The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 114

The Beast And The Blessed

Nine: Tobias

Tobias’s P.O.V.

‘I don’t like this.”

The words continued to run through my mind, flooding me with guilt as I tried to understand what I had
done wrong. Joselin had called it flirting, and I called it seducing, but in the end, we were both enjoying
each other.

I didn’t want her to seduce me. I wanted her to fall in love with me.

I leaned back on the couch, needing a minute to myself while Natalie was with Killian. I was no longer
on her full-time detail as her bodyguard, but as I was on-call and worried about the new threat Joselin
was looking into, I was staying close.

Joselin was the only positive thing about being stuck in the castle all day. Having her around made
dealing with the rest of the council members tolerable. Still, I felt out of my mind, surrounded by all
these women trying to kill each other constantly, even more so now that I had upset Joselin.

I thought we were having fun, flirting, and sparring. But she didn’t like it.

I needed to talk to her about it, but she seemed more determined than ever to avoid me. Something
that she hadn’t done in a long time. How could I understand what I had done wrong when the infuriating
woman wouldn’t speak to me?

“You look tense. Want to talk about it?”

I glanced down, my top lip curling up in disgust as a hand was placed on my shoulder from behind the
couch. Her long grey nails curled to have their points against the skin of my chest, and I bit back a
groan of annoyance. She was a council member, one that I was very familiar with.

Rona laughed at her own joke as she moved around the arm of the couch, her hand sliding across my
shoulders and the back of my neck as she did so.

She had been a little terror as a child, and I knew she was just as bad as an adult. It had been an
enormous disappointment when her mother died. As soon as the news reached the kingdom, I could
feel Joselin’s turmoil at the realization that she would have to work with Rona now.

“Oh, come on. Don’t be so serious.”

I refused to look at her, staring straight ahead as she sat on the couch next to me, so close that her
thigh pressed against mine.

My beast bristled with irritation, and I ignored her, checking in with one of the guards stationed outside
the hallway of Killian’s office to see if Joselin had left yet. She wouldn’t get away from me without telling
me what I had done wrong and how I could make it up to her.

I knew she wasn’t so arrogant as to be angry that I had bested her in front of a crowd. She had never
had a problem with that before. It used to just make her try harder to win. It was one of the things I
admired about her.

My quiet solitude had been interrupted by Rona. But it was entirely destroyed by a group of warriors
entering the sitting room to relax on their break. If I couldn’t wait here alone, I would just go into
Joselin’s tower and wait for her there.

The guard confirmed she was on her way down, and I tried not to smile at the news.

I pushed off the arm of the couch, ready to stand but freezing when Rona lifted her legs and placed
them over my lap.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what makes you tick for a while now. What it is that you like. I think the
silent act is all a game, and you probably like

being in control.” She placed one hand on my chest as she leaned in, her other resting on my knee as
she let out a low, airy giggle that made my skin crawl. “Is that it? Do you like taking control, Tobias?”

I almost snorted as I imagined tying her up and leaving her hanging in the dungeons. Maybe then she
would get the hint.

My beast was ready to come forward, to take control and rip the wicked witch’s legs from her body to
get them off me, but I held him back. I couldn’t disrespect a council member, especially one as crazy as

I lifted my hands, not wanting to touch her. But without physically removing her, it didn’t seem like she
was going anywhere.

Joselin’s scent tickled my nose, and I felt my beast calm as I looked up and saw her standing in the
doorway. Her hands were in fists at her sides as she glared not at the woman putting me in this
uncomfortable situation but at me. She was livid. The designs on her skin vibrated quickly like she were
a bomb ready to explode.

I jumped up, ignoring the malicious laugh next to me as Rona’s feet roughly hit the ground. She knew
exactly what she was doing.

“Josie,” Rona called out, standing up next to me. I started moving away from Rona, stepping toward
Joselin but pausing when she backed up. The pain on her face was quickly masked by anger, and I

shook my head as I silently denied whatever story or theory she had brewing in her brain. “Don’t you
just love a man who takes control? I was just learning how Tobias loves to dominate in the bedroom.”

Joselin’s head turned as her eyes fell on the redhead next to me. “I warned you that today was not the
day for you to start your shit.”

My eyes widened as Joselin thrust her hand forward, sending Rona across the room and through the
window. The sound of the glass shattering was followed by guards running to the source of the noise.
Those already in the room stood frozen, watching with wide eyes.

”0h, this is going to be fun.” Rona chuckled as she stood in the grass, shaking the pieces of glass from
her hair. A small shard stuck out of her cheek, and she pulled it out without flinching, letting her blood
drip from her cheek and onto the ground.

Joselin flickered for a moment before appearing on the other side of the window, a twisted smile on her
perfect lips. “I’ve been looking forward to this for years.”

My bones popped as I jumped through the window, shifting into my Lycan form as quickly as possible
to stand by Joselin’s side. I may not have magic, but I could fight for her until my last breath.

The fact that she was willing to fight for me too, made me hopeful that there could be more between us
one day. I let out a snarl as Rona walked forward, flinging her hands in front of her as she threw rapid
castings at Joselin. I wasn’t concerned about Joselin’s ability to handle herself. Still, I was relieved as
my witch easily blocked each attack without any effort.

If anything, Joselin looked bored, angering Rona even more.

Joselin rushed forward when Rona was only a few feet away, slamming her fist into Rona’s face. I let
out a growl of excitement, eager for my chance to defend my woman but enjoying watching my little

warrior witch kicking ass.

Rona’s head snapped to the side, and Joselin pulled her arm back to strike again.

I didn’t understand why she wasn’t using her magic, but I knew how good a solid punch felt, and I think
Joselin needed to get it out of her system. Her whole body seemed to relax as she let out her anger in
the hit.

“That is enough!” Natalie shouted, using her powers to separate the two women. “I am tired of always
having to break up fights!”

Joselin didn’t bother to struggle against the hold Natalie had on her, but Rona was furious. “She tried to
kill me!”

“And I’m sure you were the instigator!” Natalie yelled back, her power pushing out around her, making
me want to submit to the Queen.

Rona went silent and crossed her arms with a glare but eventually gave in, submitting to Natalie.
Natalie growled lowly, and Rona lowered her head even more before turning and walking off.

Joselin also dropped her head and turned to walk away, with me following right on her heels. Her
actions only added to my questions. Had she been fighting for me?

She didn’t bother closing the door behind her as she took off up the winding staircase of her tower to
her study.

“You didn’t need to do that,” I smirked, crossing my arms as I noticed she avoided looking at my naked
form. “I didn’t touch her or encourage her. But you fighting over me was really fucking hot.”

Her back stiffened, and I was tempted to walk up and start rubbing her shoulders, maybe trail a line of
kisses between her shoulder blades. “Don’t worry, Tobias. You made your stance clear. I’m not going to

keep throwing myself at you. Your virtue is safe.”

She snorted as she forced a laugh, just like she would have before she had become open about her
attraction to me. The knowledge that she wouldn’t touch me or try to get my attention anymore made
me feel empty and cold. My beast was livid inside me, and I held him back from taking control as I tried
to figure out how to tell Joselin to wait a little longer for me.

Joselin carefully pulled the ring off her swollen knuckle, lifting it to be seen clearly in the sunlight. The
wet, crimson-red liquid on the stone’s setting made me feel pride for my witch. Having the blood of an
enemy was a powerful tool. “Besides, I got exactly what I was there for.”

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