Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 63

Caught On Camera

“Why do you ask?” Aaron raised his glass and avoided my


“The answer must be yes, Aaron,” I said as I watched his reaction. “An ex-girlfriend or just a friend with
benefits?” | studied Aaron’s expression, and I spoke slowly. Seeing him uncomfortably avert his eyes, I
knew I was right.

The waiter cut open a beef Wellington that was on the table. The pink meat was perfectly medium rare,
and the golden puff pastry had a tantalizing aroma. But it seemed like I had lost my appetite. I couldn’t
eat it since a million butterflies were fluttering in my stomach.

“You know what?” Aaron suddenly smiled at me. “I love you so much right now.”

I was stunned for a moment, wondering why Aaron had suddenly changed the subject. But, I sighed,
saying. “Aaron, considering how you look right now-”

“Why do you care about the way I look?”

“I don’t,” I replied without even thinking. I didn’t care about how he looked, but I scanned him up and
down. “It’s just…”

I trailed off and forgot what I was about to say. My attention was all on Aaron. His tie had ripped off at
some point, and a few buttons on his chest were unbuttoned, exposing a bit of his gorgeous chest. I
blinked and forced myself to look away.

Aaron noticed my scowl and gave a low chuckle. “Why don’t you go to my house tonight? A little
exercise after dinner won’t hurt.”

“No, thanks.” I blushed, but the room was too dimly lit for him.

to see.

Aaron didn’t insist, as if he wanted to tease me.

After the meal, he drove me home, but I could see that he wanted to spend more time with me.
Surprisingly, he held* back and kept his promise that he just wanted to have a meal with me.

For a moment, I felt that he was treating me like more than just a f*ck buddy.

But who would take their girlfriend to dinner at another booty

call’s restaurant?

The next day, I headed to the laboratory to work, as usual. But while I was collecting data for an
experiment, I got distracted and found Lisa Blendy’s Instagram page displayed on my phone.

She turned out to be Italian. Without her chef’s clothes, Lisa’s figure was incredibly s*xy and hot as I
had imagined. I looked at her bikini photos and couldn’t help but compare myself to her.

Her boobs were bigger, her a*s was also bigger, and her nose wasn’t as big as mine. But her eyes…

Her eyebrows looked familiar, but I couldn’t discern what it was about them that made me think. I
stared at her picture for a long time until my phone turned off, and the black screen reflected my face.

I stared at myself for a few seconds, and my eyes widened.

Her eyebrows were exactly like mine. No wonder her face looked so familiar.

“Hey!” Nick suddenly popped up from behind me, and I jumped. He raised a brow and grinned at me.
“Caught you playing with your phone.”

“You scared the hell out of me!” I exclaimed. But as soon as I calmed down, Nick looked at me

“So what did you do yesterday?”

“I didn’t do anything…” I replied. Then, I thought about how I had my hands between my thighs at 3 am,
thinking about Aaron.

“Liar. We’re literally coworkers, and you’re still lying to me?” Nick suddenly frowned at me. “Olive,
honestly, did you f*ck Aaron Morris?”

“What?!” I was really shocked this time. “No! Never!”

Nick narrowed his eyes and stared at me as if he wanted to see through my lies. He obviously didn’t
believe what I was saying.

I looked at him with a puzzled expression. “Nick, what’s wrong with you today? Why are you asking me

“Nah, read the news for yourself.” Nick stuck his phone in front of me and my heart stopped.

I read the news on his phone, and the general gist of it was that Aaron Morris, the second son of the
Morris Group, had a candlelit dinner with a redhead at some Italian restaurant last night.

I was already anxious just reading the title. But I reassured myself that as long as I didn’t get my picture
taken, I was fine. I wasn’t the only woman with red hair anyway.

Then I continued to look down and saw a picture of me sitting in Aaron’s car with my head slightly
bowed, with Aaron looking sideways at me.

The moment I saw the photo in the news post, I felt my world crash down on me. I was in the g*dda*n
news. And it was for the wrong reason.

I was Aaron’s new fling.

I shuddered at the thought of Vincent finding out.

Nick looked at me in amazement. “Your face says it all. You guys aren’t really having an affair, right?
Isn’t Mr. Morris a friend of Vincent?!”

“Nick, stop talking. You know what kind of person Aaron is. How can he have an inappropriate
relationship with me?” I smiled at Nick, scoffing at his words. But my heart still pounded in my chest.

Fortunately, the p*paraz*i were far away, and they barely captured my silhouette. No one could
recognize that it was


I was thinking about what excuse I would make when Vincent called me.

I took a deep breath and picked up the phone and Vincent’s anxious voice came across the line,

“Olive, where were you last night?”

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