Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 51

My Whole Body Wants It

When Aaron kissed me again, I felt my lips ache. They were already sore, but still, I responded eagerly.

I decided to let myself enjoy it. He was great at it after all.

At first Aaron nibbled on my lips as if he was expressing his frustration, but once I started kissing him
back, he became much more gentle.

I laughed inwardly. He made me feel like a giddy teenager.

And then I suddenly realized that Aaron was wrong about one thing. This was my house. I wasn’t the
one offering myself to him. He was here to give himself to me.

Aaron’s lips trailed down my neck. They licked, kissed, and sucked the entire way. I reminded him not
to mark me there since it’d be nearly impossible to cover up, but he hummed and squeezed my breast
in protest. The tingling sensation made my scalp tingle and I nearly screamed out.

He kissed his way to my breast, where his tongue swirled around my nipple as he teased it with his

I felt like an electric current was running through my body, and I rubbed my legs together as my whole
body begged for more of him.

But at this point, he stopped to ask me, “Do you want it?”

I didn’t want to answer, so I just took his face in my hands and kissed it. That was obvious enough.

He seemed pleased by my nonverbal response, and he kept his lips on mine while he got busy taking
off my clothes. His hand glided down my body until his fingers sank into my wet

tunnel. They curled and twisted inside me, and it almost sounded like splashes as they picked up

It was deliciously erotic, but it wasn’t enough. After my release, my lust only grew.

When I came down from my high, Aaron’s pants were off and he was positioned between my legs.
“Want more?”

Feeling the fiery hardness beneath me, I rolled my eyes in exasperation. “Hurry up. Vincent could be
back any-”

He grabbed my waist and rammed into me, and I screamed. All I could do was hold onto his arms for
dear life, like a small boat rocked by a vicious storm. I was at his mercy as I rose and fell with his

“Aaron… S-slow down…” My volume peaked every time he thrust into me.

“When will you finally leave him?”


I hadn’t expected him to ask something like that now of all times. Did he care so much that it distracted
him from f*cking me?

When I didn’t answer, he slammed into me even harder, like a machine.

His pettiness made my anger flare, and I was even more adamant about not answering his question.

But he was also fierce. I could’ve sworn I saw his eyes glow red before he suddenly lowered his head
and bit my breast.

I yelped as my body tensed. “Aaron!”

He was too lost in the pleasure to care. He laid all of his weight on me as he growled low.

Aaron’s voice was beautiful, and his panting in bed was even better. It was so mouthwatering that it felt
like my ears wete melting, but then I wondered if this was how he sounded to all the other women he’d
slept with.

It made me jealous.

He reached up and kissed me on the mouth, then buried his face in the crook of my neck and kept
f*cking me harder and faster. I couldn’t hold back my gasps and moans. Suddenly, I curled my toes and
dug my nails into his arm when I reached my climax again.

By the time it was over, my voice was h*a*r*e and my legs were shaking.

“Still mad?” Aaron grinned and came over to kiss me, and I was so angry I turned my head away from
him. He was lying next to me, with his arm around my waist and his chin resting on my shoulder.

When he finally stopped talking, I couldn’t help but turn my head to look at him. I found him looking at
me quietly, his blue eyes filled with a tenderness that I could’ve gotten lost in.

At that moment, my heart fluttered. I averted my eyes in panic.

“Are your legs still sore? Let me massage them.” With that, Aaron’s hand moved to my thigh. He was
kneading it just

right, and I let out a low hum of relief.

I didn’t speak as I relaxed and enjoyed his service. He owed me this much. It was only fair.

While I was lying there, I calmed down and thought about our relationship. I knew my feelings toward
him were changing, and that wasn’t a good sign. If we took things beyond being friends with benefits, it

would end badly for both of us.

This had to end. Now.

After a long silence, I cleared my throat and said, “Was that good?”

“It was.” He smiled, and he seemed genuinely satisfied.

I pursed my lips for a moment, then continued. “I thought so too… Tonight was a perfect way to end our

I didn’t even turn my head to look at him, but I could still feel his anger.

I was about to say something else when Aaron suddenly rolled on top of me again. He stared at me
with a blank expression. “The bed isn’t even cold, and you’re already talking about cutting me off?”


Then there was a knock on the front door.

“Honey? I’m back!”

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