Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 94

Aaron Moms I Never Knew

My mind went blank and I subconsciously broke free of Aaron’s embrace.

This was too soon. I wasn’t ready to call us a couple yet.

I didn’t know how to deal with the situation. A spotlight just caught the two of us holding each other, like
partners in crime highlighted for everyone to see.

I heard surprised gasps and excited whispers from the crowd.

“Let’s go.” Aaron’s voice brought me back to my senses before I could panic.


“Anywhere you want. If you want to play, we’ll go on stage. If you want to leave, we’ll leave.” Aaron
shrugged, as if not influenced by the spotlight.

A strange feeling bubbled up in my stomach. I’ve had to depend on only myself for such a long time…
Now I had

someone behind me.

And that someone was Aaron Morris.·

“Let’s go,” I whispered to him.

Because I saw who else was on stage. Vincent and Emily had also been chosen!

The moment I saw them, I calmed down. What right did these f**kers have to make me out to be the
only bad guy?

I grabbed Aaron’s hand and, to his surprise, led him up to the


The center of the dance floor had been transformed into a

stage with a large round table on top. Each of the “lucky”

winners chosen by the spotlight was sitting around the table. Vincent stared at us viciously while Emily
sat to the left of him. She rested her cheeks on her hands as if she was watching a good show.

“You can sit next to me. Since you’re my girlfriend.” Vincent spoke through clenched teeth and patted
the empty seat to his right.

While I hesitated, Aaron pushed me away and sat next to Vincent.

“Can I sit here?” Aaron grinned at Vincent and gestured toward Emily. “Your girlfriend is sitting on your
left, right?”

“Aaron…” Vincent growled.

“Allow me to explain the rules.” The singer who’d just performed in the rock band was doubling as a
host, and he introduced us to the game with a raspy voice.

I sat next to Aaron and listened carefully.

1 knew this game, of course. But I was not sure whether those

players had made some changes…

It looked like everyone else had played before. They were relaxed, drinking and chatting while the MC
spoke. I, on the other hand, was tense. I sat up straight as if I was attending a lecture.

The rules were simple. As the name suggested, players would take turns saying something they’ve
never done. The other players would put down a finger if they have done that thing. If someone puts all
ten fingers down, they’re eliminated.

“And the winner can ask one of the losers to do one thing!”

After hearing the rules, it immediately occurred to me that it was possible to single someone out for
elimination if you knew them well enough.

As I looked around, I noticed that Aaron was the center of attention. He was absentmindedly playing
with his watch, but all eyes in the room swept over him.

My heart sank at the possibility that Aaron’s reputation would make him a target.

“What’s with that look? Don’t tell me you’re worried about me.” Aaron met my gaze as he looked up at

“You might be in the hot seat.” I furrowed my brow.

“Oh? You’re a clever one.” Aaron’s blue eyes shone in the spotlight. “Don’t worry about me.”

He said nothing remotely close to a flirt, but my face

reddened. He might as well have kissed me in front of


‘Stop,’ I told myself.

Then I took a deep breath and asked Aaron, “What are you gonna do?”



“Are you alright being put on the spot in front of everyone?”

“That’s just how the game goes.” Aaron’s lazy smile put me at


And the game began.

The first question was from Jack Howard. I’d seen him a few times at Vincent’s parties, and all I knew
about him was that he was a gamer. He looked around impishly and said, “Never have I ever had a
million dollars in my bank account.”

All eyes were on Aaron, who calmly tucked one finger away.

Instantly, whistles and cheers erupted throughout the club.

“Just a million? Don’t insult him like that!” A voice called from the crowd, sending the room into another

“My turn,” the blonde man beside Jack spoke up. He wore à pair of gold-rimmed glasses and a suit that
screamed ‘lawyer. He sat back in his chair and said, “I’ve met two presidents, so… never have I ever
met three U.S. presidents.”

“Does TV count?” Jack nudged the blonde man’s shoulder.

“I’m not done yet.” The blonde man gave Jack a blank look, but I could tell that the two were close.
“Met three presidents in person. While they were in office.”

Again, Aaron put a finger down, much to the crowd’s disappointment.

“Family business.” Aaron smiled. “I’ll remember that, Seb.”

The man in gold laughed. “Maybe if your family hired me as your personal lawyer, I would’ve asked
something else.”

“You’re too expensive!” Aaron laughed: “I only have enough to pay you for a night? What does one
night get me?”

“Oh, f**k off,” Seb laughed back.

Huh… His name was Seb and really was a lawyer.

The next players all targeted Aaron. The statements were varied, and each of them went beyond my

Only one statement got me: Never have I ever visited 20 countries before I turned 20 years old.

Thanks to my daddy and mummy, I have traveled more than 20 countries in a ship, when I was a baby.

I still had nine fingers up, so I was safe.

Next to me, Aaron was down to one finger after someone said, “Never have I ever owned a team of


He chuckled and shook his head. “Maybe I shouldn’t have played.”

“I’ll give you a break this round.” A woman with parted hair threw Aaron a wink. “Never have I ever
been in love.”

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