The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 112

The Beast And The Blessed

Seven: Joselin

Joselin’s P.O.V.

Natalie dodged effortlessly as I swung at her. It was challenging to balance the need to get my
frustration out and not hurt her. I knew she could handle herself, but I was going easy on her, and she
knew it.

’This is ridiculous,” Natalie said as she stopped. “Are you trying to let me win?”

She placed her hands on her hips, and her glare made me smile. “Yes. It’s to boost your confidence, so
when I take you to the ground in a minute, you won’t be upset by how easily I do it.”

Several people laughed, including Natalie. She threw her head back. Her long brown hair was in a high
ponytail and swayed behind her slightly as she let out the musical sound. She may not have grown up
as royalty, but she sure had it mastered after the few months she had been here.

Everything about her was flawless, and I was positive that if she were to shit her pants right now, she
would still find a way to do it with dignity and grace.

“Then perhaps you need a stronger opponent to really challenge you.” Her smile widened, and I saw a
mischievous glint flash in her eye as her gaze flickered over my shoulder. I didn’t need to turn around to
know Tobias was lifting weights on the other side of the large room.

From the second he entered the room, I felt his eyes on me, making me second-guess every move I
made. It was impossible to focus with him here, but I did what I needed to do. Until the pain in my chest
stopped, I needed to pretend everything was the same as a few months ago. A time when we were

friends and civil. I had kept my feelings to myself as much as possible and hadn’t fallen all over myself
trying to get him to notice me as more… and, in turn, fell all over him too.

“Don’t interfere, Natalie,” I said lowly, praying that he couldn’t hear me but knowing he would. Still, my
heart dropped, and my hands went clammy when I heard the sound of large weights falling to the

“I didn’t even say anything.” She shrugged, but I could feel him moving closer. Natalie leaned in,
whispering into my ear softly. ’I really didn’t. I promise, not even through the link. This is all him.”

She winked as she pulled back, and my eyes widened as I felt him stop only a few feet away, sending
her a silent plea to be a good friend and save me from him. I wasn’t ready to touch him again, not so
soon. She looked torn, and for a moment, I thought she would help me out of this, that she had seen
the pain and defeat on my face.

The low growl behind me made every muscle in my back tense, and I turned slowly, keeping my gaze
on his chest. A light sheen of sweat covered his torso, his muscles swollen and bulging from his
workout. He had the kind of build that made me want to toss any pride I had left aside and climb him
like a tree in front of everyone.

“I am done training for today, actually.” As soon as I spun toward the training field to get some air, his
hand wrapped around my wrist. My head snapped up to Natalie, but she had her back to me as she
moved to one of the open treadmills.


The heat of his hand felt like I was being burned, and the fleeting thought that I could be okay with a
scar of his hand around my arm swam through my mind. It would be his mark, even if it wasn’t the one I
wanted. I would be able to carry it with me forever.

I closed my eyes as I realized just how insane this man had made me. It was unnatural.

I hated how much of a hold he had over me. My lips pressed together in irritation as I ripped my arm
out of his grip, my anger fueling me as I swung my arm around for a punch.

If he wanted to insist on sparring, so be it.

His arm lifted, blocking my attack with his forearm. I jumped to the side as he swung his leg around to
knock my feet out from beneath me.

Tobias cocked one eyebrow at me, and I could see he was enjoying this. It was a sick game of cat and
mouse as I threw jab after jab at him and dodged his attacks. His smirk and the heated look in his eye
only made me hit harder.

Every move and touch felt sensual, awakening my body as we danced around each other on the mat. It
was torture, and I knew as his eyes melted from their usual brown to black that he could smell the
effect he was having on me.

The collection of pack members coming in to watch from the training field made the room grow so loud
that it was distracting, but I did my best to push them to the back of my mind.

I gasped as he hooked his leg around mine, taking me to the ground. The impact of my back on the
mat knocked the breath out of me, but my head was cradled in the palm of his hand. He wasted no
time setting it down as he straddled me, his hands pinning my arms down by my head.

His lips were mere inches from mine, and his eyes glanced down to my mouth, making me hold my
breath. My usual confidence had taken a blow last night, or I would have lifted my head up and met him
halfway, kissing him for the first time in front of everyone.

But I wasn’t ready to face that kind of rejection again, not so soon. I felt like Tobias was playing with me
like a toy.

At least when I had been making an advance on him, I actually wanted him. I wanted all of him.

He just enjoyed my attention.

I was positive I could feel him getting turned on where he was pressed against me, and while it was
invigorating last night, right now, I felt like I was the butt of a joke. A very mean joke.

If this was his payback for the bug in his food, he was taking it too far.

His warm breath fanned against my lips, and I felt my heart stop as he began to lean down.

“I don’t like this.” The whisper made him pause, but I had shoved him away with my magic before he
could stand on his own. He flew through the air to the other side of the mat and landed on his back,
growling as I scampered to my feet.

Everyone was staring, and I could feel my skin vibrating as the runes and knots that decorated my
body buzzed with humiliation.

“Joselin?” Natalie called out, but I didn’t want to look at her. She was my only friend, and the rogue
voices in my head warned me that if I opened my mouth to speak to her, I would say something I would

“We are done here.” My clipped tone seemed to surprise Tobias as his growl ceased, and he leaned
forward to rest his arms on his knees. I knew he was confused, trying to figure out how this game
between us was working; what the rules were.

I admit that it was a game at first. I had enjoyed pulling a reaction from him over the past few months. It
made me happy to see how his eyes would follow me, wondering what I would do next and admiring
the different outfits I had picked out and worn just for him.

Then the game grew old when I finally accepted that he wasn’t interested. Now that I decided to step
back, he suddenly wanted to play. But was he in it for the entertainment and attention, or did he want to

Either way, he did not deserve to see me in my moment of weakness. None of them did.

I could feel his stare on my back as I lifted my chin and strode from the room like I owed the fucking
place. I wasn’t his toy to play with, emotional or physical. If he wanted me, he could have me, but it was
all or nothing.

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