Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 114

Chapter 114. Block The Entire Hotel

From time to time, Aaron’s apologies made me tremble lightly again because of his thoughtfulness. I
could tell that he was guilty of what just happened.

I said in hurry, “Aaron, it’s not your fault, I was…a little bit tired just now, you don’t have to blame

I reached out and gently stroked Aaron’s cheek, which was warm and blushed. I knew he was worried
about me.

“No, Olive, I made this, if I hadn’t…”

I suddenly blocked Aaron’s mouth before he continued, shaking my head slightly.

Seemingly, Aaron also realized I did not want to continue this, so he was directly close to my fingers.
When I touched his warm tongue, I was instantly tingling. It happened so fast that I couldn’t take my
hand back.

“Olive, if you don’t like them, they will disappear forever…” Aaron nibbled lightly on my finger and
negotiated with me “seriously”.

When I leaned against the door, my eyes narrowed slightly at Aaron, “What do you want?”

“How about locking down the whole hotel, Olive, what do you think?”

“Wow, Mr. Morris, why don’t you just block the entire Hawaii and make all the people disappear, as long
as I hate them.” I laughed at his childish words, which sounded too dramatic. Was I the female leader
in a romantic film? Even though I knew he was comforting me with sweet lies, I had to say I was

really happy to hear that. Aww, what a sweetie he was!

“Huh, this is a little bit difficult, let me think about how to deal with it,” Aaron hugged me, while his
breath slightly caressed my neck: “How about this, I have a small island in the Pacific Ocean, let’s go
there, the scenery is quite good…the beaches…the trees…the sea. Most importantly, no one is there,
except for two of us…”

As I saw Aaron consider my thought seriously, I couldn’t help but laugh when that amusing scenario
emerged in my mind, “Aaron, isn’t there a whole reality show crew on that island, are they waiting for
me to do the Survivor?”

“Babe, I won’t allow you to suffer that.” Aaron kissed my hair gently as he said. “I don’t want the world
to see you in a bikini


His gentleness made me feel that I was surrounded by love and I was the happiest woman in this
world! I couldn’t help but caress Aaron’s hair, after a while, I took the initiative to lean forward slightly,
and kissed his thick and s*xy lips.

This time, Aaron did not rush at all, but let me do whatever I wanted. I traced his lips with the tip of my
tongue, and tentatively put it in his mouth, wrapping it around his tongue.

I began the kiss by gently teasing Aaron; just a brief bite of his lower lip or a swipe of my tongue here
and there. As I grew impatient, I started to chase his reserved tongue with my own. The more he pulled
back from the kiss, the more I chased after him until we were completely intertwined. I was so lost in
the kiss that I couldn’t tell where I ended and he began.

Suddenly, Aaron grabbed my shoulders and pushed me away

from him, finally ending our kiss.

I looked up at Aaron in confusion, but he quickly explained himself.

“Wait, babe, it’s not that I don’t want to continue. It’s just that… my legs are numb.”

As I listened to his explanation, I observed his posture, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Originally, I was squatted against the door during the kiss, and Aaron attempted to hold me in his arms.
To do this, he stood with his feet far apart and his back arched at an uncomfortable angle. Even then,
his arms just barely wrapped around me.

Basically, he resembled some sort of awkward spider.

Aaron looked down at himself when he noticed me laughing, but he obviously didn’t realize how bizarre
his current position was. He propped his arms against the door in an attempt to stand up. As I laughed
even harder, he feigned anger and asked me, “Olive, what are you laughing at? Am I really that

“I… Haha!” Once again, I burst out laughing at his absurd posture contrasting with his stoic expression.

Aaron adjusted his arms against the door to try and relieve the numbness of his legs, shifting his
position slightly.

I covered my mouth to try and hide my laughter. “Aaron, don’t you think you’re moving like a huge frog
right now?”

Aaron slightly raised his eyebrows at me. “A frog?”

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