Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 96

Eight Million

Everyone’s attention moved on to the next press- ing matter.

Leslie’s statement did more damage than she’d expected. What she assumed was a ‘harmless
statement’ ended up mak- ing most of the players put a finger down. She scoffed and smiled, “Is this a
Hallmark movie or something? And you guys who put your fingers down must be afraid your girlfriend
refuse to go back with you in Christmas, so that you will be laughed by the whole family.”

“Besides, I don’t think Aaron really lost. He’s probably just lying to make us all feel poor!”

“Bingo!” Aaron grinned. “Now she gets it!”

“What?!” Jack cried. “So your mansion isn’t the size of a small theme park? And you don’t have a cellar
full of vintage wines? You don’t own horses..?”

“Well,” Aaron glanced at me. “There is a woman I love. As long as she knows who she is, that’s all that

“Who even is she?!” Jack’s question put everyone’s eyes on me. “An actor? A supermodel?”

With a frown, Jack started listing obscure celebrities:

“Jennifer Swiss?”


“Susan Butler?”


“Lydia Johnson…?”

“No. What the hell, man? Lydia’s married,” Aaron scowled.

The crowd was up in arms asking him who his love was, but he simply laughed and refrained from

Then, from the corner of the room, Jason chimed in. “I heard Aaron won an auction for a raw diamond
at Sotheby’s a while ago…”

Jason had five fingers left in the game, and I knew who he was. Vincent was always polite to him since
he was another man born with a silver spoon in his mouth. As soon as he spoke up, everyone quieted
down to listen, and I was no ex- ception.

Was the diamond on my finger the same one that Aaron had bought in that auction? Did he really buy a
raw diamond and send it to Cartier to have it cut and made into a ring?

“The thing was huge!” Jason’s eyes widened as he exag- gerated to the crowd. “The starting bid was
$3 million! And guess how much Aaron paid for it? $8 million!” He slapped his leg, astounded.

Eight million dollars…

My breath hitched, and my hand suddenly felt heavy with the dainty ring on my finger. My mind drifted
to machinery: all of the experimental instruments that my lab couldn’t afford. If I could pawn off this
rock, I could buy the advanced EEG equipment I’ve been dreaming of!

“Not this one,” Aaron whispered to me as he subtly ges- tured to my hand.

I froze. He knew what I was thinking just by seeing me touch my ring!

I felt embarrassed. Hopefully, he didn’t know I was also thinking about selling it for cash.

In the next second, my phone vibrated. When I pulled it out, I saw a text from Aaron.


Amorris: The diamond in your ring is called the Single

Amorris: It’s bigger, clearer, and brighter than the one Vincent got you

I laughed out loud and set my phone down. When I tooked up, I saw Aaron’s bright eyes looking at me,
like a pup- py waiting for praise. G*d, I wanted to pet him. He was too


I was doomed.

When a man was handsome, you still have a chance.

When he’s cute, you’re done for.

The room was still filled with talk about the lucky lady who was gonna get an $8 million ring from Aaron.
A bunch of women were excitedly discussing what the best cut would be and what other stones would
complement it. A handful of those women lamented that they weren’t Aaron’s lover. Some of the men
even joked and said that Aaron should do some ‘exploring’ and give them a chance.

With a laugh, Aaron told them to forget it.

Then Jason asked, “So if you’re spending this much mon- ey, you have to be planning on proposing,

Aaron crossed his legs and gave me a look that made my heart beat faster, and I was afraid that he
was ready to pull out the ring from his pocket and get down on one knee in front of me.

Even though I knew I was in love with him, I didn’t want to hear a second proposal so soon. Besides, I
was only 27. I was still working on my PhD! Marriage wasn’t part of my life plan at the moment.

“Well, what do you think?” Aaron asked casually as he stirred the ice in his drink.

Then, the host tapped on his microphone a few times to get the audience’s attention. His voice echoed
over the speak- ers. “Ladies and gentlemen. Our first game is over, and the loser is Aaron Morris!”

The crowd howled, and again, I was surprised by just how popular this man was.

“Quiet down, now! According to the rules, he must accept his punishment. So, Aaron… truth or dare?”

Other people started to call out, “Pick truth!”

“I need to know who she is!”

“Tell us her name!”

The shrill voices of the women threatened to shatter the glasses, and the ear-piercing chorus filled me
with dread. I felt

like a wicked witch was prowling through the room, looking

for me.

“Quiet, quiet, quiet…” The host tapped the mic again. “What do you choose, Aaron?”

“Since everyone’s so enthusiastic…” Aaron smiled, and his words made my heart feel like it was
dangling on a thread. I was just as scared as I was eager to hear the name of his beloved.

“I’ll take the dare.”

Aaron’s answer made the crowd boo, but he simply watched with enjoyment.

“You can’t do this to us,” someone complained.

“Welcome to the real world,” Aaron smirked. “Santa isn’t real, and I picked dare. Sorry, boys.”

“You forced me to do this… “Jack threatened him with a flushed face. He looked like he’d reached his
limit drinking tonight, and he climbed up on the table. “I dare you… to pick one person here to take on
Christmas vacation!”

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “Then I pick you, Jason.”

“Wh-what?! You’re straight! I’m straight! Pick a woman!”

“Yeah!” The women in the room cheered for Jack, who, turned to face them and saluted before getting
off the table.

Aaron raised an eyebrow and looked around the room. He spoke slowly as he glanced at the faces of
everyone around him. “What if… I give everyone here $100 to let me off the book this time?”

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