The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 101

The Beast And The Blessed

One Hundred One: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

The smirk could be heard in his words, and I pushed myself further against his hips. Killian growled
lowly as my ass rubbed his hardness, and his hold on me only tightened in response.

“I will not beg for what is mine.” His lips rubbed against mine, and my knees threatened to buckle
beneath me. “I will not beg for something you willingly give me.”

I smirked as he called my bluff. I was willing, so willing to give him anything he wanted. Everything
about him called to me, begging me to always be closer, please him, and take anything he wanted to
give me.

I didn’t just love him. I adored him.

He was mine, forever.

The brief fear that I wouldn’t be in control when he fucked me had me worried, but I pushed it down as I
savored this moment with my mate. I trembled with want, desperate to take him as hard and deeply as

He was right. It had been too long. I had shut myself off from him after the battle…after I committed
mass murder.

My eyes fell shut as I also forced that thought to the back of my mind. I would not let that rule me. I had
saved my people, and that was the job of a good leader. We had emerged victorious. I just needed to
keep reminding myself of the justification for what I had done.

For now, I wanted to forget. I wanted Killian to consume me so thoroughly that I had no choice but to
forget everything.

“It is yours,’ I whispered, nodding slightly as he let out a groan of approval. “I am yours.’ “Good girl.”

I leaned back against his chest, gasping as he slid his other hand from my hip to my waistband, his
fingers expertly unbuttoning and unzipping them with ease before letting his fingers dip beneath the

“Tell me what you want,’ Killian ordered as his teeth grazed over his mark on my neck, over his claim
on me.

“I want you to touch me.” My tongue slipped through my lips, wetting them anxiously as his hand went
further beneath my panties. I moaned, my knees buckling as he moved between the lips of my pussy,
grazing over my clit and moving to my entrance.

I knew exactly what he would find there. I was wet and wanting for him.

Killian’s forehead landed on my shoulder as he let out a growl of pleasure. “You’re so fucking wet for
me, my love. I love that I do this to you.”

His fingers slid back up my slit, slick with my wetness. He stopped at my clit and began rubbing slow
circles, toying with me. My hand wrapped around his forearm, enjoying the feeling of it flexing and
moving as he continued to touch me.

My nails dug into his skin as I held him to me, wanting him closer and ensuring he wouldn’t pull away
until I reached my orgasm. His other hand moved from my neck to slide over my breasts, using his arm
across my torso to hold me up as he cupped my breast.

My legs parted further as he stroked and rubbed the bundle of nerves between them, causing each
breath I let out to be a low moan.

“That’s it, baby. You smell so fucking good.” Killian slid his tongue over my mark, making my hips jerks
forward into his hand. I released a small whimper as he moved his fingers down, sliding two into me.
The meaty part of his flesh beneath his thumb stayed locked on my clit, rubbing it with every thrust.

My thighs and hips trembled as I resisted my orgasm, wanting it to last longer. But the pleasure was too
intense, and I cried out Killian’s name as my walls tightened on his fingers.

My weight was on Killian as I pressed my body against his hand, wanting more. His arm holding me up
still had a tight grasp on me, and I whimpered in pleasure as he pinched and rolled my nipple between
his fingers.

I wiggled against him as he stopped moving both hands, desperate for more. We had a week to make
up for, and I wasn’t going to stop until I had him inside me, even if I had to be the one to beg for it.

“Turn around, my mate.’ His deep voice sounded strained, but when I fluttered my eyes open and
glanced at him over my shoulder, his black eyes told me he was still in complete control. I relaxed my
grip on his forearm until he could pull his arm away from me.

I did as he asked, my chest brushing against his as I spun to face him. His finger slid across the tops of
my breasts to the collar of my shirt before ripping it and my bra clean from my body. I stumbled against
him, but he held me in place with his other arm wrapped around me and his hand on my ass cheek.

My eyes were locked on his mouth as he licked his lips, enjoying the sight of my bare breast pressed
against him.

“Take off my clothes.” His hand stayed on my ass, and I kept my hips pressed to his as I immediately
unbuttoned his shirt. His hardness was against my stomach, and I couldn’t help but rub against him

slightly as I pulled his shirt over his shoulders. My fingers followed the fabric, exploring and dipping into
every line of muscle as it did so.

When he removed his hands from me to let his shirt fall to the floor, I felt my bottom lip push out ever so
slightly into a pout at the loss of contact. I placed my hands on his chest, looking up at him with
surprise and desire as his thumb rubbed over my lip.

