The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 374

Mission Complete

"Albert, go bring William here,” Noah ordered without raising his head.

Madeline knocked a waitress out in the washroom. She then wore her clothes and put on some makeup.
She even wore a pair of colorful contact lenses. Nobody could recognize her.

In fact, Madeline had scanned the restaurant just now. It seemed that Trenton’s men were temporarily
recruited. No one would recognize her if she dressed up like a waitress.

Trenton must have planted the bombs somewhere in the restaurant to kill them all. Madeline had to find
them before she ran out of time.

However, the restaurant was big. Moreover, there were many customers during lunch time. Madeline had
a hard time moving in between Trenton’s men and the real customers.

"Who are you? Why did you kidnap us?" Paolo asked. He was horrified. Since he lost the election and
was involved in human trafficking cases, he had met a lot of strange encounters.

Nonetheless, he had never been kidnapped before. It was the first time he felt life-threatening.

“The person who kidnapped you is not me. It’s Trenton. He lured you and me here and wants to blow up
this place to kill us all. He will then put the blame on your enemies so that they won’t give him trouble!”
Noah explained.

Paolo knew who Trenton was after what happened last time. He believed Noah’s words as Trenton was
indeed someone like that.

Nonetheless, Paolo had no idea why Noah wanted to save them by kidnapping them.

"What do you want?" Paolo’s wife, Winnie Rossi asked.

“All the results and findings in Trenton’s biological lab!” Noah got straight to the point. He did not want to
waste time beating around the bush.

“What?” Paolo was stunned. He could not help but widen his eyes. He spent more than ten years
working on experiments and tests in the lab. How could he give all of them to Noah?

“Well, looks like both of you think the lab results and findings are more precious than your life!” Noah did
not want to argue. He bent down to retrieve the masking tape from the ground.

Winnie was horrified. Noah seemed not easy to deal with. Immediately, she gave in. “Okay, okay. We will
give them all to you.”

“Are you crazy? Do you know how much money our lab findings are? It’s a huge fortune producing
vaccines after the pandemic. We’ll lose everything if we give him all the results!” Paolo exclaimed.

Hearing that, Noah made a silent gesture again.

Paolo avoided Noah’s gaze. Although Noah was smiling, he looked somehow frightening.

“I don’t care! Money is not important to me. You can stay here but I’m leaving.” Winnie scowled. She had
to make a rational decision in a situation like this.

“I’ll give you five seconds to think it over.” With that, Noah looked at the timer on his phone.

Time was ticking away. Paolo and Winnie were sweating profusely.

It was not until the last second that they finally gave in. In the end, they had no choice but to tell Noah
where they stored their findings in the lab.

Noah and Madeline found a lot of drugs in Trenton’s lab before. However, they could not find Madeline’s
special remedy. With that, they knew Paolo must have stored his findings somewhere else.

Noah asked his men to go to Trenton’s lab. It was not until they found Paolo’s findings that Noah
released Paolo and Winnie.

“Trenton’s men are all over the place. You guys can only climb down from here. Someone will pick you
up downstairs.”

Paolo took a look outside the window. Luckily, they were only on the fifth floor.

After seeing Paolo and Winnie climbing down the window, Noah called Madeline straightaway.

“Mission complete.”

“I also found the bombs. One is in the middle of the restaurant and another one is attached to a middle-
aged woman with a daughter.”

“Bring them to a safe place.”

“I can’t. Someone is watching them. Moreover, the bomb is hidden inside the belt. I don’t think the
woman knows there are explosives inside. Damn it. They knew we wouldn't harm civilians.” At the
thought of it, Madeline was mad.

Hearing that, Noah frowned.

“They are going to the washroom, and a waiter is following them. Be careful,” Madeline said and
hurriedly followed them.

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