Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 123

Chapter 123. Hands Occupied

“I just remembered something! One of my hobbies is play- ing video games.”

I would do everything to stop the coming sex. Oh g*d, that’s too much. Was him a monster or what? A
year ago, was accused by my boyfriend to be ‘S*xual Frigidity’, while now, I thought I experienced more
sex as if a ‘Sex Addict’.

Aaron stopped, raised his eyebrows, a bit curious. “Oh? What sort of games do you like?”

I saw his d*ck hanging in front of me. I swallowed an invis- ible ball, and avoid to look at that thirsty

“I play a lot of Mario Kart.” I gently pushed him away from me, my excitement clear by my expression.
“Do you wanna race and see who’s better?”

“What?” Aaron pointed at his d*ck, asked me in a ridicu- lous tone “Bebe, you want me to play video
game, right now? Are you some kind of teenager boy?”

“…Oh, yeah. That’s what I mean.” I did not dare to look at his fire eyes “I…I bet you could not beat me.”

“What, do you really think you’d beat me?” He followed suit and stood up, calling the butler to bring the
console and controllers.

Ah-hah. That’s it. He was really the teenager.

Haughed at his childish silently, and satisfied to me own clever. Olive, you are master of brain.

After we connected the console to the huge flatscreen, we sat right on the cashmere carpet in our
robes. Our eyes

were glued to the screen as we focused solely on the game.

It was obvious that Aaron had barely played any Mario Kart. He kept driving off the track, and I won the
first game by a landslide.

I gave him a smug smirk. “What were you saying about beating me? Let’s keep going!”

He rubbed his chin and narrowed his eyes at me. “This… did not go according to plan.”

I thought it was super nerdy for us to play Mario Kart in these fancy robes on the floor of this expensive
hotel suite, but I didn’t want to say that to Aaron.

Aaron probably hasn’t spent time alone with a girl just to play a video game since he was in middle
school. It was nice to see this side of him.

After staring at the screen for a moment, he put down his controller and shifted closer to me. He softly
rested his head on my shoulder and pointed toward a bikini set hanging on a chair. “Hey, that’s a pretty
nice set. You should try it on for me.”

Oh yes, he just hanged that bikini set. What’s wrong with him?

I sighed and pulled back his outstretched arm. “As if I’d even get a chance to try it on. You’d probably
have me pinned to the bed before I finished taking my clothes off.”

It’s not like something similar hasn’t happened before. Aaron is the type of guy who’s never sitting idly. I
have no clue where the hell he gets the energy to go at it so many times a


He laughed out loud and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. “Oh, I’d pin you to the bed?
Not the couch, or the carpet? Didn’t you have fun the other day when I pinned you to the floor-to-ceiling

window and f*cked you from behind?”

I thought back to that night that Emily ruined. I clearly re- called the image of Aaron f*cking me like an
animal. Just the memory of that night turned me on a bit.

Aaron smirked at my expression and ran his hand up my thigh, his fingers inching under my robe. I
slapped his hand, halting it. “No!”

I didn’t want to be held down by him again tonight; my back still hurt from last time.

He blinked at me, his expression full of innocence. “I just wanted to help you get changed… you’re not
thinking straight.”

I huffed angrily. “Shut up!” I held his hand in a vice grip. “You can just find some other girl on the beach
to wear this thing for you.”

“You know that’s not what I meant, Olive.” He sighed and withdrew his hands.

Aaron instead pulled me into his lap and turned me to look him in the eyes. “I have you, so why would I
ever want to see some other girl in a bikini?”

Really? His words quelled the fear in my heart, and my lips turned upwards into a small smile.

Aaron noticed my smile and gave me a kiss on the /cheek. “Want to watch a movie?”

“What movie?” I asked.

He replied with some movie I’d never seen, but the name was familiar. It was some rated R flick.

I gave him a blank stare. “Yeah, I think I’d rather do some- thing where your hands are occupied.”

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