Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 113

Chapter 113. It’s All My Fault

“Vincent, what do you want?” I was extremely impatient with Vincent at this moment. Suddenly, I
became really

confused…why I had fallen for a reckless b*stard…

Compared to Aaron, Vincent…Well, I had to apologize to

Aaron, Vincent was incomparable.

Vincent questioned furiously, “This is Aaron’s room, right? Do you two sleep together already?”

He looked at me in extreme disappointment and anger, while I indifferently broke free from his grip,
stepped back, and asked faintly, “Doesn’t Emily live with you, does she?”

As heard, Vincent didn’t dare to yell at me, but scowled at me in a low voice, “No, Olive…how could
she live with me…it’s impossible…don’t misunderstand us. Emily she…she got a room by herself.”

I couldn’t help but sneer, “So you have never slept with her, and I’m the one who gets this thing

Vincent’s explanation…was extremely ridiculous. How could he say that? I couldn’t believe that he
even didn’t want to fob me off with a good excuse…

I glanced at Vincent from the head to the toes. Well, it seemed like he became annoyed by my icy
stare, “Olive, how many times have I told you… Emily and I are just…friends. You know, it’s not what
you imagine, we…Olive, I’m badly taken, believe me, please… I’m begging you!”

Just when he wanted to quibble groundlessly, I couldn’t take his b*llsh*t anymore, so I cut him short
immediately, “Vincent, do you think I would believe that? If I tell you…although I live

in a room with Aaron, we just lay on the same bed without doing anything, will you believe it?”

For a while, Vincent looked at me speechlessly. After a long time, he asked as if he was holding back,
but he was angry indeed, “Olive, let me just ask you about one thing: Are you really going to stay in this
room with Aaron tonight?”

“Well, since you ask, then what about you? Are you sure you will not sleep in the same bed with Emily

I had to say he was such a shameless b*stard. I never expect that he’d have the gut to ask me. How
dare he! At first, I thought that Vincent would directly deny it, but he hesitated and kept stammering.
After a long time, he didn’t say anything at all.

“Well, you’re done, right? Goodbye!”

With that, I opened the door with the access card, but at this moment, his strong arms were tightly
around me from behind, “Olive, are you jealous? If you want to be with me tonight, why don’t you just
tell me, I can…”

“Enough, Vincent! Don’t touch me! I’m about to vomit up.” I pushed him away fiercely. I didn’t
understand what was he thinking about. Was I jealous of Emily? What’s the f*cking hell? G*d…I even
wanted to throw up the meal last night. Bless me, please…I was really sick of it.

At this moment, somehow, I even began to feel pity for that little b*tch, was she insane? Why did she
fall in love with such a love rat? If I met her someday, I would arrange an oculist for her. I did believe
that she needed help.

Although Aaron was also a pl*yboy, at least he didn’t lie to anyone, unlike Vincent, who was
philandering and a coward at the same time…

“Olive, you’ve changed, why don’t you believe me? What did he tell you? Don’t trust him. He’s a liar!
Olive…okay…even if you don’t believe me, I can call Emily now, you can ask her.”

Aaron was the lair…how funny it was! I couldn’t believe that even the thief himself dared to call 911
now. But who cared? Anyway, I didn’t want to hear this nonsense anymore. So I just ignored him and
entered the room.

The moment the door closed completely, my strength seemed to be drained away, my whole body
leaned against the door, helplessly clutching my knees, lowering my head. I…I was just too tired.

“Olive, are you okay?”

Solid arms suddenly embraced me, and the smell of amber instantly invaded my nose. His heat
wrapped around my whole body and made me instantly relax.

Although it was quite yucky just now, I was lucky because Aaron still accompanied me.

“Fine,” I said gently, sniffing voraciously at Aaron’s scent. It was quite enjoyable.

Gradually, his warm lips fell on my forehead gently…warmly…

“I’m sorry, babe, I didn’t know that they would be here, it’s my fault…I’m sorry…”

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