The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 93

The Beast And The Blessed

Ninety-Three: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

Camps were set up all around town. Anyone who could take someone in did. Houses were overflowing
with creatures of all kinds.

Even humans started showing up, much to my surprise. They had been quiet until recently when they
began reporting mass amounts of missing people and deaths. I knew the vampires had to be feeding
from somewhere to gear up for the war, but there were no reports until the past few months.

Now, it seemed I was getting a new notice every hour of another collection of missing persons or
bodies found void of blood. It wasn’t just humans, but they seemed to be the most accessible food
source and therefore were the vampire’s primary target while they stocked up and prepared for battle.

Around a hundred of them had shown up, and as terrified as they were of the rest of us, they did their
best to participate in training.

I watched as another one hit the ground, letting out a cry of pain before brushing her palms on her
thighs and gesturing with her hand for the Lycan working with her to attack again.

“I’ve seen enough. This isn’t going to work.” I called out, and the humans stopped training to watch me
with wide eyes. We could have taught them ways to dodge and fight had they shown up sooner. Still,
with our limited time and their inability to move as quickly as our enemies, it was a waste of time. “We
don’t have time to prepare them.”

“We can fight!” The female shouted angrily, but I ignored her as I turned to my lead commander,
Braxton. He had been attached to me every chance he could since I spared his children. I held no ill

feelings toward him for their despicable behavior. Still, he either didn’t seem to understand that or
wanted to ensure he restored his position back in my good graces.

“I want all humans to gather in the gardens. Have all available doctors come down. I want them all to
get a crash course in first aid. They will be carrying the injured back to medics.” A flash of my mate’s
green eyes caught my attention as she walked through the humans toward me.

“We came here to fight! We will use our guns and knives!” The female human shouted again, and I
growled at her disrespect. She moved to submit quickly, having realized her mistake. I didn’t need to kill
her. She would die in the battle anyway based on her stubbornness and attitude.

“A lot of good that did your people during the last war.” I snapped back.

Natalie rushed up behind her. The human turned, having heard or sensed my mate, but she wasn’t fast

Natalie laced her fingers through the girl’s hair with one hand while wrapping her arm around the
human’s waist to hold her up. The woman struggled against Natalie’s hold as my mate pulled her head
to the side and hovered her teeth over the human’s neck.

“It would be so easy for a vampire to get you in this hold and suck you dry.” Natalie purred, and I
watched with amusement as the goosebumps rose along the human’s skin as Natalie’s lips brushed
against it. Her teeth hovered over the trembling human’s neck as her canines extended, and I narrowed
my eyes. “Or they could just rip your throat right out.”

Her actions were threatening, but the dark look in her eye aroused me. A small part of me was enjoying
seeing her this way. The human wasn’t unattractive, and seeing my mate wrapped around her, even
when threatening her, should have been more enjoyable.

It was arousing, but I was jealous. Violently and insanely jealous

My chest rose and fell quickly as I held my beast back. It was bad enough that the human had
disrespected me, but now I wanted her dead for being in my mate’s arms.

‘Oh, Goddess. You’re actually enjoying this? You’re turned on right now!’ Natalie asked through our
mind link, genuinely surprised and a little curious. I quickly put my wall up in our mate bond. I met her
eyes, and they narrowed as she released the human.

Natalie’s voice called out sharply, but she never broke my gaze. “Your king has given you your
assignment. Go!”

She dropped the human, who quickly scurried away with the others until only a few of my men and
women left waiting for orders. There were still several other groups that I wanted to check on before we
left at sun up, but my mate had to come to visit me for a reason, and I was glad she did so.

“Make sure the vehicles are ready to go,” I said, looking over to the Lycans that were waiting for orders.
We had a convoy of vehicles that would be following us in to take any critically injured back to safety,
and I knew they were already prepared. But I wanted a minute alone with my mate. I need to have a
private word with the queen.”

Natalie lifted one eyebrow at me with a smirk on her lips. “I came to see how I can help.”

Everyone dispersed, keeping their eyes down respectfully as they moved past Natalie. She didn’t move
from her position, and I stormed toward her. A fire in her eyes made me halt before touching her. She
was enjoying this, having power over me in my moment of weakness.

“You’re playing a dangerous game, my love.” My whisper was met with a bright smile that made my
control falter for a second. “Did you finish what you were practicing with your mother?”

Her smile grew wider, and I knew whatever she had been trying was a success. I had no doubt that she
would excel at everything that she did. It was. I can’t wait to show you.”

I looked up, seeing people conversing with those around them at the yard’s edge but still watching their
king and queen. Natalie still wasn’t ready or open to anything physical in public, and I wrapped my arm
around her waist as I tried to decide where the nearest place I could take her was.

But everywhere was full.

Visiting cabins were all occupied, and so were the inns. There were faces and people everywhere I
looked, and I knew Natalie wouldn’t want me storming back through the city to take her to our bedroom.

“Count yourself fortunate. I did not appreciate you mocking the way you make me feel.” I growled next
to her ear, smiling when she shivered in response. “If you ever do it again, you will be punished.”

Natalie let out a low and raspy laugh that made me grow harder. “And here I had hoped to be punished

I held her stare, unable to stop myself from admiring her beauty. My hand cupped her cheek as I
rubbed my thumb over her smooth skin. I had indeed been blessed to have her, and I would fight until
my last breath to keep her safe.

“No, my mate,” I whispered before capturing her lips with mine. It didn’t need to be said that our future
was uncertain, and I was going to make sure if anything should happen, that we would get a proper
goodbye.” Tonight, I will make love to you.”

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