The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 117

The Beast And The Blessed

Twelve: Joselin

Joselin’s P.O.V.

I was a woman on a mission. Nothing would stop me, and if anyone tried, there would be hell to pay.

The cold metal tray in my hands was dirty but empty as I carried it down the hallway. I wouldn’t let
anyone, not Killian or Tobias, bring me down again. Yet, my eyes seemed to move on their own across
each face I passed, looking for Tobias and failing to find him.

The guards dipped their heads to me as I strode past them, my heels clicking against the floor as I
approached the king’s office door. There was no knocking, no warning of my entrance as I shoved the
door open.

Killian growled at the rude and unwelcome interruption but didn’t bother getting up. Natalie was sitting
on his lap and greeted me with a smile. I couldn’t return it.

’Joselin,” Killian greeted, and I stopped before his desk, ignoring the man sitting in the visitor’s chair to
my left. There was a moment of silence as I stared down at my best friend and his mate before tossing
the dirty tray onto the wooden surface between us. A few crumbs bounced out, and I felt satisfied when
his anger melted away and was replaced with realization. “Shit, Josie. We were…”

“This better be good.” I snapped, and Natalie looked between us, confused. ’After all the shit I have
done for the two of you and have put up with because of you, I would love to hear this.”

“Hm,” The man hummed, and I looked down at the blonde as he eyed me with appreciation. “You look
even more beautiful this morning. How is that possible?”

I blinked down at him, feeling my anger melting away a small fraction before I forced my eyes away
from Holden. His green eyes were a shade lighter than Natalie’s, and I had to scold myself when I
immediately found myself comparing them to the brown of Tobias’s.

“You two have met?” Natalie asked, but a suspicious undertone refueled my anger toward them.

‘Yes, we met last night when you and your mate stood me up.” Natalie flinched but looked surprised as
I turned my glare from her to Killian. “So, let’s have it. What was your excuse this time?”

“There were a few personal matters to attend to,” Killian said, his voice short and clipped. It was
Natalie’s cheeks growing pink that gave him away.

“One hour. That was all I asked of you.” My voice dropped, but my anger was still there, bubbling
beneath the surface. “We have been best friends for fifteen years. I pushed it aside when your mate
accused me of sleeping with you. I’ve accepted that you no longer wish to be alone with me for more
than a few minutes at a time, and even then, you keep the door open to stop Natalie from getting upset
or worried about our friendship.”

“Hold on now. I didn’t know about any of this.” Natalie argued, and while she looked angry, I was
pleasantly surprised that she kept her magic under control. She was improving. No matter how angry I
was and how certain I was sure she would make my job obsolete soon, I was still proud of her.

“Which makes it even worse because once again, he didn’t want to be alone with me, said he would
bring you, and then didn’t even tell you about it. That tells me that he never intended to show up at all.”
I wished I had a beast like them at that moment. At least then, I could have growled at Killian as he
lifted his hand to silence me like I was one of his annoying underlings, complaining about some
irrelevant bullshit.

“I know you are upset and have the right to be. I got distracted and didn’t mean to stand you up.” We
stood staring at each other, waiting for the

other to break. I had the feeling he was waiting for me to accept that as his apology while I was waiting
for an actual one and maybe hoping he had the desire to reschedule to be there for me.

But he had told me time and time again. He was a king. He apologized to no one.

It was so rare that he ever said he was sorry to me, and even with our friendship crumbling, he wouldn’t
do it. “You really don’t see it still, do you?”

Killian opened his mouth to speak, but I saw him thinking over my question.

’Killian, I asked you as my friend to be there for me when I needed you. I asked for one hour of your
time, and that was too much for you. You are a good person and a great king, but you don’t understand
the difference between making something a priority and making it your only priority.

Charlie was begging you for years for you to be there for her…” I watched his shoulders hunch down
slightly, and Natalie got off his lap, keeping her hand on his shoulder.

“That’s not fair, Joselin.” She scolded, and I tried to push aside my annoyance, knowing she was only
defending her mate and wasn’t intentionally trying to be rude. “He has a million things he has to split his
time between.”

Killian looked at a loss for words. I knew if I could read his mind, I would hear the same thing he always
bitched to me about when it came to his sister Charlie. He was always so frustrated that she constantly
demanded more from him and for him to ‘be better’ when he felt he was already trying his hardest. He
told me how frustrating it was when he had nothing more to give, yet here I was doing the same thing.

Even I had to admit that he had been getting better since finding Natalie, but he still had a lot of
growing to do, just as I did. We all did. No one was perfect, and I kept trying to remind myself of that as
I forced my disappointment down.

