Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 62

Have You Ever Slept With Her?

Aaron actually drove me to a fancy restaurant. I didn’t know it, but I could tell, it was a fancy one.

From the moment he gave me his card to buy my dress, I knew he had everything planned. Still, my
eyes widened when I saw the other patrons in the restaurant.

“Is that Mike Spencer? The guy who just won an Oscar?” I took Aaron’s arm and whispered excitedly. I
felt like I had stepped into a totally different world.

“Yeah.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “You can ask for his autograph after dinner if you want, but for now,
darling, I’m your partner. Eyes on me.”

“Okay, okay… Sorry. Thanks for bringing me.” I was a little embarrassed. Being at such an uptight
establishment made me feel awkward.

“Please, Miss Woods. Take a seat.” Aaron bowed his head slightly and whispered in my ear.

I turned to look at him, but the corner of my lips accidentally brushed against his chin and we both froze
for a moment. Then Aaron laughed lightly. “I know you’re grateful, but you don’t have to be so eager to
show it.”

“Pfft.” Aaron’s joke helped me relax. After giving him an unimpressed look, I walked toward my chair.
Before I could touch it, he was already pulling it out for me.

He bowed slightly and repeated, “Take a seat, darling.”

Shocked, I stared at him. If I ignored his flirty tone, I’d think he was a gentleman.

“So, what now?” I asked dryly. I looked across the table at Aaron as he settled in.

Then I suddenly realized that this might be the first time Aaron and I would be eating alone.

No Vincent.

No party.

No nightclub.

No drama.

Just us.

Dressed up and sitting in a fancy restaurant.

G*d, was this really a date?

Were we on a date?

Did he plan everything today so we could go out?

My mind was in turmoil. I remembered the gossip I heard in the elevator today and thought about how
he’s behaved since I’ve known him. One question kept surfacing.

Did Aaron really like me?

While I was thinking, the food came.

Our appetizer was a plate of scallops. They were cooked perfectly, and they let off such a tantalizing
aroma. I was overwhelmed the moment they entered my mouth.

“Amazing.” My eyes widened.

“I’m glad you like it.”

Aaron elegantly cut into his scallops. The diamond cuffs on his sleeves glittered, and that was when I
noticed that he had also gotten dressed up for tonight.

He’d hung his jacket on his chair, which left him in a plain white button-up. He had one diamond cufflink
fastened to each sleeve. His tie was a silvery green with a brass-colored clip, which on its own seemed
like it was worth a lot of money. His wristwatch was set with more small diamonds that glittered in
tandem with the cufflinks.

But even the most expensive accessories can’t outdo Aaron’s innate charm. His toned muscles, his
ocean-blue eyes, his curly brown hair…

G*d, he even got a haircut. His hair was a mess earlier this morning, but now it looked as soft as silk.

D*mn it.

This really was a date, wasn’t it?

I swallowed a mouthful of champagne and suppressed the scream that was about to come out of my

“Aaron, I have something to ask…”

“Huh?” Aaron looked up at me and wiped his mouth.

“Are we… on a dat-”

Before I could finish my words, a woman’s voice rang out.

“Hello! I’m the head chef of this restaurant. I’d like to

introduce you to tonight’s main course.”

I looked up and, to my surprise, saw a rather young face. She was wearing a chef’s uniform, but even
the loose white dress couldn’t hide her stunning figure. She was a good-looking


Her high nose and cat-like eyes felt familiar, though. She was more than good-looking…

Her badge read: Head Chef Lisa Blendy.

So she was accomplished, too.

“The main course is Wellington,” she said as she effortlessly brought a huge plate to our table. Then
she winked at me. “Always so generous. Typical Aaron.”

“What?” I was immediately confused.

“Blendy…” Aaron said warningly.

“I didn’t say anything.” Lisa shrugged, but she leaned in to whisper to me. “Enjoy it. You’ll get some
intense ‘exercise’ afterward. Now’s the time to feed yourself.”

“Blendy!” Aaron glared.

“I’m going!” She gave me another sly wink, then left.


I frowned. It was ridiculous for me to think he really liked me. He must’ve brought a lot of other girls
here. That’s how the chef knew who I was. I was another one of his f*ck buddies. A cheap date he
could satisfy with a pretty dress and a fancy


He tried to explain. “Olive, she’s—”

“Have you slept with her?”

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