Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 115

Chapter 115. Seductive

At the time, I hadn’t realized my mistake. I used my hands to try and demonstrate his movements, but
when I looked back up at him, I saw him staring intensely back at me. My heart beat even harder as I
tried to backpedal.

I cleared my throat and tried to contain my laughter. “Uh, sorry, it’s not actually that funny…”

Suddenly, Aaron wrapped his arms around me and easily threw me over his shoulder.

“Aaron, what are you doing?!” I shouted in surprise as I pounded my fists on Aaron’s back in protest.

But obviously, Aaron didn’t intend to let me go that easily. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach, and
Aaron dropped me on the massive bed in the middle of the bedroom. He quickly ripped off his clothes
before speaking.

“Well, my princess, you just kissed the frog, didn’t you? Now that I’ve turned back into a prince, things
are going to get interesting…” Aaron commented with a smirk, pinning me to the bed.

My heart began to beat faster and faster. I h*oked my arms around his neck as a flirtatious smile
bloomed on my face. “Well, shouldn’t a prince act like a gentleman?”

“Well, my princess, in what way would you like me to act like a gentleman?” Aaron’s expression shifted,
becoming less gentlemanly and more aggressive. I could feel his hot breath against his neck and the
d*ck he was so proud of pressed between my legs.

It was so hard and huge that I could feel it through my

panties, even though it barely grazed against me.

I tried to ignore it and pulled his face closer to mine. I leaned right next to his ear and whispered, “As a
gentleman, shouldn’ t you ask me for a dance before you take me to bed?”

I lightly licked along the shell of Aaron’s ear. I felt like some kind of lusty succubus when I acted like this
but… what the hell, I knew Aaron definitely preferred it this way.

Sure enough, Aaron’s breathing sped up. “Babe, are you serious? You wanna dance right now? I can’t
wait a minute longer.”

I could hear the shackled desire in his voice. I h*oked my legs around his waist, grinding myself against
his c*ck. I thought that Aaron was the sweetest and most caring person in the world when he was just
like this: both above me and absolutely consumed by his lust for me.

Aaron roughly pulled his face away from mine and reached out one arm to cup my jaw. He gazed at me
pinned beneath him, eyes filled with arousal. With urgency in his voice, his panting grew even louder.
“Can you feel it? G*d, I can’t wait any longer…”

Aaron gave a couple of deliberately hard thrusts against me, frustrated by the barrier of my panties. I
could feel this d*ck pressing hard against me, even through the obstruction. I subconsciously pulled
back further into the soft mattress.

“Ah! You…” I looked back at Aaron in shock. The slight teasing of his tip through my underwear just
made me feel more


“Olive, I’d take you dancing right now, but I’m afraid your legs would be too sore…”

Aaron suddenly withdrew his body, violently ripping off my skirt and panties before pushing inside me
without any foreplay.


I felt the shock from the sudden penetration through my entire body. Although I was already wet from
earlier, I knew that I still wasn’t turned on enough to take Aaron’s d*ck.

As expected, he was only able to get a couple of inches inside


I glared at Aaron. Even though he seemed to be good at everything, he was always unpredictable
during sex due to his unbelievably huge d*ck.

“Baby, relax a bit. You’re clenching too tight.” Aaron furrowed his brows and dipped his lower to kiss my
neck while he played with my chest.

“Aaron, why don’t you pull out a bit first? Mmm…” I moaned in a low voice after pleading with Aaron,
hoping that he would slow down a bit. When he entered suddenly like this, it took me a while to get
used to his overwhelming lust and size.

Aaron didn’t listen and continued to trail kisses down my neck. His lips reached my nipple and he bit
down, sucking hard.

My face instantly flushed a bright red. Even though he did this often, Aaron’s bold actions like this
always made me feel


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