I waited another moment for him to say something, but he seemed to be at a genuine loss for words for
once in his life.

“Yeah, I know that. But before he found you, I spent the last fifteen years supporting him through
everything with his parents and his coronation. I buried myself in his work to help keep the weight on
his shoulders from crushing him. I have put up with a lot of shit, and I get our relationship won’t ever be
the same now that he has you as his person instead of me.” I turned to look at Killian, seeing the pain
on his face but not sparing him any more of my pity or concern.

“I had just hoped that our relationship would have been one of the things he felt was important enough
to put some of his time into, even if it meant both of you hanging out for one hour and eating a fucking
brownie with me. It really didn’t seem like it was too much to ask for, but maybe I was wrong. ■

I needed a break, but I couldn’t afford one. How could I take time off when there was a potential threat
in the castle? It would have been easier if it was just a threat to me, but not knowing what they were
planning made it so that, once again, I had to put others before myself.

“I’m taking the day off,” I said, realizing I wouldn’t get anywhere with Killian, not today or in front of a
stranger. Holden may have been Natalie’s biological brother, but Killian had enough pride not to give up
his cold king act in front of someone he barely knew.

“Wait, I wanted to talk to you.” Holden grabbed hold of my arm as I started to teleport. Even if the
darkness had begun to scare me, where I wanted to go was too far away to travel by foot or car in one

I looked at him with wide eyes as we entered the darkness. It wasn’t the first time someone grabbed
me while I was traveling to the other side, and

I was sure it wouldn’t be the last. “Why does everyone keep grabbing me?”

Holden looked panicked as he glanced into the emptiness, his fingers loosening on my arm.

“No!” I shouted as the connection between us started to break. “Don’t let go!”

My hand shot out, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him to me until our bodies touched. His
free hand immediately found my hip, holding my body against his as the cold air of the ocean blew
across my skin.

“That was new,” He murmured, but I couldn’t let go. It didn’t matter who he was or his relation to

It had been so long since anyone had held me. The closest I had gotten to physical comfort in years
had been Killian, throwing his arm over my shoulders a couple of weeks ago like he used to do when
we were teenagers. Every other touch had been sparring or meaningless sex that did nothing to make
me feel better.

I didn’t need to say anything. Holden seemed to understand, and his arms wrapped around me tightly.

Several minutes passed as I listened to the waves crashing and the subtle enchanting song from the
rocks below. They would soon give up when they realized it was no use.

I pulled back, nodding as I whispered a ‘thank you.’

“Is it safe to let go now?” His hands moved to my biceps as he looked down at me, and I pushed aside
my humiliation from letting my emotions get the best of me in front of him. Still, I had hit my breaking
point, and I needed it.

I nodded, pulling away and turning toward the ocean. It was a sharp drop down, nearly 100 feet to the
water from where we stood. The airy song from below faded off as they recognized my magic. They
knew there would be no snack here for them today.

“I am impressed. Most people throw up their first time.” My heels dug into the ground, and I kicked
them off, letting my toes sink into the soft grass.

“It wasn’t my first time. Aurora brought me here that way when I met her a couple of days ago, but how
she did it was different. It was bright and easy. When you teleported, it was dark and didn’t feel right.” I
heard him approaching me as his voice grew louder.

I looked over my shoulder at him, my arms moving up to wrap around my torso to protect myself from
the chilled breeze. That was interesting news, and it made me eager to talk to Aurora, Natalie’s mother
when I got back home. But I was in no rush to leave just yet.

’Is this your place?” Holden asked, walking closer to the edge. I watched as he looked around with
fascination. “Where you go when you want to be free?”

Free… such an interesting choice of words.

Considering that I had nothing forcing me to stay in the castle, I had a lot that I wanted to stay for. No
matter how hard it all was, that was a part of being a family.

’I am free. I had been locked away for a long time before finding my home there. This is just where I go
when I need air.” My eyes closed, and my

head tilted back as I listened to the sound of the ocean and enjoyed the smell of the salt water.

When I opened them again, Holden had moved closer to the edge. He was looking down into the rocks
and water below, and I knew they were calling to him.

“I wouldn’t get that close if I were you,” I warned, stepping up next to him as I looked down to see the
naked woman sunbathing on the rocks. Her long blonde hair was fanned out around her, and I saw her
seductive smile grow more prominent when she saw me. Holden looked taken by the siren, and I

placed my hand on his forearm, snapping him back to the present as he lifted his foot to join her other
victims at the bottom of the ocean.

He growled in agitation, taking several steps back but pulling me with him, shielding me behind him
from the creature below.

“She’s as much fun as she looks. It’s when she tries to eat you after that kills the mood.”

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