Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 122

Chapter 122. Couldn’t Wait Any Longer

When we went back, Aaron was still upset. Apparently, he was still angry at Emily.

I wrapped my arms around him from behind and kissed his broad back, “Clam down…she is just a
stinky c*ckroach. Forget her, okay?”

It’s not worth getting angry over someone like Emily who was just a f*cking b*tch.

But it seemed like it didn’t work. Aaron still sounded very depressed, “Are we just going to waste our
whole vacation in this room?”

“Why? Don’t you like it?” I walked over to the window to look out: The wisps of haze hadn’t disappeared
yet… the golden- rimmed clouds moved slightly from time to time…the sea was sparkling…everything
was so beautiful that I didn’t want to blink at all because I was afraid that I might miss something.

I sat in the seat in front of the window, hands propped up admiring the sea, “Come on, this room is
really big and it is the sea view. The scenery is so amazing. If possible, I would like to spend my whole
life here.”

When Aaron heard that, he smiled gently, came over, and wrapped me into his arms, kissing my neck
with his head down. His voice was really s*xy, “Poor Olive…”

In the next moment, he licked my ear and blew hot air into my ear. I was tickled with goosebumps,
“Don’t lick there. It’s itchy…”

He pressed me on top of the cashmere-carpeted bay window and sat on his knees on top of me,
looking at me from the top.

Those hands had already been wandering my waist. Soon, he was skillfully coming to my breasts and
easily yanked down my bikini.

When he squeezed my nipple, I couldn’t help but grunt softly. It was so comfortable that even my toes
couldn’t help but curl


He bent down and gently rested the tip of his nose against mine, “You can see the night view of the
entire New York City in my apartment, do you want to move in?”

When he said so, his thin lips would touch mine from time to time. It seemed like magicians borrowed
light from the star and put it into his eyes. I couldn’t help but get lost in his charming eyes.

Living with him? If so, I could see his unbelievably s*xy face every morning when I woke up. And he
would give me a good morning kiss the moment he woke up…G*d, I would love to get up early every

Well, it was really tempting and it was so hard to refuse him. But I did know that it was not a good time
now. I inclined my head to avoid his kiss, “Emm…maybe…we can…ah!”

He suddenly lowered his head and sucked heavily on my nipple. Instantly, I felt like my soul was being
sucked out of my body. At the same time, his hand was rubbing my boobs hard.

I tried to push his head away while panting, “Don’t…”

“Do you want to live with me? I have an apartment near your school too. It has that outdoor pool you
like.” He narrowed his

eyes and kept seducing me. His low voice was really s*xy that made my p*ssy wet, “And…do you want
to make love with me in the pool? It’s not cold. The water will be always 104°F. It would be fun, trust


I grabbed his hair and lifted it upward, gasping for air, “Stop that…don’t tempt me.”

If he said more, maybe I would agree with him immediately.

“Is it enough?” He smiled wickedly. His knot was bulging throat rolling up and down.

Oh g*d… Did he want to… Before I could say no, Aaron carried me out of the bay window. Then he
held me down on the landing.

He ripped off my bikini, tied my hands behind my back, and tied them in a deadlock.

I struggled a few times, but instead of breaking away, the bikini was wrapped around my wrist like a
snake. It was getting tighter and tighter.

“Give up, babe, you can’t break free.” Aaron pressed my waist and kissed my back passionately.

I was so agitated that I subconsciously squirmed, “What are you doing? Let go of me.”

“What am I doing?” He slapped my buttocks a few times, then ripped my panties off with one hand,
“Tempting you, as you

can see.”

His two large hands were pinching my waist. His hard d*ck was rubbing against my hips. My boobs
were brushing

against the top of the cold glass with his movement.

G*d…was it tempting? Did he insane?

“B*stard!” I was arose by him. I could feel that my p*ssy was extremely wet. It was uncomfortable. And I
was a little bit ashamed…

His hands targeted my puffy boobs again. His fingers easily squeezed my breasts into different shapes,
“Well, I’m the as*hole. And I’m seducing you. Miss Olive, are you seduced yet?”

The love juice was almost flowing down the roots of my legs, but he didn’t f*ck in…at this moment, his
hand touched my bottom, and I subconsciously clenched my legs.

But he was faster than I was. His hands caressed my p*ssy at first. His fingers began to stab in. I heard
him laughing happily.

“It seemed like you couldn’t wait anymore, little sl*t” After a while, he finally stopped doing so, instead
spreading my legs apart from behind.

Without any further padding, his d*ck stabbed straight in. My p*ssy was instantly occupied completely. I
couldn’t help but grunt out loudly.

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