Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 140

Chapter 140. Do One Thing For Me

My entire face flushed a bright red. “What are you talking about?”

Emily lifted her chin and gave a smug grin of triumph. “You seriously don’t know? Aaron was in love
with a girl before he even met you. The only reason Aaron is treating you well is because he sees you
as a stand-in for her.”

She gave a tsk of false pity. “At least I knew exactly who Vincent was f*cking when I got with him. What
about Aaron? Do you know who he’s really thinking of when he’s f*cking you?”

Her cruel smile felt like a knife digging directly into my heart. I tried to remember Aaron’s previous
girlfriends, or should I say… f*ck buddies.

Molly Miller looked pretty similar to me, down to the green eyes and red hair. And Lisa Blendy, that chef
at the Italian restaurant, had very similar eyes and eyebrows to me. Maybe there were others, but I
hadn’t seen them.

Aaron sometimes hesitated when he spoke to me, so maybe he was hiding something. I was curious
as to what he saw in me before, but I didn’t look into it. When we first got together, I didn’t care much
for Aaron, and I didn’t care if Aaron saw someone else in me.

But now things are different. I knew that I loved him, that I cared about him, and that I was crazy about
him. I couldn’t accept the fact that Aaron was in love with someone else while he was dating me.

My heart began to sink. I knew that Emily was just trying to drive a wedge between me and Aaron, but I
couldn’t help but

consider her words.

The cool sea breeze blew right through me, and I shivered.

Emily kept her playful demeanor as she propped up her chin on her hands and continued to stare at
me with a smirk. “Wow, isn’t it upsetting to suddenly learn that you’re just a replacement for some other

“You don’t know Aaron! How would you know what he likes?” I coldly retorted as I reassured myself
that Aaron just had a type.

Some guys like girls that have a body like Kim Kardashian, with big curves. Who’s to say that Aaron
can’t have a type like that?

Aaron’s tenderness in bed, his caring attitude, and his

jealousy when I mentioned Vincent… All of that couldn’t have been an act.

“You’re pretty confident.” Emily obviously wanted to see me lose my cool, so she continued to provoke
me. “Everyone in Aaron’s circle knows how much Aaron loved that girl. He was a well-known pl*yboy,
but he didn’t f*ck anybody throughout his college years. That’s enough to prove how much he loved
that girl. It makes sense that an outsider like you wouldn’t know about that. What makes you think that
you can get Aaron to love you more?”

With every word Emily said, my heart fell further and further into despair.

I tried to reassure myself that Aaron just had a type, but now Emily just told me the worst possible thing
that Aaron’s type

was a specific girl, one that existed!

This mystery girl once occupied both his life and his heart.

I once heard Cinder talk about Aaron’s self-discipline in college, but I never thought that he would go so
far for a girl he had a crush on. In the same conversation, Cinder also repeatedly reminded me that I
must not fall in love with Aaron and be fooled by his pretend love. I was stubborn at the time and
wouldn’t admit that I had feelings for him, but now I knew how much heartache I could feel because of

I recalled that Vincent mentioned that Aaron had a crush he didn’t end up with, so every woman he was
with afterward looked like her.

So, was I really just a stand-in for her? The possibility made my stomach twist, but I didn’t want Emily
to see my discomfort.

I held back the grief in my heart and kept a straight face. “That doesn’t matter anymore. Stop trying to
stir up trouble. I know that Aaron loves me now, and that’s enough for me!”

I thought about how attentive Aaron had been to me and how much I could feel his overwhelming love
for me. No matter what happened in the past, he must love me now! I was certain of that.

I took a deep breath. I was so enthralled by Emily that I believed her for a moment like a complete idiot.

Emily was still smirking at me. “I can’t believe you don’t want to know about Aaron’s past.”

“What’s so important about the past? I think my future with Aaron is much more important!” Once I
finished my sentence, I quickly turned away. I wouldn’t let Emily make a fool of me any longer.

Emily’s taunting voice still rang out behind me. “You won’t find anyone else who knows about Aaron’s
love life except for me! If you don’t listen now, you’ll never know the truth.”

I shook my head fiercely. “I don’t care!”

I knew I was ready to leave her behind.

“If you keep going, you’ll miss your last chance!” Emily’s siren song continued to call out to me.

I plugged my ears and walked forward, not wanting to listen to Emily for another second and fall into
her trap.

I stood outside the bar for two minutes, contemplating the situation. The calm sound of waves on the
beach felt like a strange contrast to the roaring of my thoughts. My curiosity won out in the end, so I
went back inside and sat next to Emily. “What do you really want?”

“What do I want? That’s simple; just do one thing for me and I’ Il tell you everything you want to know.”
Emily’s lips curled into a devilish smile, not even surprised that I turned around.

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