Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 99

Couple Swap

“Ahem…” Jason cleared his throat awkwardly. “Since Vincent lost this round, it’s time for his
punishment-aside from getting his dirty laundry aired out like that, I mean. Truth or dare, Vincent?”

Aaron spoke up first. “If you pick truth, we’ll ask you to specifically point out the two women you’ve slept
with. If you pick dare, you’ll have to swap partners with someone. So… truth or dare?”

The heavy smell of smoke hung in the air, and Aaron reclined on the sofa without a care in the world.
He seemed absolutely confident that Vincent wouldn’t dare take his anger out on


I stared at Aaron, and my blood was boiling so hot that it made my chest hurt. I knew why he was doing
this. He just wanted to force Vincent to reveal his affair so that I’d finally break up with him. Officially.
Publicly. Like I am some f*cking celebrity or what.

Should I invite some reporters? Or should I buy an 24/7 advertisement to announce the fact, me, Olive
Woods, had been cheated by my boyfriend Vincent.

Did he not realize how humiliating it would be for me? For males, cheating is usually nothing but even
honor, to some extent. Hey, look, this guy got two hot girls, brilliant! And for girls, cheating usually
means abandon. The girl is not attractive enough to ‘keep’ the boy. D*mn it!

I mean, I am not feminist or something, but I knew we will be treated differently! And sympathy was the
least thing I would like to have. G*d, my parents left me since I was a child and I grew up to be a good
person, all depend on myself! I don’t

want to be the ‘pathetic’ woman abandoned by Vincent. Did not he understand?

Or he just did not care…

This scandal was about to be exposed in front of everyone! Fine. I’d be seen as the poor, ignorant

It was one thing for Vincent to admit he slept with two women here, but Aaron wanted him to say our
names out loud. Everyone was going to know that Vincent ran off to sleep with Emily instead of me!
How would I recover from being shamed like that?

But Aaron didn’t care about any of that. All he wanted was my relationship with Vincent to end,
regardless of how I wanted it done.

“That… It could be an old affair that he’s talking about. Don’t worry, Olive. It probably happened before
you were in the picture.” Jason explained dryly.

Maybe he felt sorry for me. Maybe he was trying to cover for Vincent. Either way, there was no point.
Vincent and I had been together for years, and I knew every single one of his friends even if I wasn’t
close with them. He met most of the people here after we started dating. If he slept with any of them,
that meant that it happened while he was in a relationship with me. That meant he was cheating.

And that was exactly the case.

I pursed my lips and didn’t respond. Jason, flustered, urged Vincent to make his choice quickly.

Everyone was waiting for Vincent’s answer.

Vincent sneered. “Dare. Let’s swap partners, Aaron. You and


His answer was beyond everyone’s expectations. Vincent would rather trade partners than say the
name of the other


Honestly speaking, I felt relief when he chose dare. I meant, I had been humiliated enough, and I did
not want to fuel the


I understood Vincent’s choice, but why did he specify that he wanted to swap with Aaron? Was it
because he suspected I was cheating on him? Or did he just want to pay back? An eyes for an eyes, a
tooth for a tooth.

Aaron raised his eyebrows, surprised. He didn’t expect Vincent would choose the dare either. He
shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands. “I’d love to, but I don’t have a partner to trade with you.”

That’s typical Aaron. He’s always the boss, the ruler maker.

Vincent gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. His knuckles cracked under the pressure.

Just as I started to worry that he was going to start a fight with Aaron, Emily suddenly stepped forward.
“I’ll be your date, Aaron.”

Aaron looked at Emily and laughed lightly, but he didn’t refuse.

So, what happen?

I will date Aaron and Emily with Vincent, publicly?


The atmosphere started to become stale, so Jason hurriedly announced that Vincent and Aaron would
swap partners. With that settled, he started the next round of games.

I wanted to say something, to fight against that ridiculous swap, but obviously, no one cared about me.
No one remembered to ask my opinion.

And things were just settled down.

Vincent sat down with a stern face and lit a cigarette. I wrinkled my nose and scooted further away from

Tonight’s game was unexpected, but that b*tch Emily must’ve been happy that she could finally be with
Vincent publicly, even if it was just for a dare. Aaron had to be pleased that he was giving Vincent a
hard time. As for Vincent, even though he looked angry, he was still able to save face somewhat.

So where did that leave me?

They all decided on this couple swap, but no one stopped to ask for my opinion. I couldn’t care less
about Vincent’s choice.” What upset me more was Aaron. How could he do this to me?

The more I suppressed my emotions, the more uncomfortable I became. A heavy frustration settled
onto my heart and made me want to cry. I knew it was pretentious to keep my composure, but I still
tried my hardest to hold back.

Eventually, it was too much, and I got to my feet and rushed out of the room.

I stood outside on the terrace as a cold breeze blew over me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to cool
the fire in my heart. The flames only grew stronger and stronger, and my sanity almost burned away.

The sn*wflakes fell on my shoulders and quickly melted. I had rushed out without my jacket, and now,
the chill was getting to me. Goosebumps sprang up on my skin.

I hugged myself and refused to go back since I was waiting for someone. I knew that Aaron would
follow me out here.

Eventually, there were footsteps behind me, and a large jacket was draped over my shoulders. When
the familiar smell of amber surrounded me, I knew he was here.

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