The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 109

The Beast And The Blessed

Four: Joselin

Joselin’s P.O.V.

I smiled at him as he growled out my name. The sound awakened my confidence even more as my
fingertips trailed down my collar, over my chest, to land on the tops of my breasts. The smooth skin
there was soft to the touch, but I knew if I looked down, I would find the black lines of the Norse runes
and knots that had been carved into my flesh.

His eyes followed the movement as I slid my fingers back and forth seductively at the edge of my lace
bra. I felt giddy and powerful, seeing that it was working. He was enjoying this. “What were you saying,

I watched with a smile as his Adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed before his eyes snapped upto
mine. They narrowed as my tongue peeked out to wet my lips, and the warm brown of his irises
darkened to black. ’ Why do you keep doing this, Josie?”

My eyes closed at the sound of his voice. I adored it. The deep vibration and the way my name rolled
off his tongue. What was even better was that it was reserved for me. Beyond those above him in
ranking, I was the only one I knew of whom he spoke to.

I didn’t know what happened to cause it, but even after he shut everyone else out as a teenager, he still
spoke to me if we were ever alone. It made me feel special, wanted.Joved.

Whenever we were alone, he spoke to me freely, but in front of others, he kept to himself. Yet, ever
since I decided to show him how I felt and made my first move, he had avoided any situation that would
cause us to be alone together.

I missed the sound of his voice. It was my favorite sound.

He hadn’t asked me to stop, and by the growing and impressive erection between his legs, I figured he
was okay with what was happening here. If he didn’t like what he was seeing or wanted me to stop, all
he had to do was say so. Until then, I would keep going.

My other hand went behind my back, easily unsnapping my bra, and I let it slide off my body.

The sound of the fabric hitting the ground was followed by his eyes dropping from mine to land on my
bare chest. I could feel my nipples harden under his watchful gaze. “Doing what, Tobias? Flirting with

He growled as I stared at his hard member resting against his stomach. I could tell by looking that he
was just the right size. No big enough to hurt but a generous enough size to fill me completely. He
leaned back in the chair as if he were a spectator at a show. And he was. If he wanted a show, I would
give him one.

I smiled wickedly when he pressed his lips together as I popped the button of my jeans free. His
nostrils flared, and I wanted to cheer in victory that I was finally getting a reaction from him. He was
attracted to me. His reaction said it all, and it was empowering.

“You’re not flirting.”

I raised my eyebrows in disbelief and amusement as he kept his grip on the chair, leaving himself on
display for me to admire. Everything about him, his broad and sculpted shoulders, his toned chest, the
subtle outline of abs, and his muscular thighs that I couldn’t wait to sit on… he was mouthwatering.

The zipper was next, and I pulled it down slowly as his gaze stayed locked on my hands, watching as I
slid my pants down and stepped out of them. The black lace thong was the only fabric remaining, and
from the heated look in his eyes, he liked it.

I hooked the fabric with my thumbs, slowly pulling on them teasingly but not removing them. I knew
how wolves worked. I knew he could smell my desire, that I was wet for him. But he was probably used
to it. I was almost always turned on when he was around. At this point, he should expect it from me.

It didn’t make sense for Tobias to not know that I had been crushing on him as a teenager or that I was
in love with him now. He should have been able to smell my desire for him, at the very least. It was one
of the reasons why I hadn’t made a move until now. He could have acted on my lust for him at any time
but never did.

Not until now.

Tobias let out a low growl when I put the fabric of my panties back in place, letting my hands run up my
stomach to my breasts as I moved toward him.

I wasn’t going to do all the work. I wanted him to be the one to take my panties off and seal the deal.

I leaned forward, placing my hands on the top of the chair back as I waited for him to say something.
Over the past few months, I had touched, flirted with, and tried to tease him to the best of my abilities,
but this was my most brazen attempt yet.

When he didn’t move or say anything, I lifted one knee, sliding it between his thigh and the arm of the
chair. I felt victorious when he moved his leg to make room for me. His hand grabbed my hip, holding
me steady as I pulled my other knee onto the chair and straddled him.

I held myself over him with my breasts in line with his face. His fast breathing matched mine, and I let
my hands settle on his chest. The light layer of hair there was coarse but softer than I expected,
causing me to want to discover every part of him until I knew his body like the back of my hand.

I looked up, seeing he was staring at my face instead of my body, and I raised an eyebrow in a silent
question as I began to lower my hips. His hands tightened on my sides, pulling me down until I sat on

his hardness. The wet fabric between my legs was irritating. I wanted to strip down bare and have him
rub his warm cock against my clit. Better yet, to sink deep inside me.

The moan that broke free had been an accident, and I bit my lip as he growled in response, the sound
making more wetness pool between my legs for him.

“Do you not want to touch me?” My hand slid down his arm, grabbed his wrist, and pulled his hand from
my hip up to my breast. His large calloused palm moved willingly to cup me, gently massaging my
breast. I gasped as he pinched my nipple between two fingers expertly, and my hips rocked against his
in response.

“You have always been impatient, beautiful.”

I paused at his response. He sounded distracted as he continued to fondle me, but how he said it made
it sound like an insult. It wasn’t my fault that I had grown tired of waiting. I had been in love with the
man for fifteen years. That was long enough.

“I have been very patient, actually. Now, I want you to touch me, or would you prefer to taste me

My hips wiggled against his, and I moaned as he pushed my hips down with his other hand and rubbed
his length against me.

“It’s not just about what you want.” His deep voice made me look up at him, and I found him watching
me closely as if he were trying to read my mind. “I want to touch you. I want to feel you against me.”

I gasped as he reached up and slid his fingers into the hair on the side of my head, pulling it to the side
so he could run his nose along my neck until his lips reached my ear, and growled a promise I would
never forget. “I would fuck you so good that you would feel me inside you for days. I would make you

cum so hard that even when you’re touching yourself at night, years from now, you can’t cum without
thinking of me.”

My head dropped back as my heart filled with happiness at his words. He wanted me.

I wanted to tell him I already thought of him when I touched myself, but I bit my tongue. Some secrets I
could keep to myself. It would do nothing for me if I told him that, and he wanted nothing more than a
one-night stand. I would never be able to get off without him again because I never could before.

It would do more than just ruin sex for me if this ended after one night. It would completely shatter my

He growled, and my eyes opened as I looked down at him. From how hard he was, I knew he was
attracted to me, but did he want more like I did.

“What’s stopping you? I’ve been flirting with you for months.” I whispered, leaning down and hovering
my mouth over his. I had been dreaming about kissing him for years. It felt like it was too good to be
true. All of my dreams would be coming true. He openly admitted his desire for me, and based on his
impressive size and skillful hands, he would give me a night to remember. If everything went well, he
would be mine by sunrise.

“This isn’t flirting. You’re seducing me, sweetheart.” His hold on me tightened, and I pressed my breast
further into his palm as he continued to touch me and rock his hips in time with mine. My breathing
came out in short pants, and I knew he could feel my wetness through my panties.

‘What’s so wrong with that? Does it not feel good for you?” I whispered, enjoying our game but wanting
it to end so we could finally get what we both wanted. As much as I wanted to reach down and slide my
panties to the side so he could sink deep into me, I was still waiting for him to make that move.

Instead, it was my heart that dropped as he spoke.

“You still don’t understand. I don’t want you to seduce me.1

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