Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 58


My mind went blank and I stammered, “Dr. Julian, I don’t
think that’s appropriate… Maybe you should find someone else to go…”

“Nonsense, I’m sure you’ll do fine. Mr. Morris praised your hypothesis and called your experiments
constructive. You were the one who produced our latest results, so it’s only right that you present them.

He adjusted his glasses and continued. “What’s more is
that I know you will not let me down. You’re the leading female researcher on our team.”

That didn’t mean much. I was the only female researcher.

In the
end, I couldn’t get Dr. Julian to change his mind. I shuddered and thought back to the last message Aar
on sent me: “You’ll regret this.”

I didn’t think it would happen so soon. It’s only been two days!

I was full of regrets. We weren’t just emotionally involved, we were financially committed! He was one
of our investors!

If I offend Aaron, he might withdraw as a partner. That would affect the whole lab! Our
funds will be cut, we won’t be able to conduct experiments, and
I’ll become everyone’s enemy. The mere thought made my knees feel weak.

The presentation was supposed to be at Aaron’s company headquarters. Dr. Julian said he
was too busy with lectures to accompany me, so I would have to

go to Aaron’s office by myself. The thought of going to Aaron’s place of work made me
feet even more uncertain.

But what goes around comes around.

I prepared my documents overnight, had dinner early the next morning, and
hightailed it to Aaron’s company building.

Dr. Julian sent me the address, and I was surprised to see that the building was located on Wall Street.

I knew Aaron was rich, but I never expected this.

I was dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans while I held my papers in
my hand. I looked out of place in the crowd of suits and
ties, like a tourist who’d gotten lost. I’d been to this part of the city with Vincent, and I hadn’t felt nearly
as anxious.

Last night, I was standing in front of my closet and stressing over my outfit.
I nearly wore a black dress before I gave up and opted for a casual look.

Damn it, Olive, this wasn’t a date!

But standing in front of Aaron’s office, I realized that overdressing would’ve been impossible.

I was acutely aware that Aaron and I were completely different people. He was a big man at the top of
the social pyramid, and I was
just an ordinary person at the bottom. We never could’ve been together in a meaningful capacity.

When I reminded myself of the vast gap between us, it reinforced my
determination to stay away from him. Personally, at least. Moving forward, we should only ever see eac
h other as business partners.

I cleared my mind, took a deep breath, and walked into Aaron’s company building.


That was when I met the receptionist.

The lady at the front desk was wearing a crisp Dior suit. Her blonde hair was smoothly slicked behind h
er head,

highlighting her Chanel pearl earrings, but my attention was completely drawn to her fingernails.

Her nails made her hands look twice as long. How could anyone function with nails like that?

“Hi, I’m Dr. Olive Woords. I’m here to give our regular progress report to Mr. Morris.” I politely introduce
d myself.

“You have an appointment? For what time?” The receptionist gave me a patronizing look.

Her voice was sweet, her words were polite, and her smile was


And she just rolled her eyes!


“Yes…? For this morning.”

“The morning, hm?” She waved her long, delicate nails as she flipped through a pad of paper. It didn’t e
ven look like she read anything before she closed it. The whole time, she
wore that polite, plastic smile. “Our morning appointment
is already checked in. Are you sure you’re here at the right time?”

“Yes, I’m sure I’m supposed to see him now.” I was confused. Dr.
Julian confirmed with Aaron directly that the presentation would be in a few minutes.

“Right. Well, you’d better go back wherever you came from

and come back when it’s time for your appointment.” She grinned smugly.

I didn’t know why she was so sure I wasn’t supposed to be here, but her attitude was really off–
putting. I came all the way here early in the morning, and she wanted to
kick me out before I even saw Aaron! I wasn’t about to leave so soon.

“Can I see the schedule?” I reached out and grabbed what I assumed was the visitor’s sheet. Cinder tol
d me that Aaron ran a tech company, so why were they tracking their visitors on paper?
Surely they had a computer program for this kind of thing.

“What are you doing?” The receptionist’s eyes widened at my movements. For the first time, her fake
smile wavered, and she swung her long nails in an attempt to snatch the paper back from me.

Now I understood why people had their nails done like that. They made for excellent weapons!

“I’ve seen a lot of our boss’s admirers, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone as desperate as you.”

I dodged her wild scratches and flipped the form over to read


It was blank.

“This isn’t even a schedule. Why won’t you
just let me go upstairs and see him?” I questioned the receptionist, waving the page around.

I don’t need a schedule to know what you’re here for” He

sweet tone instantly turned bitter. “This is Wall
Street, honey. If you want our boss to even look at you, you’d best
get changed. He doesn’t have time for an ordinary girl like you.”

My face felt numb. “Miss, I think you’re mistaken. I’m really just here to
show Mr. Morris our research report.”

But she wasn’t paying attention to me anymore. She picked up the phone and said, “Security, we have
another crazy woman trying to see the boss. Please escort her outside.”

With every word she said, my blood burned hotter. Eventually, I was so enraged that I
slammed the folder on the desk. “Are you kidding me?! I don’t even
like him! If he was the one pining after me, he’d have to get in line!” I huffed.

Then a soft laugh came from behind me.

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