Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 61

The Most Beautiful Woman in This World

“Go out with me. Just once.”

“That’s it?” I couldn’t believe my ears. No. I couldn’t believe how easily Aaron let me off the h*ok this

“What did you think I’d make you do?” Aaron’s lecherous gazı fell on me as if I stood naked in front of
him. “Or what you expected me to do?”

“Nothing!” I immediately knew what he was suggesting, so I blushed and hastily denied, since the first
thing occurred in my mind was SEX. G*d, why I became so h*rny…

“Do you want to go right now?” I changed the subject, too scared to continue this awkward topic.

“So impatient…” Aaron smirked.

“I just want to get it over with and go back to the lab.” | scowled.

“We can’t go right now, unfortunately. I have a meeting this afternoon, so I’ll have to meet you tonight.”
He handed me a credit card.

“What’s this for?” I was baffled.

“Buy yourself a nice dress, darling.” He leaned closer to me as his eyes scanned my body. “I think you
look s*xy in anything, but other people aren’t as… appreciative as I am.”

I blushed a deeper shade of red. Somehow, I knew that by ‘other people,’ he meant Vincent.

D*mn it.

I should’ve picked the black dress this morning.

I already lost track of all the mistakes I made today.

I glared at Aaron, reluctantly took the card from him, and . turned around to leave. Of course, he
stopped me again.

“What else do you want?” I huffed. “Is there a certain color dress you want? Or did you wanna give me
another card to buy matching jewelry?”

“Well,” he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “I was just gonna ask if you wanted to get Chinese. Since we
won’t go out until later.”

“That’s for you to decide.” I rolled my eyes and left.

This time, he didn’t stop me.

“And since you asked, I think you’d look great in a black dress. Something a bit bolder, you know?”

My response was smashing the door in front of him.

When I stood in the elevator with two other girls, I could not control but forced to listen in on their

“Did you hear? That b*tch Lilian was finally fired! Ha! She cried and marched straight to Aaron’s office,
but he shooed her away like she was nothing.” The blonde snickered.

I recognized her from Aaron’s conference room earlier today. OK. Aaron again. It seemed I could never
get rid of him… I rolled my eyes.

“She deserved it.” The other girl with dreadlocks laughed. “Who does she think she is? She a*ts like
Aaron’s all hers, sitting at her desk and making faces at any lady that walks in. It’s like she thinks Aaron

will look at her if she keeps all the other women away. She’s so s*upid.”

“Yeah, but… the little b*tch worked here for so long. Why’d they just fire her today?”

“She stopped the wrong person at the door.” The blonde girl lowered her voice. “You should’ve seen
Aaron’s face when he was called out in the middle of the meeting. I’ve been here for five years, and
I’ve never seen him just pick up and leave like that…”

“Ooh…” The girl with dreads gaped. “Who was it? Bill Gates? Donald Trump? Kanye West?”

“No, no, no. It must be a girl. Only girl had such magic to change a man completely. It must be the most
beautiful woman in this world who had conquered Aaron Morris.”

“Then I bet it was Kim Kardashian.”

“Yeah, men cannot resist that butt. I can see him rushing out of a meeting to see someone like her!”

They laughed their heads off.

All while I tried to shrink further into the corner. Hopefully, they wouldn’t recognize me as the person
who got Lilian fired. My brain was too busy trying to digest everything I’d just heard.

Did he fire his receptionist for me?

Just because she was rude? To me?

Am I look like Kim Kardashian?


My mind swirled with these thoughts until they finally converged on a single, outrageous explanation.

Did Aaron like me?

“You look gorgeous in this dress, miss.” The stylist gently smoothed the wrinkles out of my dress, jolting
me out of my thoughts. I stared at myself in the mirror.

Long curly red hair, snow-white skin, and a tight black dress that outlined every inch of my curves. It
seemed a little small. It made my breasts look like they were about to be squeezed out. The fabric
stretched tightly over my a*s, as if it was ready to split open at any second.

I rarely wore tight dresses. In fact, most of the ones I own were the loose-fitting kind from Zara. Who in
their right mind would dress up in a s*xy outfit to go to a research lab?

All of the experiments that day would end up failing. Instant karma.

“Wow… I am beautiful.” I whispered to myself.

But did I look like Kim Kardashian?

Then Aaron spoke up from outside the dressing room.

“Princess? You ready for our magical night out?” His playful voice made me shiver.

“Yes! Just give me a minute.”

I checked the time and realized that I had wasted so much time be dumbstruck in front of the mirror,
thinking of s*upid questions. Oh my G*d, I didn’t have time to think about questions like that. I hurried
out of the dressing room, swiped Aaron’s card at the counter, and rushed out of the boutique.

Aaron’s eyes grew stormy.

“You look… stunning,” he breathed.

F*ck you, Kim.

I was immediately drunk on the pure admiration in Aaron’s eyes.

The hottest woman in the world was me, Olive Woods.

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