Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 91

Behind The Curtain

We exchanged a deep, romantic kiss.

Before, I never understood how other couples could be so attached to each other. To me, they were
like animals in heat- all over each other wherever they went.

Now, it made sense to me.

“Okay, okay. That’s enough.” I gasped for air and pushed Aaron away. “Stop it.”

We both were panting violently. Aaron’s eyes, like those of a starving beast, were full of aggression. My
lipstick had smudged from his lips to his chin, like a red beard, and I burst out laughing.

“What?” Aaron didn’t know what was so funny. He tried to move closer, but I held him back with a

“You did this,” he grumbled as he held my hand against his erection. “Don’t you feel sorry?”

“No way.” I rolled my eyes and pulled my hand away.

I turned away from Aaron, took out my lipstick, and started to fix my makeup in the mirror. Most of my
lipstick was on his face now, and my lips were swollen from his kisses.

Aaron leaned against the wall behind me as he watched. When I saw him in the mirror, my chest felt…
odd. Right now, I felt like I understood Aaron completely. At this moment, he was no longer an
unpredictable p*ayboy. In fact, I was sure that the only thing on his mind right now was sex.

I can read his minds now. I laughed at myself.

I glanced down at the bulge in his pants, which looked hilarious sticking out of his well-tailored trousers.
I laughed. “I’ll go out first. You come when you’re ready.”‘

When Aaron realized I had no intention of helping him, he reluctantly agreed to wait a while before
coming out.

I went to the door, but before I opened it, I turned back around and walked back to Aaron.

Aaron looked at me with bright blue eyes, hoping I’d changed my mind.

I suppressed a smile and handed him a tissue.

“There you go.” I wiped his mouth for him. “See you soon.”

Then I turned and left.

I leaned my back against the door as I reminisced about Aaron’s disappointed expression. My heart
swelled with joy. I won this time! That look on his face was worth it!

If I wasn’t scared of him getting angry, I would’ve taken a picture of him. The thought alone made me
laugh out loud.

“Huh?! Who’s there?!”

My laughter echoed down the empty corridor, and I didn’t expect to hear a nervous voice speak up
when they heard me.

I was tense.

This bathroom was pretty out-of-the-way. I didn’t expect

people to be lingering in the hall so far from the rest of the party. I needed to make sure that whoever
was here wasn’t one of our acquaintances.

After keeping this secret for so long, I couldn’t be exposed like this. I wanted to reveal it on my own

There was something familiar about the voice, so I crept around the corner to find its owner.

“It’s me. Olive.” I swallowed. “Who’s there?”

“Vincent?! What are you doing here?!” I cried as my heart began to pound wildly.

Nothing was more thrilling than seeing your boyfriend mere moments after cheating on him..

“I… was trying to get some fresh air. You know how stuffy it is back there…” He rambled breathlessly,
and his face was flushed. He wasn’t lying about needing air.

It’s strange to find that Vincent was also nervous.

Vincent was standing awkwardly in front of a window. It was a large French window with a baroque
frame. Heavy curtains hung on either side. Vincent was leaning on the window frame as he looked into
the distance.

+nodded and decided not to press further. If anything, I felt lucky. If he wasn’t so out-of-sorts, he
might’ve been

suspicious of me.

I was about to leave, but when I glanced at the window again,

I noticed something was wrong.

“Why’s the window closed if you need air?”

“Because… Because I just closed it. Right after I opened it. I got chilly.”

“Oh? Is that so?” I narrowed my eyes.

“Yeah, that’s all. I think I’m catching a cold, actually. Isn’t that something…” Vincent chuckled nervously.
His eyes traveled from the ceiling to the floor to avoid looking at me.

I sneered.

Something was wrong. He was definitely lying.

Cinder was an architectural landscaper. A while back, I visited a hotel with her that had the same type
of baroque decorations. She’d pointed out that floor-to-ceiling windows. like these could only be
opened from the outside.

There’s no way Vincent opened and closed it just now!

“Oh, Vincent…” I cooed as I took a step forward. “Are you alright? You’re red. Let me see if you have a

“Wait, wait, wait.” Just as I thought, Vincent became more nervous as I approached. His reaction told
me for sure that he was up to something.

“Don’t. It could be contagious.” He held his hands up cautiously.

I stopped and looked out the window carefully. The light was very dim, but when I squinted my eyes, I
saw the problem.

Bright pink heels sticking out from underneath the curtain.

Emily was hiding right there!

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