Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 118

Chapter 118: You Ring?

Before I could explain, Aaron had wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me behind him. I had to
say he was quite strong. Seemingly, it happened instantly.

He stared at Vincent fiercely saying in a low voice, as if he was threatening Aaron, “How’s that again?”

I stood behind Aaron. I could see that his biceps tensed up. At this moment, he was like a lion, who
was ready to fight for me. Well, he was quite s*xy now. I could tell that his hormones even wrapped
around me instantly.

Vincent’s eyes became extremely scarlet. He was staring at Aaron’s hands on my waist. Suddenly, he
said in a low voice, as if the master issued the orders to the salve, “Olive, come here!”

I stood in place and didn’t move at all. To be honest, I was tired of his tone, which made me feel that I
was his maid and I had to listen to him all the time.

To p*ss him off, I deliberately leaned into Aaron’s arms. Luckily, Aaron instantly understood what I
meant, so he wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing my body against his toned muscles.

“Olive, You’re my fiancée! Don’t forget it.” When he saw that I leaned against Aaron’s arms intimately,
Vincent kindly

“reminded” me through gritted teeth, “Are you nuts?

Changing couple is just a punishment of a f*cking game. It’s done now, come back to me!”

“She is your fiancée? Huh, you should sober up quickly” Aa- ron snickered while tightening his arms,
“Olive is mine!”

Obviously, Vincent was stunned after hearing that. After

coming back to his senses, he stepped forward with a serious face and was about to tug my hands. But
he was grabbed by


Obviously, Vincent was not as strong as Aaron, so he couldn’t break free after struggling a few times.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes toward me. I didn’t say anything because I totally had no idea what did
he want to do. After a moment, he shouted to Aaron, “She accepted my proposal. Are you blind? She’s
wearing the ring on her finger!”

After that, he shouted at me in anger again, “Olive, you are such a b*tch, you are my fiancée, what are
you doing now? You’re wearing the wedding ring I gave you, but you’re leaning in another man’s arms!
It’s really disgusting.”

Oh…that’s what he wanted. No wonder he kept staring at me just now. It turned out he was looking at
the diamond ring on my hand. I smiled slightly. He even wore the shirts, underwear, and even socks I
brought him while sleeping with many other women. Why did he have the nerve to question me…it was
really confusing, right?

I heard an old saying before: You could know one person’s nature when he got angry. Before that, I
didn’t believe it at all. But at this moment, Vincent’s grim face, the jumping veins on his neck, the red
ears…it’s really yucky. It seemed like Emily and I had to go to see the oculist together. Why would we
fall in love with this pig in the past?

Aaron even directly kicked Vincent to the ground.

He stepped on Vincent’s chest, bent down, tugged Vincent’s

collar, and lifted him up, “This is the last warning, keep your f*cking mouth shut. Why don’t you take a
close look to see what kind of ring she’s wearing now?”

Vincent’s pupils widened a few inches as he turned to look at me, his eyes fixed on the diamond ring in
my hand. In the next moment, he asked while trembling, “Olive, what does he mean?”

When Aaron suddenly mentioned the ring, honestly, I felt a little bit sorry for Vincent. After all, that ring
was thrown away by him. Somehow, I didn’t dare to look at Vincent because I couldn’t bear to tell him
about this.

Aaron sneered and told him directly, “I threw away your ring a long time ago, the one on Olive’s hand
now was mine!”

“What?” Vincent said in disbelief, “Olive, is it true? Tell me the truth! I don’t believe that you will be so
cruel. Tell me he is lying! Tell me!”

I subconsciously clenched my fingers while I still dodged Vincent’s stare. Suddenly, I didn’t know how
to explain these things to him. It was too complicated…

After Vincent saw this, he struggled to get up from the ground, cursing me through his gritted teeth.
When he was about to jump up to beat me, Aaron stepped hard on his chest with one foot, making
Vincent fall down hard, just like a clown.

Vincent was panting constantly, the veins in his temples were popping out. It seemed like he wanted to
kill me. His disgusting face made the guilt I had to disappear instantly.

Why did I feel guilty just now?

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