“Don’t pout, my mate. I am not done with you yet.” His eyes were locked on my mouth, but one of his
hands grabbed my wrist and moved my fingers down his stomach to the button of his pants. “I didn’t tell
you to stop.”

I looked up into his black eyes, watching the red swirl in their depths as his beast became more
present. I wanted to taunt him, to ask him what he would do if I disobeyed. I wanted to see what kind of
punishment I would receive.

But I nodded as I bit my lip and remained silent while I did as he ordered. He let out a low growl when I
hooked my thumbs into his boxers, pulling them with his pants. My breasts slid along his torso as I
dragged the fabric down his large, muscular thighs. His cock sprung free, and I looked up at him,
holding his gaze as my breasts moved over it.

When my knees hit the ground with his pants, he let out a loud growl, sending a rush of excitement
through me. My already throbbing clit pulsed with pleasure and need as I licked the tip of his cock
before taking him in my mouth as deep as I could.

My tongue rubbed along the underside of his large member, and his fingers laced in my hair as his hips
rocked in time with me, pushing himself deeper into my mouth. “Fuck, Natalie!”

I moaned, humming against his cock as I tasted his pre-cum on my tongue. I pulled back, using my
hand to grab as much of my saliva from his tip and dragging it down toward the base of his cock before
taking him deeper than before.

My hand worked in time with my mouth, and his growls and groans grew louder. “Yes, baby! Oh, fuck
that feels good.”

Each noise only encouraged me to take him deeper, to suck harder, and to pump faster. His hand on
my head pushed me down until he reached the back of my throat, and I gagged. My cheeks hollowed
as he pulled back.

“Take your pants off and bend over the arm of the couch.”

I watched, mesmerized, as Killian wrapped his fist around his cock, pumping it slowly as I sat on my
knees before him. He had given me an order, but a part of me wanted to sit there and watch him touch
himself until he came on my chest.

“Now.” Killian gritted out. “Before I change my mind and fuck your mouth.”

I jumped to my feet, quickly removing the rest of my clothes. My panties were soaked, and I was sure
the wetness would drip down my thighs at any moment.

The dominating side of Killian was one of my favorites, and I felt my heart grow as he stopped me for a
moment to kiss me deeply and passionately. It was a kiss that I felt in every part of my body. I panted
when he pulled away with his hand on my neck.

“I love you, Natalie. It’s never been a problem before, but I need you to tell if I am being too rough.” He
said, waiting for me to nod before he smiled wickedly. The look on his face was encouraging, a
guarantee of a good time, and I spun around and bent over the arm of the couch.

My legs were together, and my arms held me up as I got into position. Killian’s hand landed loudly on
my ass cheek, and I moaned as he spanked me.

“There are so many things I want to do to you. But you deserve to be punished for keeping yourself
from me.’ His words made me grow ever wetter, and my thigh pressed together to try to give myself
some relief. I wanted him to touch me, and if he didn’t do it soon, I would slip my hand between my legs
and do it myself.

Another smack landed on the same cheek. The sting soothed away as he rubbed it with his calloused

Again. His hand landed loudly, this time pulling a loud cry from me as I panted desperately. My hips
pushed back as I moaned for more.

And he gave me more. Each smack had me jumping, moaning, and crying for release. My upper body
had dropped to be held up on my elbows, and I was seconds away from pressing my face into the

I calmed momentarily as he rubbed his hand against my ass, but my eyes rolled to the back of my head
at the feeling of his mouth meeting my pussy. I wanted to look over my shoulder at him. I wanted to see
him naked on his knees as he sucked and licked my clit.

Yet, when I pushed myself up and did just that, the sight was even better than I imagined. Killian still
had his cock in his hand with his knees spread on either side of my feet, pumping himself as he
devoured my pussy. He pulled his face away when he felt my movement, but his hand never stopped.

My wetness glistened on his chin, and part of me wanted to turn over to watch him and grind on him as
he fucked me with his tongue.

“Is this still part of my punishment?’ I asked, watching as the glowing red took over his eyes.

“Don’t test me, Natalie.” His threatening growl as he stood drove me wild. I held his stare as I slid my
hand down between my legs, challenging him.

He grabbed my arm and pulled my hand away immediately before pinning it behind my back. It took
him only a second to grab my other hand and restrain my wrists behind me with only one of his hands.

“You fucking asked for it.” He said as he slammed his cock into me as deep as he could go. My face
pressed into the cushion as he fucked me harder than ever.

I didn’t ask for it. No. I begged for it.

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