Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Return to The Golden Age

Aaron’s body temperature was almost frighteningly high. I even felt the heat radiating off of his d*ck,
which was still

inside me. I wriggled uncomfortably, and the next thing I heard was Aaron taking a sharp breath. My
slight movements were enough to get him excited again…

Aaron grabbed me by the chin. “Look what you’re doing to me.”

I blinked innocently. “I’m starving! I don’t have the energy to keep going.”

“Then we’ll continue after you have something to eat.”

“No way! I’m done for the day.”

He stared at me silently, eyes boring into me.

“… Fine. After I eat.”

Honestly, this man was like a lion in heat. When he was

focused on sex, he refused to listen to anything else. He was lucky he was so handsome; otherwise, I’d
never let him get away with it!

Content with my promise, Aaron slowly pushed himself up. When his d*ck slipped out of me, his c*m
spilled out and dripped down my inner thighs.

This man just came inside of me…


The sound of Aaron’s heavy breathing filled the room.

I looked up at him in alarm, only to see his eyes staring

straight at my a*s. His Adam’s apple bobbed slightly, and I saw his d*ck twitch as it started to harden.

G*d, that thing was inside me?!

My expression instantly dropped, and I was afraid that he would pressure me into another round. I
quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped away the c*m dripping out of me, and then I tossed it at him. “Quit

Aaron didn’t get annoyed. Instead, he caught the tissue and gave me a wicked smile.

I blushed and put on my robe. Then I turned around and went into the bathroom to scrub myself clean.
In the mirror, I saw every one of the love bites he left on me. It was an extremely erotic sight.

We had dinner together after I came out of the bathroom.

I wanted to go straight to bed after eating since the wild sex left me exhausted.

I racked my brains to figure out a way to get Aaron to let off the h*ok, but he surprised me. This time,
he didn’t resort to acting like a beast. Instead, he brought me to bed and rested peacefully beside me. I
was comfortable lying in his arms, but for some reason, I felt restless

When I heard Aaron’s even breathing, I quietly opened my eyes and saw that he’d fallen asleep. I
silently watched him, glancing at his thick eyebrows, curled eyelashes, high nose, and then his red lips.
Every one of his features was engraved in my heart, and my adoration for him was beyond words.

My fingers unconsciously carded through his curly hair, and my eyes fell on the teeth marks on his neck
and shoulders. I couldn’t help but smirk at the marks I left on him.

I never thought I could really win this pl*yboy’s heart, but the past didn’tmatter anymore. The most
important thing was that now, he was mine. At this very moment, he belonged solely to me.

I drifted off to sleep with Aaron’s arms around me.

Later, once we were rested, we hurried to gather our things.

I caught a glimpse of a group of people walking towards a black car with my luggage, but before I could
follow them, Aaron stopped.

“We’re taking this car, darling.”

I gasped when I saw the dark green vintage convertible. A car like that made me feel like I’d stepped
into a silent movie, back during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

“Aaron, this is…”

I covered my mouth with one hand, touched by his romantic gesture.

“Well, Miss Olive? Right this way.” He smiled. “Bonjour, Mademoiselle. Tu es tres belle.”

“Merci.” I smiled at Aaron’s French. That’s beautiful. Formal, elegant, and you would expect that’s
Aaron’s mother tone.

Every time, when I thought I have known this man enough, he would always surprise me the next time.

Everything’s beautiful, even beyond my wildest imagination.

Aaron was dressed in a dark green suit, which made his gentlemanly invitation feel so much more
genuine. The outfit was a blend of formal and casual. Dressed like that, he could be signing papers one
moment and partying the next.

‘He is the definition of dandy’. Suddenly, a strange feeling came to my mind. I never got this type, never
understood why people obsessed with those dandies. They are more like some ridiculous peacocks.

But suddenly, I understood the beauty of dandy. And now I am crazy about dandy. Or maybe I am just
crazy for this specific man: Aaron Morris.

I reached out and rested my hand on his open palm, and he gave me an affectionate look. Then he
took my hand and welcomed me into the car. G*d, I felt like I am a princess. A real princess.

After fastening my seatbelt for me, Aaron gently kissed my cheek and drove us down a long, straight

“Where are we going?” I furrowed my brow as I glanced at him.

“You’ll see.”

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