never even crossed my mind. Before Natalie, Charlie
was the only one I would be willing to die for. Now the tables had turned, and I had to push down the
small feeling in the back of my mind telling me this was wrong.

‘Killian, this is ridiculous! This is not what I wanted! I was going to punish her, not kill her!’ Natalie yelled
at me through the pack link, and I glanced over at her adorable face, red with anger. ‘What the hell is
wrong with you two today?’

I don’t know, but I can’t stop. 2

Charlie stepped to her right, forcing my attention back to her as I growled lowly. Her body was littered
with small silver lines of fur from her scars and battle wounds she had earned over the years that she
had been hiding from her responsibilities.

She pranced around the world without a fucking care in the world, going on all these adventures just to
come home and shit on everything I had done for our people. Then she had the nerve to attack my

A wave of resentment flooded me, hitting me more deeply than before and fueling me on. It was so
strong that my stomach rolled, and my mouth began to water excitedly at the idea of making Charlie

Then she lunged, her anger driving her forward as she growled menacingly.

I dodged her attack, my muzzle tearing into the flesh on her side. The taste of her blood made my
beast purr in happiness as she bucked free and turned with her foaming mouth snapping at me. 3

The pack was quickly surrounding us, the guards trying to keep the audience at bay as they watched
their king and princess fighting to the death. I snarled as Natalie pushed herself into the circle, standing
too close to Charlie for my liking.

‘Do not interfere, mate. This ends now.’ I snapped jumping between Charlie and Natalie as I tackled my
sister to the ground.

It was a flurry of snapping jaws and razor-sharp claws as we bit and ripped into each other’s flesh,
desperate to be the first to make a lethal blow.

Charlie whined as I locked my jaw around the back of her neck.

“Stop it!” Natalie’s voice cried out over the crowd. “You’re both acting crazy! IV

A chunk of fur hit the ground, falling from my mouth as Charlie ripped herself free again before
swinging and slicing her claw down my cheek.

“Son of a bitch. You’re both acting crazy!” Natalie’s whisper was faint, but it didn’t matter how quietly
she spoke. I would always hear her.

My claws dug into the dirt, ripping up the perfectly manicured lawn as my body was forcefully pulled
back to the crowd’s edge. My people moved back, eager to escape me as I fought against the magic,
willing to kill anyone in my way. 1

Charlie was doing the same across the way, and I fought harder to get free, so I could slice her throat
and be done with it. Her blood was calling to me, and it was time to end this.

My eyes widened, and my beast calmed at seeing my mate moving to stand between us, looking
furious. I scanned her over appreciatively. She was spectacular when she was angry.

My body relaxed before I heard Charlie let out a growl that brought my attention back to her like a
magnet, my need for her to die hitting me again full force.

Blood was running down Charlie’s side and dripping onto the Earth. She thrashed against Natalie’s
hold, and I made a feral sound as she moved an inch toward my mate.

“Shows over! Get lost!” Joselin groaned in what sounded like disappointment. She had always loved a
good fight. She moved to stand beside Natalie with her back to Charlie and her palms up, facing me.
The crowd stayed for another moment before Joselin turned her glare to them. “Now!”

My body still resisted my mate’s hold, my nails digging into the ground as I fought for freedom. The
challenge had been accepted, and my only option was to return to my home victorious.

I would present Charlie’s heart to my mate as a trophy, an offering for her forgiveness.

“Settle down!” Natalie yelled at Charlie with her back to me. I snorted mockingly as Charlie fell flat on
her stomach, and she glared at me with her lip pulled back. My hackles rose with unease as my beast
gave in as well and immediately sat like a pet waiting for a fucking treat. It was humiliating, and for a
brief moment, I wanted Natalie’s blood for treating me this way in front of my people.

Like a bucket of ice water being thrown on me, I felt all the energy and anger drain from my body.
Natalie was right. I knew these feelings were crazy and abnormal, almost as if they weren’t my own.
But that put it into perspective.

In the past few hours, I had felt every emotion possible. I loved Natalie, despised her, hated her, craved
her, and now wanted her dead. 1

“Joselin, can you have the council in the throne room in the next fifteen minutes?” Natalie asked, and
pride filled me as I heard the underlying order. I closed my eyes, trying to get my thoughts straight, but

they all conflicted.

Save Charlie. Kill Charlie.

Protect mate. Kill mate.

Joselin nodded silently and teleported away.

My pride was washed away by a sudden rush of anger, and I gritted my teeth as Natalie’s hold grew
stronger until I could barely breathe. From the whimper Charlie let out, she was feeling the same.

The guards moved in, and the sounds of chains sent a flash of dread through me. Was this what it had
come to? Had I grown weak?

I would not be overpowered! I would not have my throne taken from me!

Natalie’s magic faltered as I struggled against it, growling through our pack link for her and the guards
to hear, ‘Release me, now!’

The chains clamped around my limbs, and I glared at her with fury as she refused to look my way.

“I’m sorry, my mate.” She whispered as she finally looked my way. “I can’t do that. You’re not yourself
right now.”

My body shook as she forced my shift, my bones popping and cracking loudly. The restraints pulled at
my limbs, and I clenched my jaw to keep from expressing my discomfort and showing weakness.

’I order you to release me!” Distant laughter filled my head, and my jaw twitched as I tried to rid my
mind of the invasive noise.

“I do not take orders from you, Killian,” Natalie said softly, but the power in her voice had me calming
once more.

The different emotions were too confusing, and I hated that my anger was the most prominent. I knew
Natalie didn’t deserve it, but it was my driving force as I lunged toward her, only to be stopped by the
guards holding my chains.

“Take him inside.” Her demand was met with immediate action, and I stood tall as I walked with them
into the castle. I would not let them drag me like a worthless prisoner.

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