Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 108

Chapter 108: O*gasm

Aaron grunted. It was clear that my warm and intense pressure almost made him faint right then and

He paused and chuckled softly. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.”

His seductive tone only made me clamp down harder with my pelvic muscles. I teased him between
heavy breaths. “Do you like it or not?”

Aaron took a deep breath as he narrowed his eyes dangerously. “Now you’re asking for it…”

With that, he held my hips up in a new angle, and I had no time to react before he knocked the wind out
of me with his violent thrusts.

He lowered his head and kissed me hard. His nimble tongue slipped inside my wet, warm mouth. I
whimpered as I was overwhelmed by his fierce thrusts and hot kisses. It was a long time before I could
breathe freely again, and I gasped for air as soon as he pulled away, a string of saliva hanging between

our tongues.

Aaron kissed the corners of my mouth, wiping away some of the excess saliva, and then moved to kiss
my earlobe instead.

The stimulation made my whole body go crazy. I tightly h*oked my legs around his waist, gripped his
shoulders, and buried my head in his neck as I moaned. “Aaron…!”

I called for him from the bottom of my heart.

Aaron was spurred on by my cries. I said his name again and again in his ear, and the sound was an
aphrodisiac to him. In

no time, he was past the point of no return. Not even his rapid thrusts could express the pure desire
burning inside him.

He took one look at my dazed expression before he sunk himself deep into me. My legs were bent into
an M-shape as my body was opened for him. His strong figure enveloped me and moved me back and
forth with no intention of stopping


The sticky, wet sounds of our passion were enough to make his d*ck grow another size. It started to
stretch my p*ssy to the point of soreness, and the combined pain and pleasure almost drove me crazy.

It felt like the force of his thrusts was going to break my legs, and the sound of his skin slapping against
mine only got louder and louder.

I could barely speak between pants and moans. “Aaron, don’t… stop…”

Aaron’s waist continued to rhythmically move, and each time he pressed harder into me. Even now, he
has the nerve to mock me. “Don’t stop? Well if you say so…”

“No-! Stop!” My voice died in my throat when I felt the tip of his c*ck slam into my uterus.

I had no more strength to beg for mercy as I just started to

moan over and over.

I was so dazed and drowsy. It was like drifting in a boundless sea. Eventually, the heated fatigue of my
body overwhelmed me, and only he could cool me down. I held him tightly in a vice-like grip.

After a few sharp gasps, my body suddenly tightened. My thighs started to tremble and I felt my lower
abdomen start to contract. I opened my mouth and bit into Aaron’s neck. As if he knew what was
coming, he started to tease my cl*t with his hand.

“Aaron, don’t!” I cried out as my body jerked. In the next second, a torrent of my fluids was dripping
down his c*ck.

The sounds in the room immediately started to sound wetter. Hearing it out loud made me blush, so I
buried my face in his neck.

“Was it good, darling?” Aaron whispered as he nibbled on my earlobe.

I clenched my muscles around his c*ck and refused to respond.

He tensed, stretching me even further, and he pressed all the way inside. Slowly, he pulled out until just
the tip was inside, then he rammed it back in.

After doing this a few dozen times more, he suddenly held me tighter. His lips met my swollen ones as
he sucked my tongue into his mouth.

With another heavy thrust, I felt his abdomen tighten.

Suddenly, I felt hot ropes of c*m spurting into my body. The sensation made me shiver, and I had to
bite his tongue to keep myself grounded.

His strong arms were firmly wrapped around me as he collapsed onto my body. His eyes glittered as he
admired seeing me in the afterglow of our passion.


He kissed me one more time as the redness started to leave his face. “You did so well, darling. I could
spend the rest of my life buried inside you like this.”

I was too tired to speak, so I wordlessly wrapped my arms around him. Even though the physical
pleasure was incredible, the euphoria in my mind was a hundred times more intense than what my
body was feeling. I was falling deeper and deeper in love with him.

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